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  • My name is Bill Irey. I am an 81 year old that enjoys modeling and Backpacking. Thanks to Brett, a few years ago he lead me to the O scale rather than HO. Thank goodness for that as my eyesight is getting poor and I so enjoy the detail in the O scale castings. I have built most of his O scale kits and enjoy the hobby a great deal. I have no more room on my shelf layout for additional structures but I just have to give O'Neill's a try. I think this forum is great with so many wonderful modeling members who provide so much expertise to each other. My thanks to you all!

  • Bill! Great to hear from you and thanks so much for your forum participation. Gotta love O Scale... but then again HO is pretty fine too. Hah! Keep posting bro!
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    Hey Bill, welcome to the forum. I'm sure all of us would like to see pictures of your builds. If you have time, can you either post some photos for us...or if you cant figure out how to do that, then maybe email them over to Brett as he will post them for you.


  • Welcome aboard. O scale has lots of benefits.
  • Hi, I'm Frank Steele and models have been a lifelong interest. I've just finished about 50 years doing general surgery. Now I'm only doing wound care one day a week, so I have time to devote to models. I stumbled across SWSM recently and now I am in the middle of the HO version of O' Neill's Fabrication. It's really a delight to built and I'm learning more than I ever knew about this art thanks to Brett's guidance. I'll post photos as soon as I'm finished. I have Deer Creek on the shelf waiting. The shared expertise on the forum is also very helpful. Thanks, guys.
  • Hi Frank. So glad you joined the forum! Glad you are enjoying O'Neills and we would love to see your finished dio.
  • Thanks so much Brett, Alan, and Bryan. Actually I have been a lurker since the forum started. I always felt that my modeling was not of a quality to show or talk about! While building my O scale layout (ON30) I did communicate with Bryan several times in PM and he gave me a great deal of excellent advice which I am very grateful for. After I finished the layout I still had the urge to build more of Brett's wonderful kits so I ventured into the world of HO and built, as a diorama, The Essentials, Main Street, and Railroad Camp. At my age and eyesight I'll stay with O scale thank you. The HO kits were a real challenge. Alan, I will try to figure out the photo posting but please be aware that the modeling is NOT that good. I do however enjoy it a great deal and that's what's
    important to me. Everyone on this forum offers so much great insight and help to each other. I couldn't expect more from a great group!

    Frank, welcome. You will enjoy this fine group of modelers and their help and advice. Looking forward to your photos and postings.

  • Hey Frank, Welcome to the Forum. Please make sure to post pictures of your build...if you don't want to share your progress photos, please make sure to at least post your final pictures.

  • Welcome Bill and Frank.
  • Thank you Steve!

  • Hey Bill, you and I have talked previously and certainly have enjoyed our on-line conversations already...welcome.

    Hi Frank, well you know...fine scale modeling takes a precise and steady hand...oh wait...I guess you've got that part down! Great to have you along and love to hear you're working up O'Neills. What a fantastic kit and look forward to your seeing what you're doing with it. Your in with a great group of enthusiastic scale modelers and welcome to the fraternity here...Ken
  • My name is Steve Montee. I am a long time forum member but this is my first comment. Have built most of Bretts HO kits over the past years. Switched to O scale a couple of years ago. Moved to North Carolina for retirement and do not have the space to build a layout so my plan is just dioramas. My first is a 36x60 inch dio containing as many kits as I can place on this site. As I am planning building locations can anyone give be actual building dimensions of the following, Blue Sky, railroad camp, logging/tractor repair, millengine boiler house. Actual building dimensions will help me plan. This forum is a tremendous tool to use for reference,pictures and examples of talented craftsmen.

  • Hi Steve M, welcome to the forum. That's quite a first diorama you're planning on building there. Hopefully you're share photos with us as you tackle that beast.

  • Welcome SteveM and look forward to seeing your diorama come together. Keep us updated on your progress...I am currently working in HO/HOn3 so I do not have any of the O Scale kits. I'm sure you'll get plenty of info on the footprint of the kits you're looking for here as soon as everyone wakes up...come on guys...times a wasting!...Ken
  • Hey Steve, glad your posting on the forum, welcome! I've known Steve for 20+ years. Mighty fine modeler...
  • Welcome Steve.
  • Carl Rowe here, musician by trade. I've moved back into model railroads (On30) and am extremely happy to have happened across this web site. Wow the wonders of O scale structures. The advice on the forum is amazing and I'm finishing up my 4th SW kit (dueling shacks got my toes wet, Dolbeer was an amazing build, woodcutter's, and now the rigging shed). I've got the tool shed and O'Neill's on the way, and still unboxed is the logging and tractor repair (it looked too difficult when I first got it, it's probably next after the tool shed). IMG_4180
  • Welcome aboard. Looking forward to your builds.
  • Hi Carl! Great to have you on the forum. Looks like your diorama there is coming along nicely. Thanks for sharing!
  • Welcome aboard Carl. Looks like some nice work, would love to see more.
  • Good to have you here with this great group Carl.

  • Hi Carl. Welcome aboard. From what I can see from the picture you posted, you appear to be a very good modeler. If you have any closeup shots, I'm sure most of us would like to see them.

    Thanks for sharing!
  •'re hooked on SierraWest kits now like the rest of us! "looked too difficult"...that's the great thing with SierraWest kits, if you follow the detailed instructions, as you now know, its very easy to create a museum quality build right out of the gate! Welcome to the site and the forum, looks like you have a great evolving layout going, good for you...Ken
  • nextceo said:

    If you have any closeup shots, I'm sure most of us would like to see them.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Where should I post them? Nothing quite fits the "completed builds" genre, as I'm still putting touches on all of them. Thanks for the kind words. "too difficult" only applies to before you start. These are great, well thought out kits.
  • Just post them right here on this thread.
  • Carl, thanks for posting all the closeups. I like how you weathered the roofs on both your buildings. Also., all the "real wood" you used helps with the realism of your scenes.

    Thanks again!
  • Wow Carl. Your buildings and layout are really good. Phil
  • Hi Carl. Welcome aboard! Thanks for sharing your model photos with us. When you get a chance, start a construction thread and document your current build. We all share and learn from each other so don't be shy.
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