Completely Unofficial O-scale Truck Repair build for Poets and Losers

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It begins, eh?



  • Not sure about the title??....but me being the first to respond should tell you something and I'm for sure not a poet!

    The wood looks fantastic, you achieved a wonderful old weathered the look.
  • Thanks, Ken. Since I'm not a serious modeler, as you are, I just joke around.
  • That frothy hot tub in front looks inviting
  • Love the aged wood. The metal table top looks great.
  • Grey color looks great, nice start...
  • Eric, if this is your way of joking, just keep doing that !
  • These are nice castings. Are those tree stumps as part of the table?

    Ken, not only are you a poet with your modeling, but I can safely say you are a truly GREAT poet with your modeling. Robert in O and you in HO. Both MAJOR modeling poets, so there!
  • And thanks to Joel, this was pretty easy. He cut the trail, I'm just staggering along behind.
  • Besides his 'Maine' way of being, :wink: his heart is in the right place. And so are his modeling skills . We'll be following the build very closely !!! Thanks for taking the time to post your efforts.
  • Here are a few photos of the pickle mix shake-in-the-box.

  • Thoughts? What is this anyway? Anvil means heat? What is the white thing?

  • Are the hinges metal or leather?
  • This is one cool kit!

  • It seems like one. To bad it isn't in the catalogue anymore. By the look of the box it has some years on the counter..
  • It is a vintage kit from long ago sent to me by Dennis Love, Bob Love's son. It is of course brand new. All the items on the box drawing are in the kit. I thought someone how is building an amazing sawmill might want it?
  • Yes Eric. Send me a price. .........Carl..........
  • Carl, sorry, but I gave it to Robert.
  • For which I am very grateful .
  • No response=no posts. It is up to you.
  • Perhaps, the white thing is some sort of metal plate to put the hot forged pieces on so they would not burn the wooden top? Can't you deduct that from the manual? Just thinking....
  • Eric: You gotta read the manual man! page 48 step 1: "The flat work area next to the anvil is an aluminum top for welding small items. Paint it silver then chalk weather black."

    Shouldn't be white...
  • It is metal now, bub!


  • Close up:

  • You’ve got a lot of ‘Moxie’ posting pix like those ;-)) Looking good, Bub
  • Seabee, Yankees fan?
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    The anvil looks like shite, so I redid it.
  • Any progress on this build ?
  • Yes. But not posting here because of lack of interest. No poets or madmen I guess. Any progress on LIVECELL?
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