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  • very cool! can't wait to see karl's workup of it.
  • Great new detail by you Brett. Looks like you hit another home run with detail parts. Looking forward to the new kits.

  • Very nice Brett.
  • Fantastic scene and details bro, just awesome stuff.
  • That is a great scene. Can't wait to see the final product. Another fantastic kit in the making. Awesome news.
  • Yup...another premier 3D print!
  • Very nice Brett. Looking forward to getting my hands on one. Randy
  • GREAT! Looking forward to the new kits and the amazing 3D detail parts coming out.
  • Pretty darn cool, Brett. Can't wait 'til you offer it as my order will be right after. Just AWESOME stuff. Thanks.
  • Very nice-looking 3D print your kits are fantastic.
  • Just the best kits to work with. Bar none.
  • Well I just saw the New Brass and Iron Foundry Part Three!!

    Oh my God! Have you outdone yourself with this one!!
    Beautiful details to say the least.

    Wonderful job Brett.

  • Thank you Jerry, appreciate the kind words. This continues to be a truly fun project.

    In a market where the newest trend is smaller kits (downright tiny actually) that are designed to be built in a few hours, I'm proud to continue to release kits that are big and bold!


    You can see the pics here:

    Emails are going out this weekend to those that are participating in the program.

    Next up are TWO new HO Scale kits!
  • Oh boy…two new HO’s…. Need to start mining the sofa cushions for coins
  • Ordering the next installment of the foundry once I get home...much anticipated and I look forward to continuing the building of this outstanding kit...
  • Wow, this is so awesome. So many great scenes in this. Congratulations, another home run for SWSM.
  • Hi Brett:
    Just saw the 3rd installment of the Foundry in O scale and my order is placed. What an awesome addtion to an already unbelievable kit. And you are right in that other kits are focused on simple and less detail and getting them built quickly. I, however, like Big and Bold!! Thanks.
  • The new Foundry kit is simply AWESOME! I am looking forward to the 2 new HO kits as that is the scale I model. Thanks Brett, for continuing to move the hobby forward with your progress and innovative kits and details.
  • So excited to continue building this kit. Can't wait to get started.
  • Of course, my order is placed along with a whole lot of other beautiful kits. They have to travel a long way, so better pile them up in one big order. Glad this part of the Foundry is out. It has some really magnificent details and sub-kits if I may put it that way. One of them is this outstanding forklift. Never thought anyone would, could model this with such a presicion. SW can !!!
    Thanks Brett :wink:
  • I gotta ask. Can you order part three without having ordered 1 and 2? Also, just because I love looking at the pictures you post, I wish there were links to the part 1 and 2 versions of the subscription so I could be inspired.
  • edited April 4

    Give this link a try. It might help a bit. It is a build by Joel.

    Later, Dave S Tucson, AZ
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