Building My Layout with Sierra West Structures

I have been working on the layout for several years now, but until now, I haven't been able to place permanently place any structures. This picture is of the sawmill area with the Loco Service Shop and the Main Street Structures. I split the Main Street diorama by cutting the base on a table saw. Sound scary, but everything went well. The half with the hotel and store is in the back on the left.IMG_20171227_160724


  • That is going to look real good Steve.
  • Oh boy. Looking good Steve. We want more.
  • Off to a great start. Love to see the rest of the layout.
  • To give you an idea of what the railroad looks like here are a couple of picturesIMG_20170217_152756

    I will update with current photo's in the near future.
  • Very nice Steve. I'm in the design phase, have the subroadbed in and have been altering my plan to incorporate SWSM kits from the beginning. I'm impressed with the direction you are going. There is a lot of work represented in your pictures.
    Happy New Year.
  • Steve

    What are the dimensions of the layout?

  • This is already an awesome layout !!! It gives me an idea of how one can integrate the SW dioramas in a layout. Whatever the scale. Nice work and I am sure you'll be busy for another couple of years...... :)
  • I appreciate all you comments. The layout is approximately 14' x 17'.


    This is how I placed the dioramas in the layout. I cut out the plywood area where the diorama goes. I took some pictures of how I mounted them so when the time comes, they can be removed without a lot of damage.


    There will be an A-Frame turntable where the cutout of a circle is located.
  • Really nice work Stephen. Fantastic layout and a great gathering of SWSM dioramas. Love how you engineered the placement of the dioramas.
  • Definitely will be watching how this progresses
  • Great job, Steve. Always enjoyable to see your progress.
  • Ed, I have waiting to see something from you. When is that going to be. Thanks Mike and Ken for you thoughts
  • Steve, Jan. 17th, I will be 75. I am hoping to cut my work day hours in half. Hoping being the key word. If I am able to manage this I will be able to move forward on some modeling. I work best when I am able to enjoy what I am doing. I enjoy running my business, so I keep doing it. You and others provide me much joy.
    Happy New Year Steve, to you and yours.
  • Steve,

    I like how the layout is progressing. Great idea for placing structure dioramas that will be removable at a latter time if desired. Using your idea a structure/diorama can be removed separate from the layout grid itself without having to carefully cut it out at a later date.

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • Excellent... I like the helix.....
  • I have been meaning to post a later picture of the area from the same angle as the last picture I posted with the track installed.DSCN4174
  • Great plan Steve.
  • i'm jealous. green with envy. outstanding
  • Thanks for the comments Carl and Kebmo
  • Great looking setup Steve. I wish I was half as clean and organized as you. Looks like you're as good of a carpenter as you are a modeler.

    The dioramas are fantastic alone, I can't wait to see them all tied together.
  • I have another day or so and I will have all the tortoise switch machines in, 48 total, and wired, all the feeders and bus wires installed. Now I can concentrate on building more structures and the scenery work.

    My sister will be back at the end of next month so she says, to continue to work on the backdrop.

    Steve, you haven't seen the rest of the layout, which is not so clean, but will be shortly since this phase of the layout is done.

    My next building project though is not a Sierra West kit. It is going to be a roundhouse.
  • That's really coming along nicely.

  • We will be looking forward to your next project when you get around to it. I could not help it.
  • really looking forward to seeing what you do next. so far it's looking great!
  • So interesting to see it all coming together at this early stage. Very informative to so many forum visitors. Love what I see! Thanks for sharing this with us.
  • Great looking layout.
  • Steve,
    Just saw your Pm and responded. Let me know if you didn't get it.
  • I have added my latest Sierra West Project to my layout. Here are all the pictures.DSCN4224
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    Very nice.....the guy swingin’ The hammer is taking his frustrations out on something

  • Looking great.
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