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  • They look more like real weathered boards....than real weathered boards do....I am duly amazed....
  • They look more like real weathered boards....than real weathered boards do....I am duly amazed....
    very well stated!

  • Ken you are knocking this out of the park my friend. Im having fun watching this come together.
  • Hey "Muddy" cracked me up...that's about as nice a thing as a board-on-board modeler can hope to hear! and thanks Brett for concurring.

    What's up Wes?...thanks for the thoughts and support here.

    I have finished an installed the fire extinguisher casting, sign, and gooseneck light for the front freight door side of the Welding Shop. Working on the windows for the drive through side and a few other details...will post soon...Ken
  • Ken beautiful weathering and coloring on the boards. Very realistic.

  • Hi Jerry, thanks for checking things out and your critique on the boards. Enjoy spending a fair amount of time here. Making great progress on the other details and should have the Welding Shop going together soon. Detailing windows right now...great stuff!...Ken
  • Well, well, well. Just when I think your modeling can't get any better you go and make your board on board walls look even more real. You are setting the barr very high indeed.
    The knots are very realistic Coloration is spot on. I can't remember but are you using a microscope to do this level of detail? As I say You Rock!
  • Hi Jim, very kind words here my friend. Most of the close stuff is aiding by magnification using those head sets. You look like a goof ball with them on, but hey who cares if it gets the little stuff done right!
  • Detailing of the Welding Shop walls is progressing at my usual slow pace! The front wall is almost done with the sign, overhead gooseneck light and a fire extinguisher completed. Working on the side wall detail and should wrap that up today.



    Fire Extinguisher casting Brett provides is the nicest casting of this type I have ever seen in 1:87. Wonderful piece to detail.


    Fun shot to get a size perspective on this 1:87 scale wall.


    I decided to detail the light support by painting and weathering it with white paint like the wood siding. The bezel is a piece of styrene rod cut, sanded, with small blobs of epoxy strategically placed for mounting bolts. Shade was primed and painted green then the paint chipped with a damp sharp toothpick and weathered.

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    A bit over the top but notice the worn area to the right of the existing bezel where a previous mounting fixture was on the wall leaving a circular wear area and rust...whatever!...right. Ken
  • The sign is exceptional. Anything different that you did?
  • Well thanks Jim...sanded this one even thinner than the other two and I wanted a slightly different weathered tone so I hit it with some AI before final weathering and it gave it a bit more of a dirty grey look.
  • Detailing the Welding Shop walls continues. I really like how Brett outlines a certain amount of detailing be done on the walls before putting them together. This allows precise control over the positioning of the details. I like to perform final details after the walls are assembled to get a "feel" for how things will interact with other sub-assemblies such as the dock, how the front wall and side wall "talk" to each other etc...


    This is the east wall that is located under the Drive Under Canopy. Windows have been detailed and positioned. Brett outlines a shelf with oil bottle castings here. These castings again are the best I have seen. A few filler items also positioned to achieve a cluttered put purposeful shelf unit.



    Close up shot of shelf unit. Note the extra step to drill out the top of the bottle laying flat to give illusion of a hollow casting. may add a little oil dribble around the oil bottle lids....
  • Hey Ken,

    Looks awesome. I'm on the middle of painting the details on my build and I'm struggling with those oil bottles. As you know, they were actually made of clear glass. How did you decide on how / what color to paint them?

  • Brett suggests ivory or green in the manual so dirtied up ivory is what I went with. Clear is certainly difficult to model but color like this seems plausible in 1:87. If you're doing O Scale I would think a valid attempt at clear would be in order. Appreciate your thoughts.
  • And what more amazes me is that is HO scale....You are inspiring me to enhance my work on my O scale boards...going to school on your work...
  • Thanks much "Muddy", and glad to hear you're getting after your board detail! As I have mentioned, this is one of my favorite aspects of a build. It's fun to get to the castings and putting things together for the diorama but the board detail sets the tone for the entire project. Welding Shop walls are going together today and working on the dock platform for the same...Ken
  • Welding Shop walls go together...keeping things square and firmly together is obviously not an exact science!!

  • hah! love the weight pic - we all seem to have our own methods and objects! It's like some crazy version of the old mouse trap board game...
  • Very nice Ken. That final pic is always a treat to see how everyone glues their walls up.
  • When I stepped back and looked at what a goofy looking pile of metal I had created I thought...gota get a picture of that!

    Welding Shop dock platform almost finished will then glue down the Welding Shop to the dock and next up will be shingling the Tower and Welding Shop...Ken
  • Well Michael, you mentioned you loved my idea of Insect damage awhile back so here is a go at just that...board end that would rest on the ground with "insect damage"...KenP7140015
  • Call the exterminator....
  • Ken Amazing did you breed HO insects? Let the cat out of the bag. Some information on the process appreciated. Michael
  • Those boards look great
  • Even put cracks in the knot. I love it.
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    One more thing you're going to have to guarantee your strip wood bugs!

    Thanks Steve...

    Bryan, nice you noticed that...

    Michael, stained and grained the stripwood in the usual manner. after the application of the "paint peel", not evident in this shot, additional detailing of the board end with heavy grain and knot hole. Then insect damage made with a fine pointed awl followed by a small amount of AI to slightly darken the board end and highlight the holes...Ken
  • Following the completion of another brief modeling project, I have an update on O'Neills. The Welding Shop dock is finished and 3 of the 4 walls are detailed. The remaining wall will be updated this week with many details to come.

    Welding Shop front and side wall complete with details.


    In my tradition...well used grimy, dirty, oily, loading dock!


    "mood" shot of O'Neills Welding Shop....

    .....THE END
  • Couple more shots trying to get a bit more detailed look....P7170016

  • Trying some additional close up shots...bit of experimental...P7170017


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