Railroad Camp aka RRC



  • Boiler/Welding shop assembled walls...I'm going to add flooring at the 'rotted' corner and in most of the section where the pair of doors are open....going to add the wall shingles over the 6x6 corner trim...any other suggestions???
  • That exposed corner turned out nice.
  • Sure did...what a difference it makes seeing all the walls up and the roof staged...very nice.
  • I agree with Ken and Bryan completely.
    The assembled structure is looking superb, Great job. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • Thanks guys....thanks to the Ken-meister for introducing the rotted corner concept on the Foundry much as I like the damaged corner it’s one of those things to be used in moderation. RRC is a 4 building kit but in my opinion the corner should only be used once on only 1 building.....”less is more”
  • Haven't posted any updates for awhile but I'm currently working on a fence at the Railroad Camp....Somewhere in my files I have a tutorial for printing signage on tissue paper and after adhering the signs to the fence, slicing the sign at each board joint to simulate a sign actually painted on the fence boards...anyone ever try this?...I 'll probably test it on a sample fence first as building this fence is VERY tedious...don't want to have to redo it because of a botched sign job

    Comments welcome

  • Terry, I think you are doing a great job on this fence.!
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    Fence is looking great Terry.

    Here is my method for "Tissue Printed Signs". The pics in the thread are a little old and crude now as it was the first trials quite a few years ago. Its a great method and I've used it in various situations now.
    Joel also used my technique recently to print ultra thin can lables for his O scale O'Niells diorama with great success.

    Look forward to seeing yours.

  • Thanks Robert & Karl...Karl, thanks for the link...anxious to give it a go
  • Joel's technique is a winner.
  • Looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Like the old painted fence...nice and run down looking.
  • Great work on the fence!

    Hard to call it "Joel's technique" when Karl explained it to me and I copied his work. But thanks for the shout out.
  • Thanks Joel...there seems to be no proprietary ideas here....a method or idea for one is a method for all
  • Based on the date of my last post it's been on the plus side of two years since I've worked on RRC.
    I received a couple of Brand X kits as gifts which I jumped over to and let RRC sit on the shelf. Typically I've jumped around in my model building merely for a change of pace and to not get stuck in a rut.
    Soooo, I need to put some walls together on Brand X and then I'm going to jump back on RRC and hopefully see this one thru to the end.
    I'll be back shortly with some updates on RRC...See ya'll soon

  • We'll certainly be looking forward to your updates Terry when you get back to it, I've really enjoyed your progress so far and cant wait to build the boiler shop in 'O'.
  • IMG_5804

    So after sitting on the dormant shelf for better than a year, it took some time to reacquaint myself where I had left off and where I should begin anew. I decided to place the track between the buildings using hand laid ties and rail. I'm using a low profile tie because I want the finish ties to appear level with the surrounding sand rather than a traditional ballasted profile. After graining the ties I'm coloring with four different shades of Pan Pastel chalk. I'll be cutting the rail to 32 foot scale lengths so the question becomes, if the day comes when I set the RRC down into an actual layout, I'll want the rail to be powered. I suppose each 32' rail section will need a power feed attached to it. I'm thinking I'll solder the feed to the bottom of the rail and feed it thru a small hole in the model substrate (plywood)...any thoughts? am I thinking correctly? ...looking for comments, advice, guidance or even criticism.

  • Yes, power each piece of rail. However, if you only cut down through the web and not through the foot of the rail, it would still be only one section of rail over the entire length.....Rick
  • Rick got there before me, so, I agree with him.
  • Thanks guys.... I was foolishly going to cut the rail to 32’ lengths...never occurred to me to only cut the web....that’s why I appreciate this forum so much
  • It will help keep the rail aligned as well. If you look at my Morton's build where I showed just the trackwork you will see the rail joint bars hide the foot of the rail.....Rick
  • Looking good, old man.
  • An update to my Railroad Camp build....weathering and cap strip needs to be done on the roof(s)...fence needs to be planted but not sure about signage...I'm replacing the cast metal doors for the welding shop with scratch built doors

  • Great work here Terry, love this kit with so many varied materials and structure design. Can't wait to see your progress continue.
  • That really looks great !!!
  • Thanks Ken and Robert….also interested in any critiques/suggestions anyone might have….next round of pics I’ll try some outside shots and a few close ups….only so much quality can be achieved with a phone camera
  • Looks great Terry!!
  • Progressing nicely! Can't wait to see it all come together.
  • Coming along very nicely Terry. I am not sure which building you call it, I like ther weathering on the horizontal siding material.
  • Thanks for taking a look, Emery, Tom and Steve…so much knowledge and experience to draw from this group
  • Steve…I think you’re referring to the boiler/welding shop. The stripwood was “primed” with a/c 408.3/408.5/234.3…then drybrushed with Reaper SW Bone White then with a #11 blade and scratch brush
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