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  • I will see what I can do.
  • I will see what I can do.

    hah! Had too much after Halloween so thanks anyhow....
  • Well let us try this BUMPER STICKERS with SWSM on them good idea yea think.
  • Unbelievable what some people will do to make a buck!! And to make it worse people actually believe there your castings!!

  • I saw one yesterday on Google
    where you had 27 employees and a net worth of $427 million. The 3D castings must be doing well!
  • I saw one yesterday on Google
    where you had 27 employees and a net worth of $427 million. The 3D castings must be doing well!

    and the product list just keeps getting longer. he'll be a jillionaire before we know it.

    is this the thread for 3d detail suggestions?
    if so, how about a payphone from a couple different eras?

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    How about a telegraph office using the old fashion telegraph machine.
    I lean more towards the old western days with the pony express.
    Just a thought :smile:
  • Jerry I know I'm older than you by a year but I didn't realize our fearless leader had caught and then passed us!

    Mike today I caught Brett!! I'm 80 today!!


  • Jerry, HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!
  • Haha, you're too funny. You got me by 20 years!!! Stop it.

  • Happy Birthday !!! Jerry
    Hope you have a great day and week.
  • Have a good one Jerry do not get any sand on your cake.
  • Thanks everyone!!

    Okay I'll admit it Brett's not that old!!

  • Happy Birthday Jerry. Good luck blowing out all those candles.
  • Not to worry Diane gave him a fire extinguisher.
  • Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday Jerry.
  • Happy BD Jerry.
    Your 80 years young and will still be kicking 20 years from now.
  • It seems Brett's kit's attract a lot of Scorpios! :smile:
  • Thanks guys!! It was a great day 80 isn't all that bad!!

  • Multi-tasking...
    laser cutting, 3D Printing, making a new metal mold
    productive Sunday morning thus far.
  • Brett….is the laser and 3D printer self-running after you set it up and you go do something else or do you need to be right there while they do their thing?
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    In between, set it up and the machines run but they require attention, especially the laser. The 3D Printers are more self sufficient but require a lot of post print processing. You don't get a chance to kick back and relax - they keep you hopping!

    The metal mold making process requires a lot of up front prep then the mold cooks in the vulcanizer for several hours. It then requires about a 10 hour cool down cycle. Finally it can be cut and used! One of my favorite things is spinning a new metal mold, always a challenge to get all the parts just right.
  • I am amazed at the detail and preciseness you can achieve in metal castings, all castings for that matter. I can sort of understand making a 3D printed item, to my understanding, it's all done on the computer, but to physically create a master for a casting in my mind is a creative process.
  • Good example Tom, I just inventoried the incredible selection of resin castings from my Shelby's kit. Good grief!...the masters for those must have taken a huge amount of time. They are so well done and all different. Amazing when you can actually measure how many castings are in these kits by weight! I'm seriously considering cataloging all the SierraWest Scale Models castings I have...a historical photo atlas of sorts by category.
  • More productive than me, I've spent all day just working on 20 tiny windows ...
    It's a day of rest, right ?
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    TomMich said:

    ... but to physically create a master for a casting in my mind is a creative process.

    So true Tom, I've always said Brett is the greatest scratch builder I've ever seen or known.
    It's hard enough to do something once, where you can 'hide' the bad side in a pic online ... but, to do it so perfect that he can reproduce it for 200 - 500 people who can hold it and examine it closely and still be amazed, that is a real master of their art.

    That goes from his design, to the structure build and all the way down to his perfect castings we all enjoy.

    Amazing really.

  • Yes that guy Brett is truly amazing!! In more ways than one!

  • More than I got done this weekend
  • thank you all for the kind words.

    the new metal mold spun perfectly this morning. Makes me happy!
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