The Main Street Warehouse #206 - in O scale. Karl.A

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Putting the finishing touches and final few things onto my Main Street hotel build and yes, I'm looking at my shelves again thinking about the next project to work on.

Hopefully finished pictures of the hotel sometime later tonight.

Here's some pic's of Brett's incredible HO kit of the Main Street warehouse, once again I'll be trying to replicate this as closely as possible, but in O scale.

After all, the only way to make Brett's kits any better, is to make them bigger...




  • i've never seen this one. cool structure.
  • Pics from 2011

  • The 'block' wasn't perfect, I think because I didnt make enough plaster and had to make up another batch to fill the mold. I had to go back and try to fill in these flaws with more plaster before starting to carve the brickwork.
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    Time to dust off the other structure and see whats under the mess.

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    not too bad...

    I like the roof texture, I guess I'll stick a vent pipe or something where that white spot is on the roof that wont come off, no biggie.

  • Not bad at all. You seem to be on a roll.
  • I was wondering how you were going to recreate the brick structure in O Scale. Great solution but requires a LOT of patience to carve all that brick. Great job!
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    Thanks Wes and Tom, it wasn't too bad Tom.
    If I remember correctly I sat out on the deck with some 'refreshments', the block of plaster, a dull exacto and a straight edge, just enjoying the sunshine while I worked.

  • Wow, that looks great!....Rick
  • Now...create some masters like that brickwork and cast some resin enough nice looking brick structures out there in O scale...
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    Thanks Rick and Art,
    Not enough demand to make it worthwhile Art, also not enough good/interesting/viable designs of structures to make it interesting enough to hold my attention.

    Made some progress on this build this afternoon though...

    One thing that made me shelve this project way back was that I wanted the porch lit and couldnt figure it out, so, I got that out of the way first today with just some basic lights to illuminate the 'wrap around' porch. Also tidied up the tar paper edges.


    After that I completed the full rafters for the porch roof.


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    Now the lights were in I could progress,
    I sanded the doors to fit correctly, touched up the bare wood and installed them.

    Next I fixed the door and windows on the office area and glued that on to the structure.

    After that I rebuilt the porch posts and framing, not glued, just placed.
    I'm going to detail the porch/loading dock before I glue the posts/roof on.
  • I can't see how you can accomplish so much in such a short amount of time and still do such outstanding modeling!......Rick
  • Thanks Rick,
    Dont forget alot of this was built a while ago, I'm just going back over things, fixing things, finishing things, putting things back together, and then assembling.
    Although I'm just about at the point now where I'm actually going to have to start modeling and building things and doing some real work...
  • I wasn't being serious about the castings...but I am serious about the fact there are not enough "good" brick or block structure kits out there.....we need more....I need them for my city/waterfront area of the layout.....I guess I need to try the sculpting of the foam...
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    Message me with some 'small' interesting structure designs or pictures, if you have any, I aint carving a 3 story, 2 street warehouse though... hahaha
  • I think I want to try my hand at's a skill I need to figure out....I've always wanted to try it....I'll post a few photos once I do....but Thanks for the offer....I don't want to slow you are on a roll....
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    Never said I'd do it this week Art, maybe next week, ha,
    I'd be interest to see some pics though, and some smaller aesthetic structures.
    and of course your progress/results when you get there.
  • I'll will put some thought to that....I think I'll try to do a shallow backdrop building to see what I can have given me good ideas already just by me seeing your brickwork...
  • What tools do you carve with.....a #11 blade?....
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    yes, but an old dull blade and use the back, or a sharpened to a point micro screwdriver, this gives a wider more prototypical mortar line. Using the blade the right way is much too thin. Also you'll be able to get different effects if the plaster is still 'cold' (damp), as opposed to when it has fully dried out.
  • Nice brickwork. Glad to see you light it up.
  • What's so great about the brickwork is the variability in the texture. Some bricks appear to be protruding and then there are those that are recessed. The color is also very realistic. Great work Karl! A little explanation would be appreciated.
  • Love the carving. Great brick work and weathering on the metal doors is spot on. The lighting should help bring some focus on the amazing castings. looking forward to seeing it all come together.
  • Thanks Bryan, Tom and Joel,

    working on some details to go on the loading dock and glue some dock legs back on...

  • Decided to add support chains instead of the usual brass rods.
    Test fit...

  • Love the chains. I will have to remember that for a future project. Thanks for the idea....Rick
  • Thanks Rick, I was looking for something a little different.

    Some details.

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    I had the porch roof's basically done a couple hours ago, ready to install, but for some reason I delayed in gluing them down.
    Now, I know, I haven't done a great job on the details but I still hesitated to cover them up. I guess it was a point of no return...
    (everything's fixable)
    So, I glued the porch posts and framing in place and just sat and looked at it like this for the last two hours or so while watching the news/TV.

    Time to stick that sucker down... I guess...
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