Neal's O scale Build for the Romantics and the Madmen

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This will not be your usual build thread. As stated above, this is for the few among us who have never even understood there is a box to live outside of. I respect Brett's love for his friend O'Neil very much, but never having known him, I am created my building in the memory of Neal Cassady who had a wonderful effect on my life. Neal was the inspiration for Kerouac's great culture-changing novel ON THE ROAD. But I was primarily fascinated by Neal. I didn't think of Kerouac as much of a road guy, although I thought he was a genius as a writer. Anyway. A photo of Jack and Neal:



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    The first thing I've done was kind of play with the kit. I keep looking a bits, keep reading parts of the instructions, looking at all your other wonderful builds, and waiting for inspiration to strike. I want to build something different. And few things I've decided:

    1) Carpenters of that era where masters compared with today. My buildings will be very well-crafted, as if an artist had build them. No crooked boards, no drunken-cut ends six inches too large or short. Everything will be cleanly well-aligned and fitted.

    2) Nature weathers very very evenly. Too many times, modelers want to show off board by board. My weathering will be very even and quiet.

    3) Not so crowded with STUFF. Yes, the casting are the best in history. Frankly, these kits are the best value in the history of model railroading, if you really consider what is included. I will spread these wonders OUT, so you can see them. This is not a rock band where everyone plays too much and too loud, this is Jimi Hendrix with an electric doing God's work.

    My gas and oil pump. I swear the wrench is stamped with the size!

    IMG_9671 2
  • This is gonna be lots of fun to watch! Off to a great start Eric, love the pump hose.
  • I lost the monkey wrench during on of the photo sessions. It could've been anywhere! And I loved Brett's sentiment about it, wanted to honor that. And . . . my wife Amanda actually found it on the carpet of our 7k foot Victorian. Crazy!
  • And then I began to blacken bits! And what amazing bits they are. Frankly—unrivaled.

    IMG_9684 2
  • And being VERY impatient, I weathered all the tanks in 15 minutes TOTAL time. Many quick steps. Ask and I will tell all. Could not find tank photo, but found resin bits:

  • Ah! . . . found those sneaky tanks:

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    And another overview of the resin wonders. I did it this way to get me into the mood of the kit, to help me understand, to get the feel for it. The kit deserves a certain reverence, in my opinion. Let's face it, this kit tends to be a bit of a religious experience if you really have good modeling in your heart.

  • Eric,

    I can see you are off to a running start. As you have already discovered this is a great kit and I know you will enjoy building it. I'll be tuned in to see your postings. I'm sure the song lyric " ... I did it my way!" will creep into your mind more than a few times during the build. But that is what makes life so interesting, "marching to our own drummer".

    Later, Dave S.
  • Very nice, Eric...and yes, I’d appreciate ‘hearing ‘ your technique
  • Dave, you got it, brother of the lovely American train memory!

    Terry, which tech?
  • Eric,

    I, for one, am interested in a step by step tutorial about how you weathered the tanks
    and the 55 gallon drums
    seen in the photos above.

    Thanks, Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • Tanks: maybe the one thing of interest in these tanks is that I achieved the affect without separating the tanks in about 15 minutes total time. Mostly washing of acrylic paint in rust and black tones dabbed on very thin and wet, then shaken around in a SW box lid. Dumped out onto plastic foam. About 4 quick coats. The start was simply spraying all at once with gray primer and then misting on a few left over metallic colors.
    For those as impatient as I am. If you need more, just ask.
  • Dave, the drums about the same. Gray primer, acrylic washed, then shake in box.
  • Off to a great start. I like your use of graytones.
  • A few conceptual thoughts. As a professional artist over 50 years, I have realized that simply thinking about and looking at my work is as valuable as the time spent actually doing. You save lots of time not making mistakes or heading in unwanted directions. I wait until the work begins to speak to me, tell me what it needs.

    Watching Brett's fantastic videos really helped me understand the kit. The one where he adds the buildings allows the confusion of the many wings to come clear. For instance, I realized I wanted to separate out the large oil storage drum. As mentioned, I want a far less crowded look to mine.

    So, I've been studying all of your builds very carefully, and I have a large file of photos that I watch on my screen rotation. This generates a close familiarity with the building. Realize I haven't opened one bag of strip wood yet. I have been playing around with the signage. I like this one:

  • Interesting start Eric, I look forward to seeing the next steps you take with these.

  • That pic of the boilers sitting on the concrete dock...everything so nicely done Eric! Love the sign above!
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    Thanks, buddy! Starting with castings that good makes it pretty easy.

  • And one more and the final on the AMAZING gas and oil pumps. Note two monkey wrenches. I lost one in our 7k foot Victorian and Amanda actually found it on the carpet of the parlor. Amazing!

    IMG_8664 2
    IMG_9858 2
  • Those barrels and gas pump look great!
  • Some fine modeling here.

  • Great work Eric. I'll be following......
  • Found it. I printed these a bit weathered so that weathering will not be required.

  • Nice sign. Love the rust on the bottom of the gas pump!
  • Eric,

    I look forward to seeing this sign on the structure.

    I agree with Brett and Joel. Your gas pump is fantastic.

    Later, Dave
  • Finished the truck with Brett's old boiler spreading oil on Maine roads.45760253_1781793548613185_4264540880091742208_o
  • Impressive. Phil
  • Eric,

    Great build, original idea and extremely well executed. Like to see some more photos of the entire rig when you have an opportunity.
    Good to see you posting again. Happy "bird" day!

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
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