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  • Well thanks much Dave and a very nice thing to say. From here on out would be a great time to be modeling in southern AZ!

    Hi Tom. Thanks also for the kind words...

    The only thing I can say about the wood versus styrene for the standing seam, seeing as how I have never used either one for a standing seam roof!, is that the wood gave just enough of an unfinished and uneven appearance that I thought looked like natural weathering and wear. Look at the surface of the seams in the above close-up...see how they look a bit beat up and "rough" in contrast to nice perfectly square edges...just my take from an untested stand point of course. See, this is the beauty of the can walk away in discust at opinions like this and nobody sees you! lol.
  • It is cruel to model that well in 1/87th.
  • Ken,
    Since I do not have this kit yet I cannot look up how the roof is finished according to the directions. Could you provide a description of the finishing technique for me? Paint? Weathering?
  • Appreciate that Eric!

    Mitch, I’m working on the Foundry roof right now and will post the basic steps to get there this evening or tomorrow...thanks.
  • OK Mitch, the manual calls for the laserboard roof to be spray painted a darker gray primer...I opted for a basic brown primer to get close to my desired final color. I then used a brown chalk followed by black then hand rubbed the roof to get the metal appearing sheen...I'll do some further weathering after things are together...


    Here is the initial light coating of brown. Note I purposely did not cover the laserboard with paint on the sides of the wood battens. This will allow a nice contrast and shadows once finished...


    After chalk weathering and hand rubbing...


    Close up of roof detail...
  • IMG_4216

    Last pick was a bit dark!
  • that looks excellent!
  • Hey thanks Kevin, appreciate that. Looking like an old Foundry all the time.
  • Coming along nicely Ken. That roof is fantastic.
  • A very effective technique.
  • Ken, this is the finest HO scale modeling I have ever seen. Cheers!
  • Very well done. Great color and subtle structure on the metal.
  • Not too shabby at all, Mr. Karns.
  • jjust curious...
    how are you going to do the ridge cap? strip wood also?
  • Thanks Wes...nice hearing from you as always.

    Brett did a marvelous job designing this roof Bryan, so much more to come.

    Well appreciate the kinds words there Eric! Made my modeling day!

    Thanks much Robert.

    Hey George, thank you my friend...this is such a cool I told Bryan, much more to come with this roof.

    Kevin, check out the pictures on the web-site here...the roof has two louvered vents and an iron furnace crucible all that detail yet to go on this roof! The vents have caps as does the roof in between the vents. All the caps are laser cut and ready to go after painting and nice to work with!

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    Now there are roof designs in the modeling world that look nice and are quite detailed...and then there's Brett and SierraWest Scale Models, which puts roof design in a whole new category of cool!...I finished up the roof of The Foundry and the more I worked on this the more the remarkable design and manufactuer of this roof became apparent. What a piece of work this thing is...I really enjoyed the intricate yet easy build this roof turned out to be...The Foundry building when complete has to be the single most inspiring structure I have ever built...


    My goal was to build this roof so it appeared, as designed, as an all metal roof in good repair...I will likely add some additional detail once the buildings are together...





  • Ken, it's amazing you got the metal look with primer and chalk. It must be the hand rubbing that gives it the metal shine. Looking good. Phil
  • Beautiful!!

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    That's fabulous Ken, so beautifully executed. This roof is one of my favorite components ever. It is not only prototypically accurate as explained in the manual thanks to the invaluable consultation of our own Brian Marriott, but it is very cool appearing! And, never to be minimized, a blast to model. Just awesome!
  • Hi Ken, The roof looks really great. It is quite different that the board and batten roofs we are familiar with. Your weathering, coloring or whatever looks just fabulous.
  • Ken,

    Masterfully executed with great photos to boot. When first posted I didn't understand why there were notches in the roof ridge. Thought they might be for some round roof vents of some sort. Now I get it. Like this look even better.

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • The caulking around the base of the stack where it meets thr roof really struck me. It looks so real. Amazing job!
  • Thanks Brett and just a beautiful design no matter how you slice it!

    Right Phil, that's the key to the metal appearing "sheen"...

    Hey Jerry, I'll take one word comments like that all day long...thanks much.

    For sure Stephen, such a unique roof design Brett unveiled for this great kit.

    Appreciate that Dave, I shot the pictures outside as you can tell...turned out fairly good I guess.

    Thanks Tom, that was done with paper painted and then wethered with chalk. I coated the back with Elmers and then applied and pressed it in firmly so it followed all the contours so it looks like soft lead flashing or something close to that. If you just lightly glue a folded piece of colored paper at the seam it ends up looking like a folded piece of colored paper...any areas that are uneven just makes it look better like it was hand applied...definitely a place where to perfect is not what you want.
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    holy crap! it looks so good sitting on top of those stone walls. just excellent. i can hardly wait for it to come out in Oscale. this is the thing, i just spent half a day dismantling and scrapping the benchwork, and i still haven't exactly figured out where i'll be keeping these dioramas.....
    maybe i'll just invest in some nice clean lumber and build something to display them. i have a buddy with a pretty nice woodworking setup in his heated garage.
  • Great work. It looks so real.
  • Looking fantastic Ken, You are getting the colours and the effects just right, as always. Beautifully done.

  • The vents are a great addition to the roof
  • Roof looks great. Amazing it’s made from Wood and Cardboard...unless I read that wrong...
  • Thanks Kevin. The display area sounds like a plan.

    Appreciate that Joel.

    Thanks Karl.

    For sure Bryan, those vents add a great deal of character.

    Thanks Alan, the roof is laserboard over chipboard sub-roof and metal!

  • This build keeps being amazing . Just great work .
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