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  • You need more podcasts as news happens. Great to hear it all.....Rick
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    Perfectly done.
    Full of pertinent information, a few teasers as of what's to come next for us all and a great insight into what you do all day.
    A wonderful dialogue of SWSM, past, present and most exciting, the future.

    The latest and future video's are such a great addition to the building experience for all of us SW kit builders.
    The information and 'look' behind the scenes makes it all the more impressive.

    I'm looking forward to the next update.
  • Thanks for all the great comments, truly appreciated. I am very glad you all have found it useful.
  • Congratulations for your "not a podcast" :smile: It was a great insight on the SW plans and interesting to hear all the developments. As a kit manufacturer I can relate to a handfull of things you described and it's funny how we get to the same conclusions :smile:
  • Time well spent.
  • Great podcast Mr.Gallant!! Hope you keep doing them it will be a great addition to the forum.

  • Brett,

    Podcast is great. Keep them coming.

  • Enjoyed the podcast s it answeredsome of my questions about what is coming down the pike in 2023
  • Is this a place to drop ideas for 3D prints? What about suitcases, bags, backpacks, briefcases, private stuff passengers and travellers would carry around while traveling. That would go with a train station or something, waiting to be loaded in a freight passenger car…
  • Great thoughts Jeroen....
    I see you are already thinking about detailing up that Deer Creek Station you are building.
    Many new suggestions have been posted in the thread below...

    Keep those ideas coming.
  • I enjoyed the podcast Brett. All things SW, past and future, are very interesting.
  • Can't wait to see the 30th A. Kit!
  • I want to thank everyone for reaching out here and elsewhere with all the positivity, very much appreciated. I am making a list of the next episode's subject matter.
  • Definitely interesting to hear..... and I'm glad you added the link on the main page too.
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    IMG_2713 copy

    I have been babysitting my oldest daughters 14 week old mini poodle Maple all week. Here she is getting her ass kicked by my awesome kitty Stan. btw, feel free to post any animal pics you desire in this thread cause it's "random thoughts".
  • Stan is def thinking "ewwwwwww"
  • That is a cute puppy! When we talked earlier, I didn't mention the one that we have. Ours is similar but a black poodle
  • One of my first rescues a long time ago Martha the dog and hunter.

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    Now that's an awesome pic! Martha was a sweetie! Doubt that kitten knew how lucky to have a friend like Martha! hah.... Thanks Carl, great way to start a busy day off.
  • Our Zoey ruler of the house!!


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    Samantha and Winter.

  • Pictures don't do this justice, but I thought I'd show those who won't have a white Christmas, what snow is all about. We got an ice storm a few days ago followed by 10 inches of snow and very cold weather. Since we haven't had any Sun till today, the ice and snow have held on to the branches making a very beautiful scene. It also caused power outages and phone outages with lots of branches breaking but that's another story.IMG_1400(resize)
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    yuck. it'll be here soon enough.....
  • Pretty scene! But you can keep it there!

  • Jerry said:

    Pretty scene! But you can keep it there!


    AGREED! Gonna be 9 degrees here in Dallas tomorrow but at least no snow or ice.
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    i had a random thought about the 3d printed bottles. i'm wondering how difficult it would be to change the "sprue" from attaching at the bottom of the bottles to the top? reason?
    the bottoms of the bottles would ALWAYS be square for one, and for two, it would make the bottles so much easier to dip into paint.
    it just seems to make more sense, but for that matter, what the hell do i know?
  • Enjoyed your Podcast. Good to see you will be adding an additional kit for the sawmill project which will contain the extra wood & brass rod to complete the machinery. I had to make numerous phone calls to find this wood and brass rods in Australia. In the end was able to get all the wood but had to resort to music wire for a number of brass rod sizes and believe me music wire a lot harder to work with.

    In regard to 3D printing would like to see lamp shades like the ones Brian Brown made for his Sawmill especially if led globes can be used in them.

  • My Grandson telling Niki a joke.


  • Looks like the joke was funny
  • brownbr said:

    Looks like the joke was funny

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