Lineside maintenance and supply build of Kit #315.....

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the US Postal Service had actually delivered my kit to my abode without any side trips. Brett sent it out on 9/28 and it got here on 10/1. Amazing. I will echo Karls remarks on the details....they are phenomenal to say the very least. Sadly...I will only have tonight to work on some items before a little road trip south. I promise this build will have photos of my progress....I had already stated that I had in mind some minor changes in the kit....most you will need to really look for.....I can't and won't deviate from Brett's great design. This as all my kits are destined for my layout that is a logging road with a waterfront, a small coal mine, and supporting structures.

What I intend to do with this kit, is to combine it with other SW structures and details to make a lineside maintenance and supply facility. You will recognize the kits once they start to appear...but I fully plan on finishing kit #315 first and foremost. It will all make perfect sense once I reveal the following builds...I build my kits on 1" foam, and then fit them in like puzzle pieces on top of the 2" foam base sections reinforced with wood strips ( I'll post a photo eventually) I run my loco's on Dead Rail so no wiring issues. I plan on most all structures to have lighting (LED) also battery operated, and I try to detail most of the interiors.

So all that being said...I'm off to the shop to grain and stain....following Brett's techniques....Look for photos in about a week or so....


  • Looking forward to watching
  • Looking very forward to your build and to see how you combine with the other kits!
  • Looking forward to following along with your build Art, and the others also.
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    Congrats on securing this kit and look forward to your subsequent work on the project Art.
  • Muddy, lucky you to already have your kit. According to the tracking I am getting my kit tomorrow. I too am going to need to make some adjustments to the build. The friend 's layout I am building this for is going to have it backed up to a steep rock wall. Therefore, most all the details will need to be on the ends and front. Looking forward to following along with your and Karl's builds. I will also be adding my two cents worth as I build my water tank. Best of luck. Randy
  • this is shaping up to being a great winter at sierra west!
    the only thing i can think of that would make it better is if brett did a face time tour of the facilities. wink, nudge nudge, wink.
  • I think that if you put the tar paper on the outside of the studs, you could put strips of tar paper in the horizontal position which is probably the prototypical way.
  • Since there are a few builds going on with this kit...I won't post similar stuff.....I will post my changes and stuff I feel is you can see here....this is a choice I made to do vertical as to horizontal siding on the shed portion....this is not the final product....I've done no weathering and extra detailing of the wood yet.....tommorow for that...I also did something different with the tar I was opening up some 3D parts from Brett yesterday....I realized they were wrapped in black tissue paper.....and decided to use that...I think it looks pretty good.....and it too needs some work in the way of weathering and detailing.....but it's started.....
  • My lighting needs work too....
  • Speaking of lighting...I plan to light the kit...and make the roof removeable....
  • The color of the boards looks good. I like that you went with the vertical boards. Some nice knots. Keep the pictures coming. And don't worry if it is something Karl or I have done. It would just be another interpretation of Brett's kit. Randy
  • Off to a good start
  • Great start Art. First wall looking terrific and the tar paper application spot on.
  • Like the wood coloring and great idea to place the siding vertically.
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    Ken...I wasn't sure I'd be a fan of the process....but it does work good contact for glue for the siding. As for the vertical siding...I'm just not a fan of horizontal boards....I hope to get the rest of the walls done tonight and start the weathering and added detailing. As I look at the photos of the completed structure....a lot of the walls will be obscured by details...and I plan to only do knots and such where the wood will show. Thanks Brian Randy and Tom...I know I haven't posted in a bit....but I will keep this going. Karl is covering the step by step I will just put up some stuff. I want to point out again that I used the black tissue paper that Brett wraps the #D details in. I was working late in the evening....didn't pre-paint the tissue in the I figured....why not try it.....I think it works.....
    The other additions I have in mind are going to fit in with the overall module when done. I plan on including the Tractor Repair, Truck Repair, and possibly the Woodcutters. Maybe even the rigging shed. In the end...this will work into a 4' long by 2' deep section of my layout. I am also a big scratch builder...and in the back of the module will be a Crew section with a bunk car, kitchen / dinning car...and a shower car...all details in those areas will be SW stuff....
  • Keep up with the pics on this Art. I am excited to see how you put all these together in a group.
  • I hear ya Art. I love the look of the interior tar paper and makes such a nice backdrop for detailed interior work. I feel it is time well spent unless the interior is not going to be visible.
  • it also makes it seem like a slightly warmer place on those cold winter mornings whilst waiting for the stove heater to warm up....
    well, it does!
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    Looking great so far Art, those personal touches add a subtle difference that works well.
    Can't wait to see the structures you mentioned all together on that layout section. Yet, it's so good to see you focused on this one build for now, and I'm enjoying following along with you as you progress.
  • Will be following you !!!
  • Got some more work done on the walls, first set of photos are the walls with basically no set, some minor weathering and knot holes......then the tarpaper.

    I plan on doing the final weathering once I start placing details and shelf units....that way I know what and where I want to add some extra. I also want it to look reasonably well taken care of...we will see where it goes...
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    I'm not going to grunge them up too much yet....just a light dusting of a light gray chalk....rubbed in with 000 steel wool.....
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    SW Water tank tarpaper
    Nothing done to the tarpaper yet....
  • I just had to lay out all the details....going to an On30 train show this weekend....going to be painting them up and weathering them there....a monumental task....SW water tank details
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    I have a complete CHB Denver handcar kit ( that I got for $10 at a show) along with a rail pedicycle that will show up on this module....I got real lucky at that show...a lot of CHB stuff at crazy low prices.....a lot of the sawmill stuff in particular.....
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