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  • Hello there Jim, nice heraing from you. Appreciate your thoughts and following along here. Comments like yours makes it all worth while. Thanks for taking the time...
  • Ken nice treatment on the wall. Really like how the coloring varies and yet it all comes together.
    Makes for a nice weathered wall.

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    Ken, I'm about 2 months behind you on my own Foundry build (still plugging away on the Pattern Shop), and it has been wonderful to be able to follow along with yours: truly a master class in modeling. Your build provides lots of inspiration and education as well as a look ahead at what awaits me. This is the most challenging and also the most rewarding project I've ever tackled. What a well designed kit. Every day brings something new.

  • Well that's very nice of you to say Scott and thrilled to hear your following along with a Foundry build of your own. It's a wonderful kit as you know. I have slowed a bit of late posting but that does not mean I haven't been working! I will have a substantial post soon of the Workshop and Front office...the last two structures before putting everything together. Of course the Foundry and workshop roof treatment is pleasantly looming and anxious to see how those turn out. Feel free to drop me a line with any questions or thoughts as you work through the build and not that I have any more wisdom other than being able to say "been there done that". You should think about starting a build thread of your Foundry, would love to see what you're doing...thanks again and great talking with you Scott.
  • Thanks Ken...there have been a few minor questions so far but by studying the manual and your photos I've been able to figure it out. Biggest problem has been finding the exact castings I need in that enormous bag.
  • rhebner20 said:

    . Biggest problem has been finding the exact castings I need in that enormous bag.

    Ha, that's part of the fun with Bretts kits, … going through and examining the plethora of exquisite castings, (several times).

    As Ken mentioned earlier, we'd love for you to start a thread and share your build with us. There are many that would like to see it and enjoy another build.


  • Hey careful throwing those big words about....plethora....exquisite;-))
  • The walls of the Office are complete including windows and doors. I will be moving along with the assembly of the the Foundry (roof), Workshop and roof, and the Office and roof you see here.


    This is the front wall of the Office with the iconic false front. Additions to go include the awesome recessed front door, the cap for the false front wall, and the wonderful signage.


    The right wall. This is the wall illustrated earlier. I love working with Brett's laser cut windows and doors. So much freedom to add details.


    The left wall. Note the entire broken pane replaced with a cut up CocaCola sign. A nice detail that should be utilized very sparingly.
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    You'll notice if you squint, the last picture shows some nail hole type detail on the window trim. I work up these window frames by first putting in some simulated wood grain on the Laserboard with my #11 blade. I then put in subtile nail holes. Over time I have gotten away, for the most part, from just plain round nail holes. They appear too uniform for my taste if used too much and most nail holes in old wood eventually create splits and cracks. Well that's hard to do on Laserboard so what I came up was using an old #11 blade with the tip broken off. This is pushed straight down into the Laserboard creating something other than a round hole. This somewhat suggests the nail has caused the wood to split a bit.


    Laserboard window frame with above described detail before final chalk/paint.


    Broken tip #11 blade used to make the "nail" holes.
  • those walls and windows look great!
  • Amazing level of detailing, Ken. Hard to believe it’s HO.

  • Ken, I'm back on the forum. Your modeling is amazing and you keep coming up with new and interesting ways to create certain effects. I always enjoy following your building threads. Phil
  • Appreciate the small contingency following along here Kevin. The walls are where I spend a great deal of time as I have mentioned previous and thanks for your take on them...means a lot.

    Thanks George.

    Nice hearing from you Phil, been awhile. Thanks for your thoughts and look forward to seeing whjat you have been up to.
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    I completed the recessed door for the front wall of the Foundry Office. I decided to get a more detailed picture of it before installation as it's a bit harder to see once in place. This is such a cool feature Brett designed that it deserves special mention. The side panels are hinged and will fold up nearly square with the door once in place. Such a fun little detail to work up...Ken

  • Door is awesome. I always enjoy the Coke signs filling the broken glass in your windows.
  • Great little detail, masterfully executed.
  • Always to exciting to open this thread and see what beautiful artwork you have created for us Ken. Amazing to think that door is only 2 fingers high and you've created so much detail. I really hope I get a chance to see your work in person some day.
  • that has to be the coolest door assembly i've ever seen in a kit, and the weathering is scary good (or as my 3 yr old grandson says, scaggry)
  • Beautiful work on the door. And the coloring is pretty good to.

  • Thanks Bryan, a coke sign in a missing window pane is in order for every build!

    Appreciate that Joel and its one of those details thats nice to highlight before installation.

    Very nice thing to say Wes, thanks much.

    You're right Kevin, Brett really killed it on that door. Wait until you see it installed in that front wall! Thanks for the note.

    Thanks Jerry, it was an enjoyable little project and as I mentioned to Kevin looks fantastic mounted in the front wall...more on that later.

    Come on Ed...digit you notice the door?
  • Dr. Grunge,
    I like the way you weathered the bottom of the door more than the top. Very logical and subtle. Did you add the mail slot or was it included in the door?
  • Words fail me.

  • yer killin' me...
  • Thanks much Mitch. The mail slot was etched into the laser cut door...another Brett classic, brought to life with a little detail brush, some SWSM/Reaper Tarnished Brass (09198), and dulled with chalk and the slot brushed with black chalk to look like an open have a good eye Mitch for the subtile details...

    Those three work for me George!

    Thanks Ed...
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    Must introduce a bit of a teaser...those of you who are or will be building The Foundry, will love the signage for the front wall of the Office. Brett designed laserboard sign frames that just kill it! These frames can be modeled as wood or in my case I decided on metal. I will be featuring them in the next posting installment including the finished and mounted recessed front door...more soon.
  • Ken, that doorway just looks picture perfect.
  • Hey appreciate that Dustin and really nice hearing from you! Hope the family is doing well.
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    I have completed the signage and installed the recessed door in the front wall of the Office. Will be assembling the structure straight away...

    Back to some Dr. Grunge detailing...the floor of the entry way of the recessed door calls for the chipboard floor and ceiling pices to be painted SW Roof Brown and glued in place. I did same to the ceiling piece that doesn't show but decided to add a detail I had been thinking about to the entry way floor between the wood threshold and the recessed door. I wanted to have that section simulated concrete. I placed the chipboard piece in place and marked the ouline of the door and the side walls, I then took my #11 blade and forceps and removed some chunks and pieces along the edge that would show and painted the chipboard SW Concrete, dusted lightly with black chalk for highlights and then lightly sanded the surface.


    Here is the small chipboard floor piece with the cracked and missing chunks. Will appear a bit more subtile once installed.


    Note the wood threshold and contrasting "concrete floor" with worn damaged areas. Hard to get really good close up pictures of this due to the recess but you get the idea.


  • Now I know why Brett, in the manual, states "I love the office, in fact it may just be my favorite structure on the diorama". After completing this wall I would have to agree, such a flat out beautiful design...


    As I mentioned earlier, after a conversation with Brett regarding the sign frames, I decided to go with metal framing for the signs (save for the wood backed Foundry sign). I love the look of rusted aged frames.


    My typical scale perspective shots...



    Sign weathering detail.

    On to structure assembly!...
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