HO Scale Brass & Iron Foundry Official Forum Build



  • Ken, Would you kindly avoid agreeing with Kevin.
    Nice of you to share your diorama on an other forum. Modeling at it's finest.
  • Hi Ken... I have a "friend ?? " in Singapore who has purchased 2 kits of this SW project. I created a vid of your excellent model presentation and need your permission for the video to remain on You Tube.... I'm happy to delete if required... cheers mate and congrats on a great final diorama......
  • No problem Mario...thanks for taking the time to put it together and appreciate the kind words here.
  • cheers mate..share " your " video with your wishes for 2019

  • Ken, just Fantastic Dude! Your work is inspiring to all Modelers....
  • The Man has got his own movie now. Seeing all this again, I am again amazed that this is HO scale. Everything looks so coherent and 'grungy' (but not to much) . A great achievement Ken. I keep coming back to it. I am sure many of us O scalers would like to see ( and build ) this fantastic kit in our scale. ( hint hint hint :wink: :wink: )

    Thanks Mario.
  • Robert,

    I couldn't agree with your observations and comments about Ken's modeling efforts more...
    ..."I am sure many of us O Scalers would like to see ( and build ) this fantastic kit in our scale. ( hint hint hint :wink: :wink: )"

    Later, Dave S Tucson, AZ
  • Same to you Mario...and thanks again.

    Well, really appreciate that Alan...nice to see your fabulous build on video!

    Thanks Robert, was nice of Mario to post all these videos realizing the work involved.

    Hey Dave, thanks my man...

    Oh my...peer pressure Brett!...

  • Ken. Who do you have to know to get all of this attention?..............Carl...........
  • edited February 2019
    I've been experiencing Foundry withdrawl so I brought this thread to 'the head of the pack'...each morning and afternoon I looked forward to the 'back and forth' between the Ken-meister and the many members of the Forum who followed this thread...I eagerly await the next build thread that someone comes forward with...much to learn around here...enjoy your rest, Ken
  • Terry,
    That's a shared experience. Do we qualify as addicts?
  • Well thanks Terry...I miss working on this thread as well.

    Right you are Bill...hopelessly addicted we are and it's all Brett's fault for being the source!
  • um... ken. i think bill was referring to our addictions to watching your modeling.
  • All of you make the forum a joy to view and learn from. ALL of you.
  • Want to bump this up to the top for our newest members to enjoy!
  • Ken, Fantastic job on the Video. Thanks for sharing
  • Hey Pappy, that video was done by Mario and yes, he does a really nice job on those.
  • KKarns said:

    Hey Pappy, that video was done by Mario and yes, he does a really nice job on those.

    Mario made a great video but we must also give tons of credit to Ken as they are a compilation of his photographs!
  • My apologizes.
    Great job to both Mario and Ken.
    More video's on the horizon?
  • Also, I am in the process of building this kit and will take some time. Want to take my time and do it right.
    I ordered more wood to experiment on to get the right effect on the wood.
    Thanks again to Mario for a fantastic Video and Ken for his Fantastic modeling skills.
    Most important, many thanks to Brett the Master of Design and best Kits on the Planet!!
    I will keep you posted on my build when completed.

    Chris (Pappy)
  • we'd rather watch you build it....
  • Ken how did you form the Roll up Door Handle without cussing and doing it over and over until right?

    The Solder handle on the roll up door was a pain in the #$^%$ for HO scale.
    I did find a quicker way and less painful.
    After flattening the solder, I used a piece of 1/16 x 1/16 sq scrap wood (or smaller) to form the solder over this wood to create a handle with mounting ears....worked great!!
    The Solder Diameter I used was 1/32" (.030").


  • I used a similar technique and used .022" solder wire. Well done Pappy.
  • Thanks Ken
    I'm thinking to use the same method for all the door Handles...not sure yet.
    I may end up going insane!

    Brett, would be a nice feature to lazer cut or white metal door handles...hint..hint..:).

    Kevin, I may do a step by step in the future...not sure

  • Where did the flat car on rails come from. Love this detail! Please tell :smile:
  • Hey Pappy, nice hearing from you. Thanks for your thoughts on the rail cart. The cart was scratch built with inspiration coming from Brett's highly detailed laser cut Dock Cart supplied with the kit. I discussed adding this little detail with Brett before hand and got the go ahead. Used to move the material into the spring tempering shed.
  • Thanks Ken for the info.
    I may steal your fine art and add to my layout
    Keep up your excellent work!!
  • Starting to lay rail on the ties for this build. HO scale.
    I bought the book "Detailing Track" by Mike Cougill. Good info here.
    My question is there a way to secure the rails to the ties before I add nails. Like Glue maybe?
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    Chris (Pappy)

  • Hi Chris, I used very small dabs of epoxy on the ties every 3rd or 4th tie or so. Once the epoxy was dry but not cured I used my #11 blade to clean up any the squished out...tedious work of course in 1:87.
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