HO Scale O'Neills Fabrication Official Forum Build



  • Thanks! KKarns and engine909 for your support
    Getting ready to start this project.
    Have purchased most Tools/chalks/paints/the chopper/sander...etc as Brett has suggested to move forward.
    Have built buildings in the pass others from Fos, builders in scale. cambells..etc and Brett by far is the best for his instructions and answering all my questions quickly.

    Thanks again and will keep you posted on my progress

  • Ken, just finished my Brass & Iron Foundry and now starting on this kit.
    As always can't wait to follow your beautiful perfect builds.
    Keep up the great work!!

  • Thanks much Chris and anxious to see what you do with this great kit.
  • Ken, I will keep you and all posted.
    Will take me much of 2020 to complete.
    Have started the wood grain, stain and paint on the Main Building walls.

    I will start another Build thread later this year for my progress.

    Thanks again for your beautiful perfect build and pic's to help me get better at this hobby.

  • edited January 2020
    Glad to hear you're working up O'Neills and appreciate the kind words Chris. Take your time with the wood as it sets the stage for the entire project! Keep us posted and look forward to seeing what you do with this great kit.
  • Oh my god - is this really a model? No real one? It is absolutely amazing .... love it so much!
  • Hey Michael, thanks much my friend. It is an amazing kit in design and function. It was a true labor of love on this guy. But of course every SierraWest kit I work up gets my undivided attention, and if asked "what's your favorite SierraWest kit?" my standard answer is "whichever kit I'm currently working on!"...Ken
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