Scotia Supply III

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Re-Released October 1, 1998


  • If this is going to be a build thread I’m sitting in the front row...the anticipation is building....
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  • i just sat down next to terry. let the build begin. coffee anyone?
  • This is the earliest I've ever arrived at the Church. Is Reverend Karns even up yet?
  • Ha, nice one guys!...there will be a build thread on this kit and just wanted to get my foot in the door as they say whilst I iron out exactly where I'm going with it so the thread doesn't languish during the decision making process. Things will be a bit different from most, if not all, of the Scotia builds out there. Thoughts and materials are being formulated and collected...more soon...Ken
  • Wow....since a ‘build’ is forthcoming, wouldn’t it be great if Brett made the next 25th anniversary kit for HO Scotia Supply
  • or an o scale boatyard.....
    just sayin',,
  • Looking forward to seeing your efforts and skill Ken.
  • Thanks Mark, appreciate the support in advance! Will be posting the beginning of the build soon.
  • Those of you who have been following my build projects here on the SWSM forum may recall I made the decision to build each and every HO/HOn3 release as it becomes available. In addition, whilst anxiously awaiting Brett’s new releases, I am building all the early kits in the order they were released (see Legacy kits under the HO Scale menu). My last two builds were The BlueSky Company Warehouse (Brett’s first kit) and The Foundry (Brett’s latest kit). Next in line for the new releases will be The Riverfront which Brett is currently working on. In the interim, Scotia Supply (Brett’s second kit) is now on my workbench!


    Scotia, pronounced like Nova Scotia, was Brett’s second kit first released in February 1996. Prior to the pilot model debut, a prototype was constructed and featured in SierraWest Scale Models first issue of S.W. News Winter 1996 (see figure 1 below). The official release of Scotia Supply was slated for March, 1996 with the actual kit hitting the market in February of the same year, one month earlier than expected! As you can see from the photo much changed from the prototype to the pilot model and that of production. On the pilot and production model a six panel door and covered front porch were added along with a roofing material change and a few other minor upgrades. However, the charm, appeal and utility of design was consistent throughout development…and remarkably remains so today!


    (figure1. Prototype for Scotia Supply)

    Since that first release, Brett made two additional runs with minor changes with each (pers. comm.). Scotia Supply proved to be a very popular kit with Brett stating he has personally seen upwards of 30 completed builds. Although SierraWest Scale Models was already making a significant impact on the modeling community with the first and highly successful kit with the BlueSky Company Warehouse, targeted advertising in the Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette bolstered popularity of Scotia Supply. A half page, full color, advertisement was featured on page 74 of the Mar/Apr 1996 issue of the Gazette (see below figure 2)


    (figure 2. Ad for Scotia Supply as known today)

    As mentioned previous, there were a total of three releases of Scotia Supply. The kit I will be building here is a third release thus the designation Scotia Supply III
    (see below figure 3). Next up will be the beginning of the build of Scotia Supply by Dr. Grunge…hopefully not to disappoint…I mean in the grungy sense of the word!...Ken


    (figure 3. Construction manual for Scotia Supply III)
  • I can hardly wait!
  • I will follow too ...Thanks for the history lesson.
  • can't wait.
  • Looking forward to this Ken. Dig on in...
  • Glad to have a few of you along here. I really enjoy researching the back story of Brett's kit development. It's also fodder for getting hooked on each one I build. Despite this kit being proportionally smaller than most of the SierraWest stable, it's loaded with character and details.

    I took a "selfie" (see below) to get things going. I figured that's what all the young folk are doing these days!


    See...I'm building this!

    So the wall is green, the box is green, and Scotia Supply is am I'm going to color my version green?...Nope! I, as a rule, never change anything in a kit of Brett's just for the sake of change. However, most of my decision to go with something other than green was just for that reason...something different. In my defense, and not to be wishy washy, I also felt a lighter color would work better with the stone foundation color I decided on. Rather than a grey toned stone base as most often modeled, I decided on a sandstone type block which tends to wether with a lot of dark areas trending towards almost black. This is in keeping with my "Grungy" persona of course and lends itself to some nice detailing opportunities.

    I began this build with my usual think a lot and do very little. Once I perused the manual numerous times, rattled Brett's cage on several occasions, reviewed all the Scotia builds I could find and "bench raced" on my overall plan...I set to work. The first things that struck me about Scotia is the verticality, the roof, and the wonderful stone first floor or herein referred to as the "base". The base is a solid resin casting. There are three windows and a bricked up door opening and a large double freight door on the front. These features, among a few others, are cast resin integral with the base casting. In other words they are not individual doors and windows. The three windows are/were (oops!) cast as being boarded over and the freight doors are/were cast in place in a closed position.

    So, I made a decision to convert the stone base to give a more active and working section of the structure. "Real" windows and doors. Being a solid resin casting, this presented a bit of a challenge. I set about opening up two of the three boarded over window openings and the large front freight door opening. I will then place windows and a pair of freight doors in the openings. Well this has been long winded so here is an initial pic of the north end of the resin base with the one window opening prepared.

    More later...Ken

  • I’m along for the ride as well... I can just kick myself....I passed up a Scotia available on eBay a couple of weeks weeks ago at a pretty decent I thinking I should have snapped it up...on well
  • Well yeah Terry!...what were you thinking?
  • I;m interested as I have one along with many other SWM kits in the waiting to be built category. Just getting a place and time for modeling has held me back longer than I wanted. In the mean time, I follow these blogs, especially Ken's compiling ideas and information. Bring it on sir!
  • OK Rick, glad your on board! I will be going over very specific techniques as I put this thing together.
  • Nice hat!!!!!

  • I will be following also.

    How did you go about opening the resin for the doors and windows?

  • Hey Tom, glad to have you along.

    For the two windows and door I first made sure I had windows that would fit the opening once I created it. I then took a new #11 blade and cut the outline as deep as I could then switched to a chisel blade and began scraping out the resin. Once I was below where my recessed window would sit, I drilled several holes about 1/4 inch deep to make removal of the resin that deep easier and used a dremel to remove the remaining resin. I wanted the openings fairly deep to give the illusion that they went all the way through. I will paint the recess black and dirty up my window "glass" so the back of the cavity won't be visible.

    I plan on the windows and doors to be "metal" with an industrial look. The curved wood planked top of the planned double metal doors will be similar to the original casting.

    Here is the front of the base with the window and door cavities prepped out.

  • Tell ya got to take a deep breath before you jump into something like this!
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    Ken, I love the detailed explanations found in all your builds.
  • Nice hat!!!!!

  • Can't wait to see this build!
  • Thanks Bill, and I plan to keep a fairly detailed account of everything I do on this one.

    I guess I need to address Jerry's comments...despite my better judgement! If it weren't for the hat Jerry, the picture would be distracting from the reflection and resulting glare...hell to get old my friend!....

    I was a bit concerned with your reaction to the trteatment of your awesome resin casting Brett, but I think you are going to like what I'm doing. Besides...the detailed stone and brick work is what makes this casting so special!

  • here here!
  • or is that hear hear? the debate rages...
  • Either way works!...don't get distracted with my piddling around here Kevin, you're up to your armpits in alligators with your build going on...great stuff by the way.
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