Truck repair and other randomness.

So, this is where we start.... I honestly don’t know where this is going to end up. I am contemplating making this a module that will connect to the woodcutter shack? Thus, it would be in the 21" deep range and most definitely require more than one kit...

I'll open the box and maybe start later this week?



  • On to another adventure. You are truly motivated. Keep it coming. Your modeling is superb...Rick
  • Alex,

    I am definitely looking forward to your build of the Truck Repair Shop. Please give us a step by step as you have done with your recent builds/dioramas. This is one of my favorite SWSM kits and I really have enjoyed the personal touches and differences in each build so far.

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • Looking forward also.
  • Here is the progress i've made on the first two walls. I've also been working on some other stuff for this project as well which has kind of slowed the build down a bit... Also, i'm taking my time to kind of getting out of the wood cutter mind set and into the mechanical repair mind set if you will.... Tomorrow i think i will cut some 1/2" MDF for the base. i'm still brain storming as to what size to make it..... The more i think about it, the more i want to make this diorma compatiable with the woodcutter shack, so that the rail will fit together, kind of like the model train modules... But, please keep in mind i know very little about model rail roading, just that people build modules that go together....

    I didnt really follow the order in the manual for anyone else building this. At this point my goal is to get a wall complete so i can put it in a cooking tin and get it out of the way so it's finished and safe :smile:.

  • Great start Alex! Walls look terrific. This will blend so well with your WCS diorama.
  • I'm in!
  • I like the darker tones.
  • Great start to a great kit.
  • I'm doing my interior just like that!
  • So... i was going to have some progress photos...

    But, that wall with the windows... it's assembled upside down..... i didnt realize this until there was no room for the belts and stuff above the shelf-!

    Ooops... :smile:
  • Ok, so.. I made it to the second wall to be detailed before randomess started happening... I suppose the double edged sword of this hobby is it's very easy to collect all kinds of interesting detail parts... the first of the "Added" details parts are in the second photo.. The jack stands... More to come from the accumulated random stash of extra bit's i've aquired for this diorama (i've been collecting stuff for this diorama for about the last 3 months while i was finishing the woodcutter ebay can be very dangerous :smiley: ).


  • Alex, this is looking really good. You obviously spent time thinking about the extras...Rick
  • It's all in the detail, and the extras... :smile: Nice work Alex.
  • Nice work! In my opinion the details tell the story and set the scene.
  • Alright,

    I think the details are done on this interor wall. I need to decide about signs... I will probably wait until i have all of the walls done prior to putting any signs up i think.

  • I like the dirty coloring of the tarpaper. The wired up battery is a nice addition as are the interesting jacks.

    I notice something here that I saw on my build as well. I'll throw it out if you have any walls left to frame. Notice how there are 1 or 2 2x4 on each wall where there is a gap at the header. The difference in length is probably about 2 passes with sandpaper...almost imperceptible until we take close up photos. For my next build with an interior like this, I plan to make the studs sit perfectly into the header so any small gap is on the footer. Why? Seems like most of the footer is always hidden by details.
  • Bryan,

    I'm going with... it was beer thirty when the framers got to that side of the wall. I was as careful as i could to get as many "perfect" as i could.
  • Every one of my builds has tipsy framers also...painters too.
  • edited July 2020

    This is where i'm at now.. Please enjoy the photos below. i will possibly do a bit more to them... But, i'm not completely sure yet.

  • LOve that the signs are all straight!
  • Very nice Alex.
  • Looking great. Everything has a nice dusty appearance. Placing hooks to hold the tank-retainer chain in place is a finicky process.
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    Here are a couple photos of slightly different vantage points for the wall with the work bench.

    I'm not sure what, if anything i want to put in the center at this point yet... i may wait until the building is assembled to decide?

  • It would be perfectly normal to have that area open for working. That area will be tough to see once all the walls are together. If anything, maybe a clipboard with papers in it, an open book or newspaper perhaps.
  • Great attention to details. Love the C Clamps and chains hanging from the shelf.
  • Great detail modeling. It will be a shame you won't be able to see the detail once assembled. However, you will know it!! Phil
  • edited August 2020
    So, i was not happy with the shelving unit in the first photo and Brett kindly reminded me i should apply india ink... i guess i completely forgot about that after doing what seems like months of "land scaping"... Anyhow. Below is a re-worked version of the interior wall.

    This evening i also started on the exterior of the windowed wall. Again, i'm not sure if i like the weathering on the green locker or not... Any ideas or feedback would be apprecaited... if you don't like the way it looks and have an idea, please share.

  • What materials did you use to weather the green cabinet? Knowing this makes it easier to come up with alternatives.

    At quick glance it looks like chalk. That should wash off to get to the base coat with little effort. Nice thing about paint is that if you don't like it, you paint over it and start again.
  • the only change i would make would be to blend in some reddish rust chalk. otherwise to my shitty eyes, it looks well weathered.
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