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  • I have completed the corrugated awning and roof for the Tempering Shed. The roof is not attached just staged...


    Additional wear and tear to the "tar paper" roof. I staged the roof card on the structure to position the stack. I decided to have the area around the stack worn and with the tar paper missing. I fashioned a sealing flange out of paper and tucked the top edge under the paper and the bottom edge over as would have been done. Dirtied the paper with chalks and added a couple of bare areas on the other side of the roof.


  • Really well done Ken. Perhaps some green/moss on the edges of the overlaps ? That's where they usually can be found. Of course if it never rains, not ...... :wink:

    Some random dirty white spots from birds poo could be seen aswel on those old tarpaper roofs . Just some thoughts . Weathering is spot on.
  • Superb. You get such believable texture in something as mundane as tarpaper. Love the edges of the roof as well...
  • Thanks Robert, and all your ideas are good ones. Final weathering will be done once the buildings are attached.

    Appreciate that Brett and have grown fond of detailing tar paper thanks to your wonderful Tempering Shed design! I get to detail that sweet little resin tempering oven casting...
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    Here is the Repair Shop roof/porch completed. I'll be detailing a bit more on this one of course but getting there.



    The rot and exposed board ends on the left side appears a bit stark but it will be tucked under the overhang of the Tempering Shed so will be shadowed and the effect is mellowed.

  • Note the concrete dock casting proping up the shop...
  • Outstanding modeling Ken. Everything is so perfectly imperfect, the continuity of the level of weathering flows from roof, to walls, to flooring. Excellent.

  • Thanks much look a little blah or washed out but there is some good contrast when looking at it...
  • Moved onto the tempering oven and just had to post a quick shot...


    This is single piece resin casting! Has to be one of the finest, crispest, most detailed casting I have ever seen. Such a joy to work with material like this...
  • I'm going to put a little black chalk around the edges of the door and below...
  • KKarns said:

    I'm going to put a little black chalk around the edges of the door and below...

    Also... maybe... some subtle black streaking up above the door.... kinda like where an old steam train passed under a tunnel..

    Everytime they opened that door to reload the fire I'd imagine a bellow of smoke/soot/crap billowing out and staining the brick above.

    But def one of those things to do in moderation, when you think it needs just a little more, stop and walk away.
    The next day you'll usually look at it and realise that its just right and be thankful you didn't overdo it.

    Just an idea,

  • Great thought Karl, I'll post a picture tomorrow and see what you think.
  • How do you model HO scale pigeon poo without making it look like a condor infestation? I suppose a fine brush with a single bristle?
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    Good point Mike...I like to do my final roof weathering and detailing after it's all assembled such as water marks and deterioration as water would run down one roof and down on another at certain places as would leaves and debris...

    For sure Ed...
  • OK Karl, here's a shot of the tempering oven with the reminants of the soot that would have been released every time the door was opened...but that door is not used anymore so the soot marks have faded just a bit. Great suggestion and hopefull carried out to reasonable effect...


  • Like you said, this is a super casting. And very well weathered.
  • Excellent Ken. Just right.
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    Nice weather....not a cloud in the sky
  • Great job on that casting.
  • Superb colouring. Great casting.
  • Thanks Robert.

    Appreciate the suggestion Karl, spot on as always!

    Good day for pictures.

    Thanks Bryan.

    It is a wonderful casting Joel and the coloring Brett suggested is perfect...
  • Nice coloring on the casting.

  • Thanks Jerry...
  • I have finished gluing up all three structures of the first Foundry "complex"...the Pattern Shop, Repair Shop, and Tempering Shed. Finishing a few details and will post pictures of this first completed phase. Things turned out great and the structures went together flawlessly. The engineering Brett put into the marrying of these structures is amazing. Five different roof lines, three strcutures and the tempering oven...awesome!
  • Hehe...I have the porch floor fixed to show you to...
  • Nice coloring on the casting.

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    The 3 structure complex consisting of the Pattern Shop, Repair Shop, and Tempering Shed is basically done. A bit of final detailing will be done once things are planted on the diorama. Keep in mind that the pictures here are more for technical assistance than for aesthetics, which will come once the diorama is completed. I wanted to get good pictures of the roof lines and how things go together in the first phase.

    I'm really stoked as I am now ready to move onto the incredible stone Foundry! Can't wait to get at it...


    Taken in bright sunlight so just a bit washed out appearing but check out Brett's design here. Four different roof cool is that!


    Another view of the Repair Shop entrance.


    Karl pointed out to me an oversite on my part in an earlier post of the Repair Shop. I weathered the front wall where the siding meets the front decking to look old and showing darker wood and some early rot. However, I failed to match the weathering on porch decking where it contacts the vertical siding! This picture illustrates that fix. I will tone down the dark contrast a bit more and have the joint with dirt and debris...Thanks Karl for keeping an eye on was your turn ya know.




    The Tempering Shed awning appears in this image to stick out a bit and noticeable, but keep in mind a work bench and shelf casting goes under the awning with associated details which balances out the overhang nicely.

  • Next up is a series of pictures from more of an elevated sight line to show the roof lines and details...



    Note the weathering from the water tank...more on that in the last picture.




    Note the wonderful Tempering Oven tucked between the Pattern Shop and Tempering Shed.



    I spent some time experimenting with water stains for this particular area. What I came up with...I dissolved some white chalk in alcohol and with a small brush swirled it around to keep the chalk in suspension, and then quickly lifted my brush out of the alcohol and touched it to the roof and allowed the alcohol to wick up the tar paper and along the roof battens. Once the alcohol dried it left the chalk residue in a natural appearing way...
  • Nailed it.

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