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Today O'Neills made it to the recently cleared off workbench!!! I anticipate a slow start to getting back into things. I'm looking forward to trying some of Brett's new techniques along with some of the unique twists that you all have put on your builds. I would be interested to hear your ideas and thoughts about a few twists I'm considering as well.

I feel like the dio needs a crane of some type. I really like the way Steve added that metal frame hoist. I'm considering something similar or maybe a small derrick, but this may add too much to the footprint. Have considered a crane on the back of a flatbed truck as well.

I really want to see what a slate roof will look like on the tower structure. I'm going to mock that up before I officially attempt it. I think if I do that I will need to consider painting the tower with a heavy peel effect. Perhaps the green color of the doors of the main building.

I believe I will add a sag in the roof of the work shack as an homage to Cedarhill.

I like the trees that Ken added, but am concerned about the footprint once again in O scale. Placing the structure on a diagonal like Mike did might add room for a tree, or a derilict trailer in the weeds.

I'm open to any/all ideas, so bring them on. I love the timeless design of this structure and am looking forward to personalizing it.



  • Looking forward to following along. I always love a little twist here and there. Often I'm not brave enough to attempt it on my own model. Usually I just like Brett's work so much I just copy the original. Always torn.
  • Looking forward to this Bryan! Your ideas sound wonderful...
  • Such a great feeling to get a fresh new SWSM kit out on the bench! Will be following along here Bryan...your pre-construction thinking is right on!
  • Thanks fellas.

    I got a wall put together with a peeling paint effect. The middle pic shows the details of the crackle effect. Next step is to remove all of the biggest crackles, then mask off the overhang of the roof and where the stairs will go and peel some more paint.

    I'll do all 4 walls of the main structure this way. Once all constructed, I'll put together temporarily to make sure peel effect is the same on all walls. Then apply a gray or brown wash to tone down the paint and bring out the texture in the paint.IMG_0142 2
    IMG_0143 2
  • What process did you use to crackle the paint?
  • I started the walls by graining and coloring as described in the manual. I gave the color more of a gray tone than brown. Then painted on DecoArt media crackle paint. It has to go on thick enough to crack, but thin enough so the cracks don't look too much out of scale.

    Once dry, flake off all of the paint that got on the sides of the boards so they fit together right on the wall. Once on the wall, remove the largest cracks that look out of scale. Then mask off the roof overhang and staircase and flake off paint to taste.
  • Bryan,
    Well done. Very convincing.
  • Thank you... definitely need some experimenting
  • Really nice effect Bryan, well done.
  • that crackle turned out great! i used that stuff on an expensive N scale kit, and it didn't do what i wanted it to so i put in the back of the paint shelf and forgot all about it. remind me to use it on the foundry..... :)
  • Bryan,
    Thanks for the info about your "crackled paint" techniques. They add another dimension to our repertoire of weathered finishes.
    Later, Dave S Tucson, AZ
  • Thanks guys. Kevin, the cracks are a bit too big in N scale. I tried it there first and found that out as well. One nice thing about this effect is that if you don't like it, you can scrape it all off and start again.
  • I dirty'd up the siding by painting on "Engine Grime" then wiping it off. I used enamel paint because I was worried that IA or acrylic paints might wash away or soften the edges of the crackle effect. Also added some ground contact moss/slime.IMG_0079
  • Wonderful effect Bryan, looks just right.
  • The bottom of the siding at the ground line looks very realistic. I have experimented with the crackle paint, but it didn't show up very well. I guess I need more practice.
  • Nice work there Bryan.
  • Well done Bryan.
  • Bryan,

    Very nice. Realistic. Certainly not overdone for my taste. Do I detect a slight hint of green above the bottom layer of dirt splattered along the bottom of the wall in your last photo posted above? Moss? It might just be the way the photo comes through on my computer screen.

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • Thanks guys.

    Steve, I had to experiment a bunch to get the crackles to be small enough to not be too much out of scale. They still look big in some spots. I think O scale is about the smallest scale for this technique. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that it will look OK once the walls come together. Still worried that the effect might be out of scale and will need to be re-worked.

    Dave, the green at the bottom is "Slimy Grime Dark" from AK. It adds a nice mossy effect. Also hoping this technique turns out OK in the overall scheme. I'll be copying your concrete coloring and adding slime to it as well.
  • Bryan,

    Thanks for the reply and info about ""Slimy Grime Dark" from AK". I really like that slimy green mossy effect. I have some other structures looking for that as a final touch around the foundation.

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • Nice effect. hard to control but you did such a great job.
  • Love the wethering and color along the bottom. The peeling and cracked paint looks perfect and I don't see an issue with the scale at all.
  • You are welcome Dave. AK has a nice selection of enamel paint effects. I also found that their chipping fluid makes a very nice base for doing peeling paint on walls....

    That's a great way to put it Joel. It's very easy to control on a test wall of a dozen boards, but it gets tricky on an entire wall.

    Thanks Ken. Working on hinges and doorknobs now for doors/windows/etc.

  • sheesh bryan...this makes me want to start over....
  • Bryan,
    To get the color results you achieved along the base of the wall did you allow the AK "Slimy Grime Dark" paint to wick up the boards or apply it as a wash or...?
    Thanks, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • Thanks Kevin. Yours looks just fine to me.

    Dave, I filled the brush with paint and put some on the very bottom of the wall. Let it sit for a few minutes (should have let it sit a little longer). Rinse out the brush in mineral spirits, then dab onto paper towel. Work the paint upwards with the damp brush. Rinse and repeat frequently. The paint won't wick up by itself the way that IA does. You blend it in from the bottom up.

    For a streaking effect like that coming down the wall like runoff from the roof (hint), you would blend it from the top down.
  • Kevin You are starting to sound like me not a good your work is great. ....Carl
  • Kevin, Listen to Carl.
  • This will be as far as I get before the holidays. We are flying out in the morning for Christmas in Cancun!

    I colored the headers and plan on using some NBW. I'm liking the star washers. They will go nicely with the laser cut star washers included in the kit.

    I made some hinges and door handles for the loading doors, and 2 types of door knobs for the smaller doors. I got them painted. I put down a coat of chipping effect first and will peel some of the green paint (and will remove the big bubble seen here).

    Hope everyone has happy holidays.

  • Bryan, You and your family enjoy the Xmas holiday.
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