Railroad Camp aka RRC

I've been working on RRC (HO) for some months now and at Karl A's urging I'm posting a few progress photos...this will not be a build thread as I model at less than a snail's pace but merely progress photos that I'll post from time to time.



  • Awesome Terry! Thanks so much for sharing. Wood coloration looks wonderful.
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    Thanks for jumping in and starting the thread Terry.
    You seem to be making great progress on this fantastic kit.The wood colouring looks great and it also appears you have a few more walls in the background almost ready for assembly.
    Progress is progress whatever the timescale, this hobby isn't a race, time and care are needed, as it progresses we'll look forward to the pics.
    I know there a lot of these kits out there so this build will be followed by many,and those that don't have it.
    Theres always something to learn from a SWSM kit.

    Thanks for sharing with us

  • I have this one and will be building it soon..... I hope
  • Very nice. Great wood coloring.

  • One thing I'll do differently on the next build is to not stain all the wood at lieu of that I'll only stain enough wood for the next phase I plan to work on....for example, the RRC contains a large quantity of 2x8 material which is used on multiple buildings of the RRC kit....hence, the wood coloring carries over from building to building....I prefer that each building has a slightly different character. Each succeeding staining would be slightly different...just something I'm going to do differently next time...any thoughts?../.also I still haven't got the hang of wire brushing to give the aged look to the wood.....dang, I see some of the photos posted and I swear the wood is the real thing...aged, weathered and split.....It's something I continue to work at and strive for...also haven't perfected knot holes yet.....I'm anxious to get at the castings...might jump to them to try the techniques I've been admiring from others postings...what a hobby, what a series of kits
  • Love to see what's gonna happen with this kit. So far , it caught my attention. Nice work on the wood. Even if you have stained all your wood, you still can make lots of different tones and shades. Don't be afraid to experiment. On my builds, the right patination never comes at the first time or from the first can I open. Wood is very forgiving so work it till you're satisfied. Keep posting... :wink:
  • Nice work Terry, and great to see this classic kit getting such a nice going over. From the pictures, your wood work looks great. Close up of areas you're not happy with would help the critique. Love the truck in the repair shop to smoke test the look!
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    Update on the RRC....assembled the walls of the Warehouse this afternoon...added nail holes at the joints of the vertical siding...with a plastic tooth pick added A/I to highlite them....added a light coating of a dark green chalk to simulate a mold/mildew effect...the 'cap' at the top of the front wall is intended to represent a galvanized metal flashing with just a hint of rust developing....not entirely happy with how that came across...might go back and work on stop on this ride is the Boiler/Welding shop...pretty mush following Brett's manual as to what and when the next step will be...


    Warehouse 01
    Warehouse 02
    Warehouse 03
  • Sound wisdom....and nicely done Terry.
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    Nicely done Terry, I thought I saw a few more walls 'almost' ready to be raised. and now , there they are.
    Also, The last pic shows your great colouring of the stonework which I meant to comment on last time.
    The colours, tones and variations in the siding on the 'warehouse' really looks nice and the contrasting (but not too much) red tone of the doors really works well the way you have them faded and worn. (2nd pic)

  • Thanks guys.....this is my first time using A/I and A/C....started this afternoon on the ‘peeling paint’ for the boiler/welding shop...gonna be a challenge. Several of the areas get covered up with shingles so I’ll be able to use the boards I’m not happy with there....I plan on experimenting with both the shingles that Brett sends with the kit and also real cedar sheets cut into shingles.

  • Cedar sheets can work great in Oscale for shingles, but, be careful of thickness for HO.
    They need to be paper thin or they'll look "clunky' and 'overwieght' and detract from all that fine SW detail.

    Experiment for sure, but, don't make sacrifices.

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    Opinions asked for...just finished the 'peeling/faded" paint on the front wall of the Boiler/Welding shop....too much, not enough, just right, or start over.....I varied from Brett's manual in the of dabbing the paint on with a piece of Terry Cloth....I used a foam-tipped dabber I found at Michaels...also I previously mentioned I was going to take a look at real cedar for shingles....the cedar sheets I have are .011 in thickness which appears to be similar in thickness to the paper shingles...when I get to the shingles (soon) I'll post photos and again ask for be honest, how often does your wife, girlfriend or significant other ask you opinion...take advantage of the opportunity ;-))


