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  • Can be brutal...
  • Steve... I was in Phoenix last and was very warm....but I came from Orlando so same-o same-o
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    Fantastic colouring on that stonework Ken...
    Those subtle umber variations are going to blend so nicely with all the wood tones of the other buildings in the diorama, and yet, be different.
    The grey touch on the lintels (and some other random stones) really defines them as a separate/different stone, and still it all blends so perfectly at your hands.
    Wonderful subtle variations, enough for interest but a long way from 'stark contrasts', perfectly done.

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    But Ken, think of all the modeling you can get done in the summer in Arizona because we hibernate in the summer here instead of winter like the rest of the country. So besides all the beautiful sun rises and sunsets there are other advantages of living here. I rather take the heat than the snow, ice and tornado's in the other parts of the country.
  • Steve has very politely left out the best parts of summer here in Tucson. The seasonal snow birds are gone, so finding a parking spot in the shade at the grocery store is much easier and restaurants are far less crowded.

    By the way, Steve has quite the AC system to keep his garage and modeling area quite cool whatever the outside temps might be.

    Later, Dave S
  • Thanks Karl, I was happy with how the walls are turning out. I wanted a somewhat darker overall apperance and the chalk selections are perfectly suited for an old foundry. The chalks are so forgiving as you can add color, remove color, layer colors as you see fit. You could never easily achieve this look with paints. I have one more wall to do and then I'll start on the doors and windows...can't wait! Thanks again for your thoughts here.
  • Stephen/Dave, I have given retiring and getting a place in Arizona some serious thought over the years...not likely as a permanent residence at this point but who knows...
  • we're going to the islands. rock island, blue island.....
  • I have finished up the coloring of the stone walls for the Foundry. This is the initial coloring and will be doing the final detailing and weathering after walls are together and planted on the diorama. Next up are the windows and doors...

  • just curious ken....a couple of the walls appear to have a tan tint to them. is that intentional or an effect of the lighting?
  • Thanks Kevin. The wall color hue changes from indoors to outdoors but you're right. The color here is a bit more tan than what I see. Here's the same shot with more of the realistic color I see.

  • You must have a yellowish(warm) bulb over your desk Ken that is casting the tan tones on the top two walls..... not a critsism of your lighting, but a possible explanation for the tonal difference.
    Either way, the walls look simply amazing.

  • I love stone work....wood is kool...but I dig the rock work....very nice work there....
  • I think so Karl, not my best photographical works that's for sure. I'll get some better images once the windows and doors are installed. I have primed and painted them so just need to detail and install...

    Thanks Muddy, I really enjoyed the change from stripwood to work on the stone. Love the look also...thanks again.

  • Very well done , the stone walls. They look....stone.
  • Best comment a modeler can get when working on stone is someone to say "it looks like stone"! Thanks much Robert...
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    I dont care about your "photograhical" skills Ken... it's your modelling skills that always have me coming back for more.
    (I agree with Robert on your result of the stone walls.)

  • Thanks Karl, nice thing to say. I have been working on the windows and doors for the Foundry structure. These multi-pane industrial style metal windows are just incredible. I have almost all the windows installed and the doors finished but yet to "hang". these windows and doors are highly detailed and I a taking my time with each one, as one should. I will have them all installed in another day or so...
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    Ken, WOW, your choice of chalks resulted in visually realistic stonework for the foundry. Since I had originally asked for details about the color layers and shadowing it was interesting to see how your technique varied from the stone cookhouse in the BlueSky build. It did seem like the colors made this one "jump" a bit more! Thanks for all the photos that let us enjoy your classes!
  • Ken.... Looking good buddy...looking forward to each of your updates....
  • Well I'm quite impressed there Bill with your comparison of the stone work I did here with the Foundry and with the stone cookhouse on my BlueSky Dio. The stones on the BlueSky Cookhouse are larger and more uniform and all sides were cut, so obviously all the same type of stone so I figured the color would be quite uniform. Also being a small building the same color of stones seemed to be the way to go. On the other hand, the Foundry stones are much more random and not as "cut" and would likely represent different types of stone thus the various colors tones. Also the large expanse of wall would be really boring if not for a bit of variety in color.

    Thanks my friend appreciate that and Terry, the next update will showcase those wonderful factory style multi-pane windows!
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    Rather than post pictures of the windows and the right wall door installed in each wall separate, I decided to go ahead and assemble The Foundry walls and then post an update. As a result this post has been awhile coming as this portion of the build was a major one and one that I took ample time with. The windows are a classic multi-pane metal factory style window. These are some of the finest windows I have ever worked with from SierraWest, and far superior to anything on the market. The positional sashes combined with the fixed sashes makes for a totally customized look.


    This is the right wall which faces the Pattern Shop.


    All the walls just have the initial detailing such as the dark soot stains above the peak vent shown here. I will be leveling the final detailing once the structure is "planted". I don't like to do too much detailing until I get the "feel" of things as the diorama comes together. There will be more soot and grime at the windows and doors etc..


    My favorite view of The Foundry with all those gorgeously designed windows! The big open space will accomodate the sand bay and will be closed in later on...


    View of the rear wall from the tracks!



    Left wall with the blocked up old entrance and the blank area will be covered by the amazing brick stack casting.


    Working around to the front wall where the work room butts up to the main foundry building.


    Front wall.


  • Now for just a couple more close up shots of a few windows and the right wall doorway.



  • Wow! Just fantastic. Such beautiful work Ken. Your windows are perfectly neglected and worn to convey industrial use and age. Love it!
  • Outstanding work, Ken! The level of realism you've achieved on the stonework is a testament to your skills and the quality of these wall castings. Hard to believe these aren't plaster!

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    Wow...fantastic....I'm more anxious than ever to get my hands on those windows....I grew up in a family of glaziers (glass installers). I spent many hours under the guiding eyes of my dad and grandfather learning how to bed the frames with putty, clip the glass in and then face putty industrial windows just like these....I see a few broken lites of glass...maybe I'll contact the Foundry owner to submit a bid on replacing them ;-))...The Foundry kit wasn't going to be my next build but I may have to reconsider now that I see what you're (Ken) bringing to life with this entire assembly...frankly, there are so many great SWSM kits to build it's very hard to decide which kit will be next
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    Ken...are the masonry walls interlocking at the corners?...I see no corner joint...scratch that question...going back I see a butt joint on the side walls
  • Incredible castings and windows finished in an incredible manner. Just perfect.
  • Fantastic work there. Could you perhaps expand on how you handle the glazing?
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