New Detail Parts!



  • Money well spent Terry !!
  • These are amazing, Brett. The level of quality and detail you are able to create is truly leaps above anything else out there. Now you just gotta make more O scale kits to include them :) . That way I don't have to buy them cheapskate that I am
  • Geesh! I've been gone for a week and some amazing new detail parts come out. Look great! Ordered some to add to my collection!
  • Just got my O scale shop stove.....outstanding.....I feel the need to stoke a fire....
  • Thanks! Super excited about all the new details coming. Changing the way I design kits as parts can be tailor-made to suit an exact scene and dimension. I wanted to make craftsman kits to create detailed scenes and 3D Printing is taking that desire to a whole new level!
  • Such a thrill to be witness to the evolution of SierraWest Scale Models kits leading the industry in fine scale modeling! Well done Brett...and thanks to all involved in the process.
  • Just placed an order for a selection of the new 3D printed detail parts Brett posted...awesome stuff got to check the out
  • Thanks Ken,

    I had checked for new 3D printed detail parts earlier today before these pieces were posted. Got an order in as well.

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • Nice Dave...exciting stuff.
  • I have mine coming! :-)
  • Earlier I received my orders for the Deer Creek Mine detail set and for the oil drum on a stand. The Mine set includes the horizontal tank. I thought it a natural to pair the tank with the stand for the oil drum. The diameter of the tank and drum are a match for a fit. I sure do like working with the 3D details. Perhaps a taller stand could be in the works!
    20220807_162255 Resize
    20220807_162320 Resize
    20220807_162326 Resize
  • TomMich said:

    Perhaps a taller stand could be in the works!

  • Great work on that tank and stand Tom, finishes are really well done, hard to imagine it's HO.

    Also, I really like your thinking 'outside the box' by putting that larger tank on the lower stand made for the standard 55 oil drum. As you say a slightly taller stand would fit that larger tank perfectly.

    Nice subtle new product persuasion Tom, ha, definitely looks like a great new combination may be happening sometime.
  • Nice job
  • Nifty idea Tom. I agree, a 3D printed stand, made specifically for this tank, would be a bit higher and the cradle and legs further apart length wise . The stand here, made for the horizontal oil drums, fits those perfectly and more in proportion. Like your choice of a light base color as the rust, dings, and scratches show up nicely.
  • Thanks for the comments. I had the tank in the Deer Creek Mine detail set and thought it needed a stand. Then the drum on the stand came out and I thought it was a natural. I tried it and the tank fit the stand and the rest is history. I agree a taller stand would be neat. A combination tank and stand would be a next step! :-)
  • Nice work Tom !!!
  • Thanks Robert.
  • Brett - your 3D printed details are fantastic. As you know I'm working on a large batch of them for the Superior & Seattle Railroad.

    I just started a list on my iPad of "Detail Castings that I wish I had" I will be sending it along with pictures in the near future.
  • i would love to see an o scale outboard motor.......
  • That would be a neat detail
    How about some beer cans and pop cans before the pop top era? (Something else that would be neat to create labels for.) I recently read that beer was first distributed in cans the 1930's.

    Later, Dave S Tucson, AZ
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