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  • Outstanding Kevin!
  • Wonder what Charlie would have thought about some of the CHB castings being converted to 3D Printing? I bet he would have been stoked! Here's the ME900 Double Cylinder Mill Engine cylinder/trunk assembly... prints so incredibly well. These are already shipping!

  • Brett,

    Where do we find these new printed parts on your web site? Or are they only available in kits or special packages?

    Thanks, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • All the new parts will be posted here:

    Will be getting a ton of new HO and O Scale parts up on the website soon!
  • Love, love, love it.
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    These are very exciting times, especially when we are already building the best available, and then, they get better.
  • Great Job Brett!,
    You can do so much with 3D printing and use different materials.
    We are all looking forward to your progress on other parts
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    A customer emailed me the following question and I thought it an excellent one that s/b answered here:

    "If you had the 3-D model would you be confident enough in the process to switch over to 3-D completely for something like the Mill Engine?"

    Most definitely confident enough in the process. There's nothing I cannot print - however, there's plenty I "shouldn't" print. With the ability to spin metal, pour polyurethanes, and now 3D print, I am in the very unique position to choose the technique(s) that best suits the part. If metal is the best material to cast a part in, then I will do that. etc... etc... So exciting to be able to expand my capabilities. Wait till you all see what's coming!
  • A single tool isn’t always a single solution.

    Thanks for sharing, Brett.
  • Good question...perfect answer!
  • New Horizon !!
  • Oh the Christopher Columbus of scale Railroad Modeling!

    You changing your name to Chris?

  • So in 1799 Englishman George Medhurst invented the first motorized air compression system that was used primarily in the mining industry. (According to the internet, must be true.)

    Fast forward about 100 years to the beginning of the 20th Century and portable air compressors were hard at work in industries big and small. They could be found in many shapes and sizes including the one Emery and I have been working on.

    Simple 6 pc. kit, wait till you see it weathered and assembled. HO and O of course!

  • Shame on you. You are enjoying this way too much. lol. Great work. Anxious to see everything you two have been developing.....Rick
  • This bad boy is a game changer. There is so much detail, it just keeps popping out as the painting and weathering is applied.
  • I agree with “the goat”....wipe that smile off yer face...your not bein’ paid to have a good time!!!
    Well done “boys”
  • Can I say this "Holy Sh*t"!! It doesn't get any better does it??

  • enough of the chit chat....let see a finished version!
  • The future in modeling detail is now!
  • You know I'm looking forward to seeing this one ;)
  • I could use one of these on almost every build
  • waiting to see how the air compressor looks built and weathered.
  • Looks fantastic. It seems like the possibilities really are endless.
  • Brett, did I miss the notification for the 2nd phase of the Foundry? You had a previous post that it was coming out in December but I haven't seen anything since. I just want to make sure I didn't miss the boat.
  • No worries Jim, you did not miss any notices. Spent the time getting the 3D Printed parts together (learning how to make 300 of a part consistently) including some awesome details for the foundry. About 95% set with part two so look for an email very soon! The wait will be well worth it.
  • Thanks Brett, that's what I figured was the case, but I just wanted to make sure. Looking forward to seeing what will be coming. Awesome stuff I'm sure.
  • Nice to see Brett reissuing the older kits now and again... I see that E J Whiley Is again being offered....if I didn’t already have it on my “to-do” shelf I’d for sure get an order in...well done, Brett....many exciting things coming out of SWSM
  • IMG_0594a

    Got a few new 3D Printed Wooden Barrels to paint and weather. HO and O Scale. Emery and I have been busy this week!
  • Look at that family of barrels!! A whole fam damily. Endless possibilities.
  • Nice work the two of you... :wink:
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