BlueSky Company Warehouse HO/HOn3

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After much thought and contemplation I have decided that the BlueSky Company Warehouse will be my next build.

The things that draw me to BlueSky, other than the wonderful design and story here, are the wonderful modelers that have worked up BlueSky such as Brian Nolan, Mike Chambers, Dave Revelia, Karl Allison, Kevin O'Neill (Karl and Kevin had a big part in the O Scale Pilot Model I believe). These are just the ones I know of as I'm sure there are many more. Its also, as everyone knows, Brett's first SWSM Kit. I think it would be awesome to build this early kit incorporating the newer techniques that Brett has developed since BlueSky. In addition, I feel it a tribute to Brett and SierraWest Scale Models to bring this classic kit to life once again.

Unlike an official forum build like O'Neills, I will not be posting each and every step as I work through this wonderful kit. Rather I'll post progress photos and field questions and comments, if any, as I move along. My progress here is predicted to be slow as I am focusing my attention on the wood clinic and a few other projects. I will likely incorporate some features of the O Scale version and will point those out as they materialize. Would enjoy hearing from those that have built BlueSky and look forward to working through this build.


Brett's first kit and his famous green box that started the SierraWest Scale Model legacy...


  • Wow. Having fun on the wood weathering thread. I'll be following this closely as well. I don't think I knew this was the first kit. I'm a latecomer to the SW kits, but so glad I found them.
  • Glad you're finding the wood clinic useful, thanks. Right Carl, this was Brett's first kit with its debut in 1995. So I have built Brett's latest Kit, O'Neills Fabrication, and now embarking on his cool is that?
  • I'll be following along Ken. Definitely a favorite kit of mine.
  • What happen to the beautiful hand? Geeeez. Now get busy mon!
    There will be a huge following as you build this legendary kit. I love your clinic. Great advice, little humor. Ken, job well done.
  • Glad to hear that Steve, did you build BlueSky or just love the look like I do?

    I'm holding it right now Ed! Thanks for your support Ed and aim to do this kit justice as I feel every SWSM kit deserves, and that is our best efforts.
  • Do you plan to take this bad boy to Altoona?
  • Oh my...a deadline...? I'd love to have it done by then, so we'll see what kind of progress I'm able to make. I'd like to make it a goal rather than a deadline...that sounds better doesn't it. I might bring it regardless as I'd love to see builds even if they aren't done. Stimulates much conversation and many good suggestions.
  • It's only a deadline if you make it one. The most important thing is you enjoy the journey.
    It would be cool to listen to the suggestions, good, bad and indifferent. I would field them for you. Examples-That is a wonderful suggestion. Let me note that and I'm sure Ken would agree. Are you some kind of *&^%$@ moron? Of course you suggestion sucks. Go pound sand. What do you think?
  • I've never built it Ken but it's always been on my wish list. I've built Foss Landing, The Shipyard and my current progress on Quincy/O'Neills. I have a Scotia Supply in the queue as well. I'd really like to build it in O scale but I'm avoiding that urge until I finish my layout.
  • Ken, take your time on this kit. You will be a serious "best in show" contender with O'Neills. I'll be following along.
  • I think my internal clutch slips anyway...even though I tell myself I need to get more done in a shorter period of time...I seem to never get any faster! I write it off to...I love to work on this stuff so I unconsciously savor the moments. Appreciate your vote of confidence on O'Neills, we'll see...not sure yet what I'm going to do there yet.
  • KKarns said:

    I think my internal clutch slips anyway...

    I unconsciously savor the moments.

    Perfect statement. It shows in the work you do. Very "mindful" to unconsciously savor.

  • Well Carl at times I get a bit philosophical about this stuff as anyone who loves what they are doing should...I think I enjoy and take so much time and energy working on the wood for my structures from the realization that this will likely be the one and only time I will build this particular wall for this particular SierraWest structure for this particular SierraWest Kit. Heavy stuff...but it's true. So, I just completed the front wall for the main Barn for BlueSky. In all probability, that will be the last time I ever do that! So why not take the time and effort to make it as nice as I possibly its good or not I feel good about the work I put into it. Geesh...on and on...
  • Yep...... perfect
  • Thanks for your response Carl. Funny...whenever I get talking like this things go profoundly quite! I think everyone is Ken OK?
  • You seem to be on the same wave length as I am. Hmmmmm, maybe no one else is okay. As a musician attention to detail is what keeps you hired. It only follows that attention to detail while modeling will keep not only your interest but will interest others. The BlueSky you build will reflect your passion (or lack of passion). Might as well have a philosophical bent about it.
  • Oh BlueSky is going to be one hell of a build! But I say that about all the projects I start. Glad you don't find my sentiments goofy or racked with uncontrolled dribble. Also appreciate someone being on the same page...see what I mean about the's just you and I Carl...remember, never, ever, leave your wing man.
  • Ken, I'm here.....kind of. Humongous neck headache all day since I woke up so I'll be back with something later.

  • Sorry to hear that Bill. Look forward to it.
  • Ken
    I was thinking about doing BlueSky along with you I was just wondering do you and I have the same run.
    Then I thought about Eureka Springs Engine House still trying to decide what to do, Then there the Logging Camp Essentials would kick start my layout with the mill.
    Help me decide.
    Thank's CarlP1010534
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    Mine is an early kit with all resin castings. Aint it fun deciding! Well I think you doing BlueSky along with me would be very cool. As I eluded to, my posts may be infrequent so between the two of us maybe we could keep folks interested. It would also be fun to see how each us will work this thing up. However, you have priority issues to sort out as well so just let me know what you decide...I vote for BlueSky...
  • Blue Sky. Why? Two master modelers motivated by each others skills. End result, two different but extremely well done kits. Not competing but comparing two different versions.
    Carl, Ken already picked his color, you may have to go with pink. Sorry.
  • engine909 said:

    Carl, Ken already picked his color, you may have to go with pink. Sorry.

  • I am into Clear Coat.
  • Mr. Rowe, After enlarging your picture, I see that you are a sharp dresser and a musician.
    Much more than that I'm sure. Big band, jazz, blues or Ken"s favorite, rap?
    Oops wrong place for these comments. Forgive me.
  • (classical)
  • I built the O scale version of this Ken and loved it. Going to follow this with great interest.
  • Thanks Ed, should be fun.

    Wes, I was meaning to ask you about that. Thought I may have seen your build of the O Scale BlueSky somewhere before, but before I decided to work up my HO version. message me about where you posted your build...glad you'll be following.
  • WesWes
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    Ken this is as far as I got before the diorama got trashed during a move by the removal idiots. All I have left are the castings and the tractors. The rest had to be dumped.

    Im so bummed I never got to finish. If the rand dollar rate ever gets better, id love to get my hands on another.

  • What a heartbreaking loss. It was looking so good.
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