New Detail Parts!



  • crushed beer cans wold be kinda cool too.
  • Great ideas guys, keep them coming!
  • fire hydrants. i have some but i know yours will be better
  • Electrical and plumbing details, buckets with handles up and down, all different types of cans (round, squared, rectangular), shop style chairs and stools, tools of all kinds (never seen a tined rake?), vice, anvil, any shop equipment, older style propane tanks, concrete blocks, eve vents (tired of messing around trying to make these! lol), highly detailed roof vents and stacks...taking a break!...
  • gutters and downspouts would be kinda cool too.
  • Steam valves and gauges......oxy-act torch....old style wall telephone....
  • transformers for telephone poles
  • Along with proper individual insulators....
  • Thanks for all the awesome suggestions, I really appreciate it. Emery and I have a bit of work to do!
  • Just perused Brett's latest HO scale 3D printed parts collections. Beautiful collection of HO scale detail parts tailored for the various SWSM HO/HOn3 kits. These are a must have and I have been stocking up! Check it out on the main page...
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    AWESOME! Thanks for the heads up Ken. Just purchased some more detail parts. Nice collections of different parts with some new offerings as part of the collections.
  • They are such a nice product. I'm really excited to incorporate most, if not all these, in my Shelby's diorama. I really enjoy sorting through them and making plans for all the great scene detailing they provide. I have them all sorted into compartmented plastic boxes. I have the diorama in front of me and start staging the details until I'm happy with the scene. I then take a picture of the scene so I can then place the details in the proper positions after painting and finishing. Such a fun aspect of the build.
  • There are some incredible ideas and actual 3D printed parts here. Now lets see some finished models using them. I hope we don't see as many 3D printed details collectors as there are unbuilt yellow box craftsman kit collectors.
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    Sound wisdom Mike! My current project, Shelby's Marine Service, will have a plethora of Brett's 3D printed parts. My goal is to incorporate at least one example of all the 3D parts I currently have in my collection.
  • The castings were always amazing but this is a whole new dimension of things. I used printed parts for the foundry and they are very detailed and such a joy to paint…
  • Mike, I used some 3D detail parts in the Eureka Springs engine house I posted in April.
  • I don't foresee any collecting of my 3D Printed details since they're not limited and will be in stock permanently...
  • I am stockpiling detail parts so I have on hand what I want or need for a project. I tend to prime and paint them to colors I would use, and wait to weather them one I use them. I also do clinics and use them for that too....people are always amazed at the detail and quality....I hope many have ordered them.....
  • Muddy, I do a similar thing with detail parts. I have many primed, or painted and ready to go when I'm looking for parts. I do final weathering when I use them.
  • Right on Art...I collect detail parts to keep my inventory stocked, particularly important when detailing large interiors like my Shelby's main structure. The interior detailing really sucks up the detail parts!
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    Just added several new very nice details to the 3D Printed page on my website:

    They're right at the top of the page, both O and HO Scale. Check them out today, very cool stuff coming out of the shop... here's one example of the new details:

  • those look great!
  • Thanks Ben!
  • Very nice
  • BenPopper said:

    those look great!

    i'll say!
  • This is the real deal !!! Didn't expect otherwise... :)
  • Awesome stuff, more new great details, and also great finishing on the 'promo pics'.

    I've thoroughly enjoyed the ones I've finished so far (both scales) and am loving working through some others.
    Unbeatable !
  • Geesh Brett...the 3D details just keep getting better and better! Hate to say that your original details included with my Shelby's kit are out...and your 3D detail parts are in!! Just messin with ya, the combination of both the 3D details and the tried and true resin parts compliment each other beautifully.
  • Dang…. there goes my VA disability check for this month ;-))
  • Right on Terry!
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