    Railroad Camp 01
  • Not bad Terry but my thoughts are that it is a bit blotchy appearing. I love Brett's method outlined in O'Neills and on his superb "Damp Brushing" video here on the web-site . I add swipes of steel wool after the method to tone down any heavy areas...
  • The same word popped into my mind. There are some big blotches of paint that conflict with the overall faded look.
  • Thanks Ken....O'Niells is on the way to me so I'll check the procedure out and I'll also look at the damp brushing video.....I viewed the damp brushing video but many months ago...goes to show that reviewing/rereading something can be of great value

  • Thanks Vince...gonna be in Lombard over Fathers day...gonna stop in at Lombard Hobby...any other suggested shops within 30-40 minutes of Lombard?
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    One thing I noticed while doing the 'dabbing'...I dipped the foam tip in the paint and then 'dabbed' a couple of times on a scrap of paper....the large splotches are from my first attempts and I didn't get enough of the excess off the foam before good thing about this front wall is the upper 1/3 of the wall gets covered with shingles...the lower 2/3 gets a sporadic placing of vertical boards over the paint peeled horizontals...much of what is showing now will be covered up anyway...I'm going to make the vertical boards merely c/a stained weathered boards minus the peeled paint

  • chicagoland hobby
    Norwood Park
    6017 N Northwest Hwy
    Chicago, IL 60631
    Phone number (773) 295-0436
    there are others:,+IL
  • Oh yea!!! the damp brushing shown in the video looks great...I like the idea of mixing up the techniques on separate groups of wood to vary the finished product...the next wall I do I'll try the damp brush method...thanks for pointing me in that direction

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    Thanks...will check out Chicagoland Hobby...34 minutes, light wife googled a couple as well....she's very supportive of my 'addiction'....she says it's much better than some I could have ;-))....I recently wrote a series of books on Vietnam and I think she likes the train addiction to my book writing but regardless she's a good woman to have at my side (50 years + 4 years dating)
  • Terry,

    A must see at least once is DesPlaines Hobbies in DesPlaines, IL just a bit north of O'Hare airport. The store is about 22 miles from Lombard by car. They stock most current RR books, current and back issues of several RR hobby magazines and historical society pubs, HO and O scale models, kits, structures, decals and detail parts. They have a staff of model railroaders there every day.

    DesPlaines Hobbies
    1524 Lee Street
    DesPlaines, IL 60018
    Ron and Sue Sebastian (owners)

    Ron Sebastian, the owner, has listings in most of the hobby magazines. He might have the last all train hobby store in metro Chicagoland. He is a great supporter of our hobby and an O-Scale modeler himself. Every time I am back in Chicago to visit friends and family (from Tucson, AZ) I make a trip to the store. I make a list of all the goodies I would like to add to my hobby stash and when his sales come up I load up on stuff.

    Enjoy, Dave S. Tucson, AZ (a former Chicago area resident)
  • Thanks, Buddy....another shop to visit with the son/grandson

  • i can't believe des plaines hobby wasn't on that site i posted the link to. i've been there many times. sadly, they don't have any On30 (at least they didn't the last time i was there). they also have N scale though the selection isn't the greatest.
  • oh, one other thing about des plaines is a b**tch to find, so turn up your gps and pay close attention, and be ready to pull into a big parking lot. dsph in in a building on the side of the parking lot. pretty big sign but you can't see it from the main drag.
  • Terry,

    Kevin is correct about the easy possibility of driving right by the store. As you are headed North on Lee Street you would have a very difficult time spotting it. The thing to look for is a rather large chain food/drug store, Jewel Foods and Osco Drug, on the west side of Lee Street, US 12 and US 45. Probably about 200 feet north of Oakton Street. Once you are in that shopping plaza you should easily spot the store.

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
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    Front wall of the Boiler/Welding shop....When Karl encouraged me to post pics of the railroad camp I was hesitant to do show because I model at a snails pace, however, I found that by posting progress photos the pace of my modeling has picked up considerably....might work for some of the others in the group....what say you...I'd like to see what you're up too

  • Looking real nice! Seems like your moving right along to me!
  • That's the beauty of the forum we have here. Rather than modeling alone you're working up your material with all of us looking over your shoulder. It brings out your best work and serves as a motivator to get some bench time in and some great feed-back from all the great modelers here. This is a vital link to the SWSM fraternity and I impress upon Brett at every opportunity, the value he has created here not only for producing the finest fine scale models on the planet but for the support the forum and the web-site provide...Great work on that wall Terry.
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    Thinking about redoing the shingles....a little taller and a little wider....also covering more of the 1x12 horizontal starter strip....maybe a little lighter color....I don’t want to step on the ‘land mine’ of “close enough is good enough”.....any thoughts?
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