yet another o scale railroad camp build

i textured the boards for the upper story. twice. (next time the instructions say to only grain one side i'm gonna grain both sides.)
then i let the boards soak in an a/i mixture of black and sepia ink. i let that dry overnight and noticed that the grain was barely visible, so that's when grained them the second time. then i applied the usual two umber chalks/alcohol, and now they're drying. the board at the bottom (reddish) is an o scale 2x6 i had on hand that was grained and soaked in the same mixture of a/i, and then chalk applied in the same manner. then i damp brushed a cheap acrylic paint (red iron oxide). i think that's how the second story will be. peeling red iron oxide paint with a peeling whitish color for the trim. this is a little more than half of the boards.
engine909 (the notorious ed) is supposed to be joining me in this build thread (he's way ahead of me, and what i've seen looks excellent), but he appears to be getting cold feet. some peer pressure and cajoling might be in order.


  • Are you picking on Ed again?

    Nice pile of sticks.
  • We have this kit coming soon. Looking forward to watching your build
  • Good start Kevin.

  • i damp brushed the boards this morning with the red iron oxide acrylic paint.
    damp brushed
  • Nice red stick's
  • thanks bub.
  • Excellent!
  • thanks professor.
  • Most excellent Kev, my favorite part of a build...working the wood!
  • mine too.
  • Looks good. Can't wait to see that clapboard take shape.
  • hope to start on that tonight.
  • Kevin, is that the color from the manual or are you freelancing it?
  • freelanced, but using a SWSM technique.
  • Freelanced what kind of red is that?
  • the red is a cheap acrylic. red iron oxide.
  • Great choice on the color. It's gonna be a knockout.
  • I like the red good choice!

    Waiting for Ed to start his pictures!! I heard your better looking than Roseann Barr!

  • ed? yeah he's a beautiful man. (relatively speaking.....)
  • thanks jerry, i really wanted to work that color into something. i like it a lot.
  • i started siding the rear wall. then my eyeballs gave out....
    started siding rear wall
  • did a little more on the wall tonight, but again my damn eyes got all blurry and i had to stop for the night. it's gonna spend the night upside down under a brick. can't work on it tomorrow night because i have to go to a meeting, but i'll try to get this wall finished friday night.
    i turned on ken burn's baseball and cracked a sam adams, so i'm done for the night.
    thanks for looking.....
    rear wall 2
  • I like your weathering. Looks really nice
  • Great weathering and color Kevin.
  • Kevin,
    I really like the choice of colour, should look great on top of the grey stone walls.
  • thanks joel. i like the color too.
    i finished siding the rear wall this morning before work. it's back under the brick until tomorrow, when i can cut out the windows and trim off the excess.

    rear wall sided
  • edited March 2019
    Looking very good Kevin....I’m struck by the fact the folks on the site are constantly praising and aspiring to “old, battered, shabby and of course Grunge”....gotta love our breed of model builders ;-))
  • terry,
    i plan on grunging the walls up a bit more when i finish siding them and before the big glue up.
    i can't wait to get to the stone walls......
  • Kevin. You are doing a fine job with this build keep it up. ...........Carl............
  • thanks carl. i hope to.
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