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  • Stella helping in the kitchen.stella
    Darla helping get a fire going. Guess I am not doing it right.darla
  • Not sure which is the better camo scheme...the ladder or the cat?...
  • A old cat that I rescued years ago one ear missing some teeth and a real friend.

  • Poor puddy does not need two ears to cuddle or love. Sweet little thing hit the lottery with you Carl!!
  • Well I worked on my boots last nite I think that they came out looking good.



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    Thanks for sharing Carl Looks like he's enjoying his stay with you and the horses!!

    Real nice boots!!

  • Carl,
    Those boots look great and nicely broken-in.
    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • what a knucklehead......
  • IMG_2756 copy

    Working on some new O/S/HO parts! CHB Blocks and the like.
  • Very cool! Some new material here...I like it a lot!
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    admin said:

    IMG_2756 copy

    Working on some new O/S/HO parts! CHB Blocks and the like.

    This is the stuff the hobby sorely needs. How about a sprue of just a dozen shackles, maybe a few different sizes.
  • Very nice. Charlie had some chokers that were used for rigging. Basically looked like a pipe T. Those would be helpful for anyone wanting to rig a spar tree.
  • Looks fantastic, you can never have too many blocks and rigging tackle laying around in a logging scene.
  • Very nice, must put on my want list.
  • More logging related details in the works, hope to have these on the site in the next week.

    I have also updated the S Scale 3D Printed details with the much requested Fordson kit...
  • All right more details!
  • Just uploaded Episode Number Two of my podcast, recorded just this morning.

    Check it out here:
  • Loved it. I can't find the assembly instructions for the disconnects that you talked about on the website.
  • Thanks Jim, working on getting the instruction page live as well as the Twin Mills update detail set. Will have both in just a few days!
  • Ok thanks.
  • Just listened in....great info....was going to ask about the disconnect instructions....saw the answer.....and glad to hear the O scale foundry is in the mix....
  • great update boss!!
  • Very well done Brett. Informative and to the point. Keep them coming.

    I'll get over to the tube and be a subscriber!!

  • Podcast was well done very informative.
  • I enjoy your podcasr Brett.
  • Brett,
    Thanks for producing these "Podcasts.' They are very informative
    .Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • Brett Gallant mentions that he would like more subscribers to his you tube channel so he can do live modeling demonstrations. As of this moment there are 438 subscribers and he needs 1000. Readers, please step up and subscribe to the Sierra West channel so Brett can get what he wants.

    If you "Google", you tube SierraWest scale models channel, it will take you where you need to be.
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    Fantastic podcast and great information throughout.

    It's always great to hear what's going on right now,
    how it all happens in the background and most exciting,
    what's coming in the future.

    Great advice Mitch...

    Subscribe now :-

  • i'm from chicago. can i subscribe twice?
  • I subscribed some time ago and I encourage those who have not to do so. By subscribing when Brett uploads a new video on youtube it is my understanding that youtube gives you a notification that there is a new video to watch from Sierrawest scale models.
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