O Scale O'Neill's Fabrication build thread

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Since there isn't a build thread for the O scale O'Neill's on the forum, I would like to do one.
Since we're not on RR-Lines, I'm not going to bother with the picture of the box, but I will show the contents of the box in the followup post.


  • Box contents

    I'm gonna need a bigger workbench.

    I won't bore you with pics of wire brushes and stripwood with toothpicks sticking in them. i will only post results (unless I get in a real bind and need to be rescued)
  • I meant to add that I will be following Ken Karns brilliant tutorial about texturing and detailing stripwood boards, but will adhere to Brett's coloring techniques.
  • I have seen you perform the blues many times. What do you mean, a different KebMo?
    So be it, I still get the feeling I'm in for a concert of rave reviews. This is as cool as the other side of the pillow. You lead brother, many will follow. I'm as excited as I was the first time I saw Rusted Root with REM. We are wire brushed ready.
  • Well Kevin, Ed has officially welcomed you in his own unique manner....

    Looking forward to watching your build!
  • ed...yer killin' me.
    i'm the 'other' kebmo, although i have been know to play some killer blues in my day. more along the line of little milton rather than kebmo's.....
    gonna go check out wilco (again) in june. greatest band nobody's ever heard of.
  • Hey Kevin, great to see you working up O'Neills Fabrication in O Scale. Now that's a serious box of classic SWSM materials! Look forward to seeing you massage this thing into a great build. Will be following along closely...
  • thanks ken.
    i've got some serious shoes to fill.....
  • Now look what you did. I saw Little Milton May 29th, 2000, at Penns Landing in Philadelphia. Jam On The River Festival.
    Big fan of Wilco, Son Volt, Uncle Tupelo, The Jayhawks, Golden Smog....................
    We just had a very nice blues festival in Tampa last weekend.

    Kevin, I can not wait to follow along.
    Grits Ain't Groceries
  • First build thread for the O Scale Version of O'Neills. I will be following along...thanks for sharing the process with us.

  • I have the kit so I'll be following along to.

  • Thanks for gettin' it started. Looking forward to the build.
  • Looking forward to your build Kevin, I'll be following along and enjoying it with you.

  • i've got some scenery to finish up on the rusty stumps backwoods water tower, and a gig friday night but hopefully over the weekend i'll be able to get a start on the build.
  • The O-scale O'Neill's has been highly anticipated and I'm sure you'll do a terrific job, Kevin.
    Thanks for taking us along!
  • Kevin, Is the water tower O scale? Great example done by Chris Comport. Do you have pictures of yours on an other forum?
    Have a good gig Friday. I will be at Skipper's Smoke House to see Resinated, The Ries Brothers, and Guerrilla Panic. Same night is a release party for The Sean Chambers Band.
    At Skipper's everything is smoked.
  • WesWes
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    Hey Kevin

    Great to see a build thread of this wonderful kit started, I cant wait to start mine.
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    I am really looking forward to seeing this build thread. An amazing kit. Really looking forward to seeing how it comes together so when I start mine I can tackle it. Thanks for posting.
  • ed: here's a picture of the O scale water tower before the land forms have been created.

    the tank siding split badly so the only way i could mask it was to build a cover for it.
  • Kevin,
    I can't open the picture. Jerry sent me your built. Was very kind of him. I will check it out tomorrow.
    Bad day in Tampa. Transit went down. Boom, than steam. Than swearing. Will know more tomorrow.
  • i managed about 3.5 hours at the workbench today working on the 8" stripwood for the main building. that's a ton of wood! 101 pieces for that building alone. i pretty much followed ken karnes' tutorial all the way.
    grain sample
    did that for all these (except the ones brett says not to):
    finished pile of 8 inch lumber
    staining's up next. gonna be a few days before i have a chance to start that part.
    (sorry about the crappy picture of the graining. the only thing that showed up was a knot and the "enhanced" graining with the back of an old #11)
  • Off to a good start.
  • i got the boards for the main building stained. after texturing and detailing all those boards, i wasn't crazy about the way the stain was turning out, so after 4 or 5 batches i substituted a grey chalk for the ochre, and i liked that a little better.
    my photo taking skills are below subpar, so forgive the pics. here's a pic of a close up of some of the boards:

    and here's an overall pic of all the boards, and man there's a lot of them.


    tomorrow i'm off to hoblob to pick up a bottle of ivory craft paint and some throwaway brushes and i'll give the wetbrushing technique a try.
  • I look forward to seeing the results. You are off to a good start Kevin.
  • Looking forward to watching the walls come together. Color is always a personal choice of what looks best for the modeler.

    I see some of the boards have a bit of uneven spreading of the chalk. This can create some interesting effects on the finished wall, especially after you do your wet brushing. If you ever want to blend those uneven spots, a brass brush works great.
  • An awesome start - coloration and weathering will be the perfect base for the next step! A couple points - I love the uneven spots and if it were mine I would leave them alone. Brass bristles will add a patina on top of the wood if used after chalk weathering so go very, very lightly or use a steel bristled brush that does not alter the color. But let me say again - looks great and I would not touch it at this point!
  • Great start, I like all the variations in the boards.
    This will be a really good base for the paint effect.
    Looking forward to more progress.

  • good to know, thanks fellas. looking at ken's, i had my doubts re: the coloration of the boards.
  • Kevin, Whose voice do you like, Tom Waits or Joni Mitchell? I love both.
    Do your thing.
  • The brushing technique will pull it all together and look great. Nicely done.
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    Voices are for the eardrums, great modeling is for the appreciation of the eyes.

    Let's try to keep this thread focused on the modelling and on topic so that it remains a concise and informative record of the build.

    I'm looking forward to following kevins progress on this great kit.

    Karl. A
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