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  • Looks great. I don't see much Ivory though. Is the color different for the tower, or is it lighting?
  • Quick question Ken: I have sanded a bevel into two of the walls and was puzzled that this was not done to all four. I've usually done this to all four walls. How come only two?
  • Great work Ken. I really like the shadowing you do around the windows and doors. Subtle, but really effective. Phil
  • Alan, thanks much. Right...the Tower is not colored ivory like the Main Building but rather stained weathered wood. This provides a great contrast to the Main Building and Welding Shop as designed by Brett from the get go.

    The bevel only needs to be on two opposing walls. This is needed as the wall is thicker than the wood trim piece creating a shallow lip on the back side of the wall. The bevel allows clearance here and brings the siding up to meet the corner trim without interference from the lip of the template material. This process is outlined in the manual for both the Main Building and the Tower and makes for an excellent fitting corner.

    Appreciate that Phil. Yup, the shadowing effect makes a big difference in the overall look and "feel" of the structure. Gives it a well used, in good repair, industrial look.
  • I moved the door on the right wall of the Tower to an opening to the inside configuration. Much better I think.

  • Initial go at signage for the Rear Wall. Sign just staged not glued to the wall yet. Trying to decide if its a keeper...Ken

  • As I received no response on my proposed sign treatment, I talked myself into it and it is now glued in place! This wall is now finished except for the "tar" seal around the vents.

  • Ken The sign is fine and well battered. I think they need a window cleaner fast or they can come and make mine a bit dirtier.
  • Tower walls, window/door treatment, and signage looks awesome. A beautiful contrast to the main building but will blend together perfectly.
  • Sign looks good Ken. Maybe a rusty NBW or 2 where its been attached to the wall.
  • Appreciate that Brett and was hoping I'd get a thumbs up on the sign...such an awesome feature of this kit and this is just the first of several! Had such a blast working up the Tower walls, can't wait to get them glued up and poised along side the Main Building.

    Thanks Michael, the window looks dirtier than it really is as it positioned against a black background right behind it. Once it's in play, it will be a bit more subtile.

    Thanks Wes, certainly could do that but I did not want to over power the sign with to many extra details and my goal is to maintain the purity of the build as it comes out of that wonderful white box!
  • I've been following every step of this build. The tonality of all the colors in the tower are perfect. There is contrast in the trim, windows, and doors but it's subtle and fits with the overall feel and age of the structure. And the shadowing is a great touch. I loved the sign when Brett first introduced the kit especially the way the lettering font perfectly matches the era of the building. Your weathering of said sign blends it perfectly into the rest of your weathering on the building. You're much braver than me. I always get nervous weathering signs and tend to stop too soon. Great work all around. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  • Well thanks Steve, very nice thoughts indeed.

  • Thanks Wes, certainly could do that but I did not want to over power the sign with to many extra details and my goal is to maintain the purity of the build as it comes out of that wonderful white box!
    I see where you coming from bud. Either way it looks fantastic. Keep up the good work.

  • Will do Wes and thanks...

    I assembled the Tower walls today and still have a few more details to add. "Tar" seal around the vents, awnings, an elbow vent, wall mounted mailbox, front door trim, and a few small things and then the Tower will be attached to the "concrete" resin castings and attached to the the main building. Starting to get the feel of things...Ken




  • I agree awnings and some vents etc can be best added later. I damaged one awning when gluing the two buildings together and have not yet added the angle vent.
    Its looking impressive Ken. I must add some of those "shadows" but I have been working on the welding shop walls which I am fairly pleased with.
  • Ken, wow. LOVE the tower. Fantastic work!
  • Brett, that Tower was such a joy to work on. Such a marvelous design and went together so well. I absolutely love the board on board over the scribed siding, so much control over the finished product. I know there are a few more details to add but I couldn't wait to get the thing posted!

    Michael, Ahh...a bit heavy handed on the assembly? Just kidding. The manual has you install the awnings and angled vent on the Tower walls before attaching to the Main Building and "concrete" foundations to facilitate accurate placement. It is quite easy to manipulate the Tower so the awnings and vent can be placed properly and aligned. Glad to hear your Welding Shop walls are shaping up to your liking. Look forward to seeing them.
  • Excellent! Excellent!! Excellent!!! Outstanding work as you always accomplish. Gives us all something to strive for.

    David U
  • Love it.
  • David, appreciate that. This kit is so nice to work with I can't help but get excited at each and every stage of completion!

    Bryan, thanks for the few but pointed words...

    I have completed the painting and detailing of the resin "concrete" foundation and loading dock for the Tower and Main building. Put the "tar" seal around the vents and attached the small wall mounted mailbox. Illustrated here is a mock up of how they will go together.

    Note the detail of these wonderful resin "concrete" castings. Well done Brett!




  • As ever it looks great and the resin castings "pair" extremely well. I am still undecided about adding the "rubbish: on the loading bay canopy roof as i am not sure why it would be there being different to the ribbed seam roof above. But it looks well done on your model Bill.
  • Not everything that's prototypical is going to look good in 1:87. The pieces of roofing and stuff on the Loading Dock overhang provide contrast and visual interest and breaks up the long smooth roof lines. I may have added a bit too much "stuff" but it was to give the impression of many fixes and repairs over the years with the left overs left up there! The ribbed seam roof was put on over a very dilapidated corrugated roof so that's where the pieces of corrugated came from as I remember...Ken
  • Understood Thanks Michael
  • Still love it(;

    The casting has a lot of character to it. Before adding clutter to it, you may want to consider some grease/oil stains given the nature of this structure.
  • Absolutely, great call and I'll wait and see how the castings/clutter will be arranged before adding any grease/oil and dirt...Ken
  • Ken, I love the way this is going together. I also like the concrete - so real. Phil
  • Wow Ken! You've got the subtle color effect down to a T! Very realistic.
    As Phil pointed out, the concrete is spot on.
    I'm sure you know this, but it looks like the handle is missing on the tower freight door(s). I'm guessing they get added later. Or, you've get something special up your sleeve that'll be revealed later!

    Anyway, I love seeing it come together. You're a man on a mission!
  • I'm in awe of the progress you're making so quickly. I can't wait to see what you do with the castings. Your tar seal around the vents is perfectly proportioned, hard to believe it's HO scale. Can you share how you achieved such a fine line?
  • Thanks much Phil, right, the concrete castings are really well done with so much detail.

    Hey Bill, appreciate that and the door handles are set in rather than out.

    Steve, I thought I was moving along a bit slow! Happy to hear the appearance is that I'm moving along at a reasonable pace. I mixed Elmers white glue with Brett's new Reaper paint set 00111 Grimy Black and applied with a sharpened toothpick followed by a light dusting of chalk. Nifty that you noticed that...I like a fine line for my seals around things like that and will do the same on the angled vent you'll see coming up...Ken
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