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My first SWSM kit started for my layout. I am amazed at how well the instructions are written and detailed. Truck repair under way.TruckRepairWallsInterior


  • Emery,

    Off to a great start. This is a favorite kit of many here on the forum, myself included. I am looking forward to seeing your progress and photos. Are you contemplating making the roof removable and adding interior and exterior lighting?

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • Great start. Phil
  • Looks wonderful! Can't wait for more.
  • Yes sir Dave, it will have a removable roof and lighting. I have a few additional add-ins for the lighting I hope to incorporate towards the end of the build. (both inside and out)
    Sorry for the poor pictures. They look better on my phone where I can zoom in and see the detail. So far, the hardest part I have encountered is "breaking" the windows. I spent an eternity trying to get it correct while still getting the black lines into the cracks and not making the rest of it look like crap. Next time I take pictures, I will try zoom in on that a bit more.
  • Looks good so far !!
  • I like it.
  • Better pic of the finished end with battens completed.TruckRepairEnd2
  • Fantastic! Cracked windows look great.
  • Emery,

    The texture and color variations on that close up shot of the side wall are great. The cracked glass in the windows looks true to life. Very effective and believable overall look to everything. Looking forward to more photos especially the close up ones that more effectively show the finer details you have worked on like the circular saw blade cut lines and cracked glass.

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • Very well done !!! I like the different sizes of nuts in the boards.
  • Thank you very much men. I was rather nervous about posting this for the best modelers on the planet to see. I appreciate the support and advise ya'll have provided!
  • Emery,
    You have no reason to be nervous about posting your work it is very nice! Great job. Looking forward to seeing more.
  • Totally agree!!!
  • Great looking wall.
  • Ok, the wood part comes a bit easier for me than most things. This is where I have problems.... painting. I am not very good at it in any form or fashion. I could really use any opinions and suggestions on these barrels. I followed the book, but I have the touch of a blacksmith! On the wood barrel, I was thinking about using the ink/alcohol mixture to wash back into the cracks. It may however ruin the attempt at rusting the bands. Thanks guys!Barrels Copy
    Barrels2 Copy
  • I agree that some powders/chalk to soften.
  • Great start - the castings look great and you are 90% of the way there. Good advice to follow here...
  • The two metal barrels were chalked, then just dipped in alcohol. The wood barrel was painted and then chalked with brown, and then rust color near the bands. Nothing else.
  • EmeryJ, for wooden barrels, I first spray paint them with an enamel khaki color. I then apply wet brown chalk. This is the method Brett and Karl explain where you dip your brush in alcohol, then on a glass surface, pull in some chalk and swirl into a diluted mixture. Then apply it to the barrel. As for the bands, I use burnt sienna and a very small brush. I finish by dabbing on dry brown chalk. Your barrels look great. As suggested, just dab on a bit more brown chalk. Phil
  • EmeryJ, The barrels look good very good. I like the weathering on the metal drums, as for wood barrels, you can try the A/I wash to see how you like it on a few and try the chalk/alcohol on others and compare them to see how you like it. I have thinned leather dye that I use for coloring wood. I use a brown, a black, and a brown/black mix to simulate different aging on the wood. The leather dye is thinned with alcohol.

    As for coloring bands, I use colored pencils to color them. I have a selection of rust colored pencils that I purchased at Michael's. It is easier for me than trying to paint with a brush. It is important to keep the pencil sharp so it just highlights the bands.
  • Thanks everyone for the great suggestions. I will give these a try and see what works best for me. Now I have options, and that is exactly what I needed. It may be a week or so before I can get to try all of them out. More supplies incoming :smile:
    My selection of items was rather thin, as I am just getting started.
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    you'd need neurosurgeon-like steady hands to paint the bands on the barrels. i've managed to screw up every one i've done. pencils sounds like a great plan to me.
  • Ed, the pencils I use are Prismacolor purchased at Michael's. They are in a locked case so you have to get an associate to unlock the case. I assume they are locked up because they are too easy to steal. They hold up well for me. I have a few different rust colors and one that looks like new steel. it's a black/grey.
  • Not a problem Ed. I didn't know if others use colored pencils for barrel bands or if it's a new concept. Works great for me. I tried painting them and as Kevin has stated I messed up more barrels than I like to think. Came up with pencils idea while browsing a Michael's store.
  • I had run across those pencils a few days back, before you mentioned them. Thought maybe it was just another gimmick. After your comment, I ordered a set of rust ones from AK. Like Kevin said, I too messed up several times. Thanks for the advise men.
  • 10.4 Will do.
  • The Prismacolor pencils I use do not easily rub off. They have an almost Crayola like consistency but harder. I even use A/I on them after application without them running or coming off.
  • i just tried ordering a set of rust pencils from ak and shipping was 15 euros. which prismacolor pencils do you have tom?
  • Kevin, the ones I use most are, Dark Brown, looks to me to give a more aged rusted look, Tuscan Red, an intermediate rust color, Sienna Brown, a fresher rust color and 90% Cool Grey, which to me looks like fresh metal. One of the pencils I have has a price sticker on it and it was $1.89. I bought them maybe 4 or 5 years ago. I have a couple more, a light grey, and black but don't use them much. Got them at Michael's.
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    Not intending to take over EmeryJ's great build, I thought I'd show a photo of a sample of the barrels I have colored the staves with pencils. The barrel on the far right is colored with the Dark Brown, second from right is the Tuscan Red, and center barrel is the Cool Grey.
    Barrels with Pencil Cored Staves Resize
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