New Detail Parts!



  • Just received a few of Bretts new HO 3D parts.
    They are amazing with detail and no flash!!
    Going to order the other parts soon.

    Great Job Brett!!.
    Brett, let us know if we can paint and weather the same way as the others parts..thanks

    Bretts new 3D HO parts-1
  • i have a set of gas tanks with valves on the way...
    i might try painting a beer bottle with clear green tamiya tonight, just to see how heineken-ey it looks.
  • Keep us posted Kevin..fill one bottle with Texas Tito's :smiley:
    Will also order the gas tanks as well
  • The new parts can be painted using the same methods as the other resin parts as described in the manual.
  • The clear green Tamiya works great.

    Clear gloss varnish gives a nice look as well.
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    tamiya green beer bottle
    heineken bottle.
    clear green tamiya paint. maybe i should have thinned it.
  • Pappy, where did you go to get the HO 3D printed parts, would love to get selection!!
  • Ken, they are available on Brett's site. Click on the pic with all the 3D pics and will direct you to the HO 3D parts
  • Alan, thanks for the info!!
  • Just ordered a bunch more HO 3D parts...Gas Cylinders and Gas Cylinders with caps. Oil Drum mix and soda bottles. Would have ordered the rest available but are out of stock.
    The details on these HO 3D parts are unbelievable and with no flash to deal with.
  • Kevin, the bottle color looks great.
    I don't have any tamiya paint but have a ton of reaper and craft paint.
    I will experiment a bit

  • Thanks much Pappy! I had no idea you could do that...Like I always say, its not what you know its who you know and you're in the loop my friend! Lol.
  • No problem ken and thanks for all your modeling suggestions and help.
    Keep up your fantastic work my friend !!
  • You bet Pappy. Just placed a sizable order and thanks again.
  • Kevin, the bottle looks good. I have not tried thinning the Tamiya but I do go with a light coat. Yours here looks half full which is a great look.
  • i agree. it does look half full (or is it half empty?)
  • I am so glad everyone is enjoying the new castings, I am super proud of them and the work Emery and I have done. Orders are shipping next day and the feedback has been amazing, thank you all so much for the support. This has been a "soft" launch as I want to get all my ducks in a row before I announce them in a newsletter to the entire SW base. These details are in limited supply and I will do my best to keep up with the demand as they sell out.

    So much more amazing details in the works. The parts released thus far are just the basics! Stay tuned...
  • Great work to both Emery and Brett.
    Hopefully you have plans doing work benches with tools and paint cans.
    I'm sure you have plans to 3D all the resin parts.
  • Pappy said:

    I'm sure you have plans to 3D all the resin parts.

    Absolutely NOT.

    3D printing is another tool for me to utilize in the production of awesome castings. It has its limitations just like poured resin and spun metal. Being able to produce parts in all three mediums allows me greater flexibility in providing details.

  • Had to ask...thanks Brett for the info.
    Keep up your great work as always!!
  • Just got my order in...and all I can say is WOW....The hand slots on the extinguisher caps are unreal....then the hose with actual brass tip detail....and the valves on the oxy've taken detail to new levels Sir....All these parts will be a focal point in a clinic I'm doing at the Harrisburg Narrow Gauge Meet in a week or so....And love the Extra Goodies included....Keep up the outstanding work my Friend...
  • Thank you Art, I really wasn't surprised to see you had ordered the fire extinguishers!
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    Just received my sample order of HO scale 3D parts. Absolutely amazing stuff! The first thing that you notice is the packaging. Top notch and what you would expect from SierraWest Scale Models. Such a delight to peruse the parts neatly and effectively tucked away in their packages. The parts themselves are just mind blowing! Completely flash free open tiny handles on gas cans, screw jacks, fire extinguishers, etc. I put these parts under a high quality Zeiss microscope and they hold up perfectly, just amazing detail...

    You have nailed the HO 3D material Brett! This is dangerous territory for me...I want everything! lol.
  • Just received my second batch of the new 3D parts from Brett.
    All parts were flawless. The Drums and tanks sat up straight without having to sand to make straight....great work you guys by far!!
    The detail on the valves of the Cylinder Tanks are also flawless...unbelievable detail.
    Problem will be painting these HO version Valves. May have to invest in a doctors You may have to zoom in on the last pic.

    Next question will be painting these puppies. Some have indicated to just follow the manual for example Resin painting and weathering. But when it comes to the tanks, which were mostly white metal, were easy to weather and achieve a metal appearance after the metal solution process. Then paint and use a metal brush to achieve wearing chipping. Not sure how this will work on plastic but will learn!

    I sure you guys have done your homework on this subject. Are these Parts made from polyurethane or another type of plastic. Since certain paints will adhere differently to different materials.

    Thanks again Brett for the parts quickly and your work on these are fantastic and can't wait to see what else is up your sleeves!! :)

    3d parts-1

    3d parts-2

    3d parts-3
    3d parts-4

    3d parts-5
  • No worries pappy. These parts will weather up and look just like metal and so much better with the incredible detail.
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    Chris (pappy) you are overthinking this! I have been casting and shipping resin (ie plastic) detail parts for over 25 years without any difficulty making them appear to be metal. (Or wood as the case may be.) Follow the same directions for these as you would for any of my traditional resin parts. A little dry brushing (just a hint) with an aged pewter craft paint will give them a wonderful metallic appearance. These parts are so superior to any white metal casting it's not even a contest.
  • Thanks Ken, I knew you would be excited! Emery and I have so much more in the works. Haven't even scratched the surface. Can't wait to see what you do with these!
  • This is a perfect example of how SierraWest Scale Models is on the cutting edge of scale modeling. Over the years Brett has consistently demonstrated innovation in his kit design and support details. From his world renowned resin castings, highly detailed white metal castings that are the best in the industry, laser cut details that are also industry leading and now...3D details that are mind blowing in crisp fine detail! Take a part and produce it in the ideal medium for the modeler based on that parts characteristics is an example of how Brett has positioned SierraWest as the finest scale model kit producer on the planet!...
  • Amen to that Ken!
  • Ken, I agree and thanks!
    Brett, thanks and will try not to overthink as I have a habit of doing so at times as you
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