Official O Scale Brass and Iron Foundry Build



  • Superb, love the contrasting color of the number plates and lock mechanisms. Excellent!
  • Great coloring and weathering on the lockers! The rest is great also
  • I finally got a chance to look thru the box. So much cool stuff in here. I mean not only the contents, but even the packaging is just first class. With this much excellence, just think if Brett made whiskey...... oh my!!
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    Well made some headway on the right wall. So many details and lots of little labels. Now that I look at the picture there is too much chalk on the fire extinguisher hose and the white drum on the lower left shelf has to be toned down. The details are loose and only to show I haven't been asleep for the whole week. I did manage to use a hole punch and cut out the center of a speedometer from a model car to act as the gauge face, topped with a drop of clear varethane. Should be able to start wall #3 soon.IMG_0816
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    Fantastic work Joel!
    Can you share what paints/chalks you used on the Concrete Loading the old concrete look.
  • A lot to like in that scene but I especially like the hanging tools on the bottom of the cabinet..especially the handsaw
  • Great scene. The air compressor is really a super detail. Well done Joel !
  • Terrific detailing Joel!
  • Excellent Joel! What did you use for the hose on the compressor??

  • Fantastic, I like all the different labels. They sure make a difference.
  • Nice detail work! like the hanging clipboards plus all the labels!
  • Thank you all for the nice comments. Jerry I use standard solder. I keep 2 different "thin" sizes for hoses and ropes. Very easy to bend and very cheap which is important because it takes a few tries until I'm happy with the hose. Pappy I will write out the "recipe" later to day. It's not mine but one I found on the internet for painting model game terrain.
  • Thanks Joel!!
  • OK Pappy here goes.
    1) start by spraying the stone or concrete with black spray paint. Then I do a dark grey angles at 45 degrees and a light grey pass at about 70 degrees. This foundation shows where the highlights are and is a great base for the water based paints.

    2) same as your stone wall I dab on some splotches of earth, ruddy brown and concrete. Very watered down.

    3)Dry brush with a tan like earth or Karak stone

    4) light dry brush with a light grey, I use mouldy skin

    5) highly thinned washes of roof brown, sand and Khaki Highlights

    6) again dry brush with Mouldy Skin

    7)Pin washes with a black wash (like nuln oil) in crevises or deep cracks and along the bottom of walls or concrete bases

    8) some mildew or dark green areas along the bottom where moss grows using slimy green from AMMO.

    9) finally with a very light hand run a thin line of mouldy skin along the sharp edges for a highlight.

    Pretty simple and really only takes 15min or so to complete.
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    Thank you very much Joel for this, very appreciated!
    Keep up your fantastic work!
  • Beautiful Joel, Love your work so far on these details. (Wall, door and dock equally so).

    Two subtleties I was drawn to (in a good way), the slightly added extra dirt/grease under the motor on the compressor, plus the soft streaks from the top of the tank itself.
    Mostly your finish on the gas can, bottom far right, perfect red, great chips/rust effects, just enough, slight dust/dirt effect. That's my favorite from a great bunch.
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    Joel, keep up your great work bud!!
    All looks great and no need to adjust anything..looks great!
  • Following closely as I need to get started on mine now that I'm home for more than a few the coloration and detail work on the tools and lockers...
  • Thanks guys. Still have to add a bit of residue running don the side of the compressor and gas can and then hopefully post them in the new thread. Meanwhile on to wall #3. The rest are quite simple so I should be motoring along. Just want to try to do justice to these details.IMG_0819
  • Man, I love that effect on your siding, so, so good and realistic. Tied in with those perfect nails brings it home for me.
  • Can't agree more !!!!!
  • I also like/noticed how the very top of the siding has little to no peel/wear.
    You obviously have thought and planned well for where that area of the boards would be protected from weathering by the roof overhang.
    Nicely done.
  • Wonderful looking wall Joel. This is the "simple" wall and will have tons more detail added later when the gantry crane is installed.
  • Very nice!
  • Outstanding modeling in all respects Joel! One hell of a job thus far.
  • Thank all. Karl no planning really. I just damp brushed a bit of paint over the top 1/2 inch or so of the wall after the wall was complete, to indicate where the eaves would protect the paint.
  • A good weekend for me. Started gluing walls together and built the foundation for the next building. Also trimmed the doorway with some leftover scrap so the hinges have some thing to rest on and light doesn't leak around the hinge side of the door.IMG_0896
  • Fantastic work Joel!!
    I have those exact same brass clamps! They work great!
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