New Detail Parts!

I will have new HO and O Scale castings available soon. You will be able to see them here:

Here are a few of the new one's...



  • Incredible detail. Love seeing the hobby evolve like this, with SierraWest Scale Models leading the way!
  • Awesome stuff !! Love the trash cans, lids and gas cans especially... oh, and the valves on the gas bottles, damn, they're all awesome, cant wait to work on some of them.
    Stepping it up once again !!
  • Love those stacked cans, Brett!
  • Outstanding! Can't wait to see the HO offerings.
  • Thanks all, I am super excited about these.

    Tom - HO Scale parts look identical to these. I mean identical. No decrease in detail.
  • I would expect no less! Can't wait to be able to order them!
  • Handles on the oil cans means I don't have to drill them in. Awesome. The bottom edge on the upside down trashcan catches my eye also.
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    Yes Bryan, but, did you notice the handle on the upside down trashcan is also hanging upside down, ( I actually just noticed myself )... now THAT is attention to detail and why Brett is the best.
  • Gas cans are my favorite. Love how they paint up.
  • Emery and I are working together on these new parts. He is an extremely talented CAD artist and has been unbelievable in capturing all of the specific details. Lots more to come!
  • Nice work Brett!

  • These look fantastic, can't wait to start painting.
  • Thank you gentlemen... Emery and I are currently working on some parts I would never have been able to spin in metal or pour in urethane. We have been having a blast working together creating all these new little SW children!
  • Great team and so excited about the future of the material and products coming from SierraWest Scale Models
  • It has been really fun watching the computer 3D models come to life on Bretts printer.
    Amazing what can actually come out of that printer.
  • Emery is correct, it really is amazing!

    On printer #2 today, HO Scale gas bottles. LOTS of them

  • Holy cow!! that's a lot of printing!! Looks fantastic!
    You must have bought a 3D machine with a large printing plate.
  • Can't wait to get one of those with the valve to detail!...You're a good man Emery, you and Brett are killing it here.
  • Now that is a beautiful sight, amazing stuff as always, and this is HO.
    Looking forward to this new process addition to the already unrivaled SW stable.
  • Nicely done!
  • What's on printer #1?
  • A casting detail that is most wanted by many ( I think) are the wheelbarrows... :wink:
  • 3D printing has been around for quite awhile and getting better.
    I did a lot of 3D printing for a arerospace company to prove out our designs before hard tooling. Used Solidworks to design then saved as a step file and sent to the printer.
    You guys are doing a great job!!
  • Parts listed for sale on main page. INCLUDING HO scale. Check em out :smiley:
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    Awesome stuff, cant wait to get to work on these beauties !!!
    Didn't see the HO though ?
    "edit" found them !!
  • Now I can say it..... the fire extinguisher is my favorite. LOL!!
    I have been having so much fun with this. Thanks for the opportunity Brett.
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    Nice! I have placed my order. Like the ability to stack the garbage cans. The gas cylinders with the valve are unique as well. Thanks for making them in HO
  • Just ordered a bunch here as well...Thanks Brett we will keep you posted
  • Wow, this is really cool stuff. Headed to the site to see what I can order. Phil
  • My detail parts arrived today. I ordered an assortment of parts and they are really GREAT! Looking forward to incorporating them into some dioramas. I especially like the oil bottles. Hope to be able to color them as well as Bryan did. Also thanks Brett for the "Extra Goodies" much appreciated!
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