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    Well I was all set to take some some final pics of The Foundry but it's still snowing. So...I decided to post a couple pics of the last couple of details I worked on.

    First is a quick picture of the Gantry testles. The smaller one sets on top of the concrete dock and is bolted down. The taller one is set on concrete piers. Made a bracing error but won't be noticed once the testles are in place.


    This is a picture of the Tempering Oven stack. I first took the supplied styrene tube and used my #11 blade to make the simulated joints and then a pointed awl for the spot welds. Spray painted black then weathered to simulate a steel stack. The subtile light discoloration at the bottom is where the stack sits on top of the furnace and would have been the hotest spot thus discolored from the heat.

  • Looks like real metal to me! Great work !!
  • Great work, love the rust streaks on the cement footings and particularly love the welding bead effect.
  • Very convincing steel color and texture on stack and trestles
  • Have you ever tried graphite powder mixed with wet acrylic wash. I use the Kadee lubricant. With it on your finger (damp) you rub in some amazing effects. I can post a few over on my madman thread if you like.
  • Maybe it's more suited for O scale than HO?
  • Well now, that's a mighty fine stack. Love the weld lines, really makes a difference.
  • Thanks much Brett. Just had to fiddle around with the thing...and you started it by giving it that killer laser cut support ring. Once mounted the three guy wires just sets the thing off beautifully!

    Appreciate that Robert.

    Thanks Joel, unfortunately the concrete footings got mostly hidden in the final model but I/we know they are there!

    Mission accomplished Bryan and thanks.

    Haven't tried that technique with the acrylic wash. Would enjoy seeing how it works in 1:87.

    6.5 inches of snow since yesterday...not sure on pictures...
  • I'll post a picture over on Madhens for you to show. I'm shocked at what it can do.
  • The tarp is perfect! I really like the chained wheel castings. Very cool ideas and beautifully executed.
  • Thanks Eric.

    Appreciate that Jim.
  • Ken, you tease. Snow or not, you are killing me with these posts. They are great, but I'm anxiously awaiting your final pictures. BTW, I really like the engine under the tarp. I bet that "rope" was a bugger. Looking forward to more pictures. Phil
  • Ken my friend you blow me away at every stage an every extra step you take.
    Weld spots on the stack.. incredible. Weathering of the concrete foundations.. beautiful.
    Outstanding modeling.

  • Thanks Phil, will get pictures soon.

    Thanks for being there Karl, means a lot!
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    Got a chance to take a few final pictures of The Foundry.

    First off I will highlight the three remaining mini-scenes identified earlier that I finished up since my last progress post. Secondly I will post picture of the finished diorama from each side...


    Finished side of the Foundry, Work Room and Office. Note the piles of scrap mold boxes.



    Inside shot of the coal bin. Note the bare shovel scraped areas...


    Front of the Office


    I decided on putting in a water spicket and hose to feed a parts wash bin.


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  • Ken. That is about the best it can get wonderful job. ..............Carl............
  • Amazing Ken, simply amazing.

  • We all knew it was gonna end like this... A FANTASTIC diorama. So well done. If anyone would have told me it was O scale, I would have believed it !!! Now I am going to study these pics somewhat better. So much to discover. Thanks for all the effort in posting this build.
    Very much appreciated ..
  • Ken, this has been a phenomenal build thread and the final pictures have not disappointed. Great modeling and scene composition to compliment ech other. I love your road/puddle work in the loading area and the used mold boxes scene. Thanks again for the thread and great build story!
  • Ken, I've really enjoyed your JE Morton build. There are sooo many parts of your presentation that have been outstanding that it's hard to know where to begin. First and foremost is Brett's design and all the details that he included. I also appreciate the fact that you looked at the kit and found numerous spots where you could insert your individual touches (without leaving the reservation... ie. adding visible framing, a bit of roof "decay", the grate near the pattern saw, the hose etc). You also provided close-up photos and how-to explanations which were very helpful. In fact your builds always accomplish what an "official build" sets out to do. They compliment the instruction manual and inspire all of us working on our own kits
    All in all you have again proven your mastery of HO scale, and are a great talent on Brett's team! Fantastic job.
  • Thanks Carl, appreciate that.

    Hey Karl, thanks much buddy...quite a ride on this one!

    Your most welcome Robert and thanks to you for your insight and following along here. I looked forward to your comments and input throughout this build. Your own modeling is an inspiration to us all and you have such a refreshing style to your work.

    Great hearing from you Mike and nice you noticed my "puddle work"...that made me chuckle. Thanks for the kind words.

    Glad you enjoyed following along Bill. Your wisdom here has been a pleasure and as I mentioned to Robert, I looked forward to your critique and insight as well during the build. I'm impressed how well you "get it" when it comes to what I was trying to accomplish and the goals I had for this project. Thanks again...Ken
  • Ken....yes, I have to admit I felt a little sheepish commenting on the puddle work in light of the many other wonderful parts of your build that should be celebrated....but yeah, great puddles!
  • Fantastic work Ken. Your best so far and that's saying a lot. Hope I can put as much detail into my O scale version when it is released. Just amazing.
  • Thnaks much Ed. Hopefully I get to a show in 2019...we'll see.

    Appreciate that Joel. Feels good to have it wrapped up on one hand and a bit of a let down to not be working on it on the other. Sigh....
  • What an exemplary build Ken. BILLR said it better than I could have:

    "...your builds always accomplish what an "official build" sets out to do. They compliment the instruction manual and inspire all of us working on our own kits."

    Thank you for the time you put into making the modeling so fantastic. Thank you as well for the time and thoughtfulness you put into every post.
  • ken, you've outdone yourself with this one. great looking diorama. it begs the question, what's next?
  • Ken, Well you did it again! Another great build from the master and thanks for all the details you have given all of us during this project.
  • Thank you very much Brett and it was an honor to work up such a wonderfully designed and orchestrated kit. So many wonderful features that keeps the modeler coming back for more. The forum response has been outstanding and I thank everyone for their support.
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