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  • Personally, I would love to buy only Brett's kits. But I model in S scale so I do not have a choice but to use other manufactures or scratch build. So I buy some of SW kits because I enjoy building a quality kit. at this point I have three sheds and the first two parts of the foundry. If any of you are in St. Louis for the NMRA national please stop by the Canyon and Rocky Mountain and say hi. Keep up the great work Brett. Randy
  • Looking forward for the new releases! And by the way can't have too many details!
  • thanks lads
  • Might need a recommendation for a good therapist?

  • Sweet!...not until you do em in 1:87
  • I agree Ken!
  • Amazing stuff, it just keeps getting more incredible what you can do.
    Looking forward to working with these new pieces.
  • Just fantastic!
  • Those are incredible Brett! Especially the adjustable wrench, the thumb adjustment portion detail is fantastic.
  • Great Goggaly Moogaly.......I am officially amazed.....
  • Brett, your printing skills are first rate. These came out so unbelievably great.
  • what was the result of the modeling efforts this weekend?
  • kebmo said:

    what was the result of the modeling efforts this weekend?

    Very, very soon all will be revealed...
  • Nothing better than the anticipation of something new from SWSMs!!
  • Good thing were all on the same page!!! 72
  • Can't wait to get a new O scale kit from SWSM with the new details. They are unbelievable. Noone does it better.
  • Nice try, Kev
  • I like Kev's enthusiasm! Who doesn't revert to a 10 year old on Christmas morning when a new SierraWest Scale Model kit lands in the mailbox!
  • Oh geesh, remember that also!
  • i recommend staying away from harbor freight unless you're like a friend of mine who buys power tools there really cheap and just keeps replacing them when they break down.
  • Something fun to listen to while you model this afternoon:
  • Great podcast. Lots of exciting SW news.
  • Yup, good stuff.
  • The podcast is an excellent platform for you to keep us all in the loop as to what is coming down the was very informative and I for one would love to hear more in the future....
  • Good stuff Brett! Keep the podcasts coming!
  • Thanks for the podcast, Brett…. I inadvertently and unintentionally enjoyed it ;-))
  • i really liked it and look forward to a bunch more. (hopefully not from the bathroom)
  • Really enjoyed the podcast. Thanks for letting us know what we can look forward to coming out of SWSM as well as updates on various projects. Lots of exciting things planned. Hope you come up with more inadvertent ideas to share with us.
  • Kudos to you! News we can use! (Ignore Kevin; people talk on their phones from public toilets all the time HAHA!
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