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SierraWest 3D printed oil and soda pop bottles coming soon to a kit near you. Clear bottles have been on my wish list for many years!


  • Brett, they really look good. Amazing what 3d can do. Phil
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    Looks like real glass !! Great quality of printing also.
  • is there any possibility of them being sold separately?
  • LOL. Those are perfect!! I just made an attempt to create the Bud Light Orange bottles from the pewter casting ones. Not great, but not terrible either. I so need some of these boss!! Already on the stands ready for paint. Great idea!!
  • Brett...maybe ceramic coffee mugs
  • I am super happy with them. They look absolutely real laying around a scene. I am particularly fond of the oil bottles. The tin spout is a threaded screw top and there are actually threads visible. I do plan on selling these along with a few other 3D printed items. As far as caps I could add those but for now I want empties to use as junk or just set on a shelf repurposed for something else.

    Coffee mugs - great idea. Would look fantastic on a workbench.
  • i'll take a couple dozen of the beer bottles and a dozen oil bottles!
  • Dang Brett! Those are outstanding!!
    Looks like a chalk/alcohol wash was used to color the bottles. Or...something else?
  • Just amazing. Another SW first.
  • Thank you gentlemen. I have quite a few more 3D parts that would have been impossible to cast in resin or metal.

    Bill, exactly right. Chalk and alcohol. Spout painted with acrylics. So easy...
  • Can't wait to get some.
  • Look GREAT! What scales will they be?
  • Being a Gas station nut for the last 40 years ,a glass oil bottle is shaped different. If I knew how to post a picture of what I'm talking about I would.
  • HO Scale....Hmmm?? Look fantastic...I'm with Kevin...need to be available by themselves so we can upgrade existing kits with these gems!
  • Glass oil bottles were many different shapes. The shape I am using is based on several different styles. Here is just one example with two different shapes. There are many more you can find. There was not one universal shape.

    Screen Shot 2020-08-15 at 10.19.36 AM
  • They look great Brett!

  • Must have these....
  • The picture on the right of that glass oil bottle is the most Common oil bottle there is I had 3 sets of them with the 8 bottle wire carry holder that most service station used... the other bottle was like a Mason Jar that the oil spout/lid would screw on to. There was other types of racks one of my Favorites was the one Mobil did in the 30'S called the fill proof bottle I believe that a very unigue top for Mobiloil only.
  • How is it that many objects used to be more beautiful in times gone by.... Oh Nostalgia... :blush:
  • Agreed Robert and we didn’t appreciate them at the time
  • bb
    My Favorite set of oil bottles
  • very cool
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    Those are beautiful! When can I order some?
  • CraigH said:

    My Favorite set of oil bottles

    Those are wonderful!

  • TomH said:

    Those are beautiful! When can I order some?

    Soon! I have several 3D printed items I will be offering soon including the bottles. Just need to get set on packaging since some of the parts are quite fragile...

  • Brett, Glad you like them....mobil oil had the most unique bottles and tops in that time period. In the gas&oil collectable field they a very sought after
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    Ten years ago this month Kevin O’Neill was working on the O Scale Tool Shed. Kevin’s modeling was so warm and rich. He treated every detail as a project in and of itself and that attention to craftsmanship always showed up in his work. Hard to believe that Kevin has been gone for seven years. His sense of humor and friendship will always be fondly remembered.
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    New packaging for SW 3D printed parts...

    In the second installment of O Scale Foundry (dropping week Dec 20) there are quite a few 3D printed parts included. I am super excited to get these out there. They're so cool and in addition to the resin/metal castings and laser cut details - there is really nothing I cannot now make and include in a kit!
  • That is exciting.

    Nothing you can't make huh? Put me down for a couple hundred O scale pine cones. I want to trick out my trees.
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