Kevin L From Melbourne Australia

I have ordered my first kit the Sawmill Project from Brett a few weeks ago can't wait to see when it is on its way.
Have not done any model making for about 20 years due to looking after my sick wife and moving house a couple of times.
In the past I modelled Victorian railways in HO then switched to Victorian Railways in HON30 then finally to free lance logging in ON30which I did for about 2 years before finally having to stop.

I have also for over 30 years been a active member of Puffing Billy railway in Victoria thou at the moment not to active since the this railway is closed down due to covid.

It is now my intention to still model a freelance narrow gauge railway based on logging and mining which I intend to call Bunyip Creek.

Now for some questions in respect to Brett's Sawmill kit,
Firstly I have noticed that some modellers have included working lights in their completed model of the sawmill and in respect to this how did they model the power source for this electric lights? However in my research so far into sawmills in Australia in the early 19 hundreds sawmills where built right out in the bush without any electric power supply, so I assume any work to be done in the dark they would have used hurricane lamps. Does anyone know if there are any O scale models of hurricane lamps one can buy?
Lastly to my knowledge most sawmills are built close to a creek so I assume water for the mill was pumped from the creek, so can anyone help me to what type of pump was used in the 19 hundreds for this purpose.

Hopefully when I do get my Sawmill kit from Brett I can come near to the standard of other modellers in this forum.


  • Welcome to the forum Kevin.

  • Welcome Kevin,

    Regarding prototypical lighting for 1900’s sawmill: Hurricane lamps use an open (if shielded) kerosene flame which, in a saw dust filled, all wood structure is nothing short of a time bomb. Absent rural electric lines, the typical would be a DC dynamo running off the main steam engine, or with a small steam engine running off the main boiler, or even with an accessory boiler. Wiseman Model Services has a nice, prototypically correct mining generator/dynamo for this purpose.

    For the record, Robert's sawmill is beyond all superlatives, he is the finest of modelers.

    Good luck, and please share your journey.
  • Welcome aboard
  • Welcome Kevin, looking forward to seeing some of your work. This is a great place to learn and share ideas.
  • Welcome board, Kevin

  • Welcome Kevin. Good to have you along for the ride. These guys are great!
  • Thanks guys for your warm welcome and to TomTom for his suggestion re electric power supply. It will be a few weeks before I can show the start of this model project, still got to receive the kit and when Brett does send it postage is rather slow here due to covid. And once received I believe it is a good idea to study instructions fully and carefully before starting.
  • Sound wisdom Kevin!
  • Welcome Kevin! you will meet the best modelers here on this forum on the planet. Brett's kits are by far the best and his detailed instructions are also the best.
    Keep us posted :smile:
  • Kevin! Welcome to the forum. Great to see you here. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the sawmill kit.
  • Still waiting to receive the sawmill kit from Brett, not his fault since postage to Australia was stopped due to covid however hopefully this will be resolved soon since flights have recommenced and I will be able to get started on this great looking kit soon.
    However in the meantime I have almost completed a kit I had lying around for 20 years i think it looks OK1930's gas Station2
  • Looks good Kevin, welcome to the forum.
    You are going to be amazed by the sawmill and how much you are going to learn while building it.
    Have fun with it, and of course, share your progress with us.
  • Nice work Kevin. Hold on just a little more... The joy will be great opening the Sawmill boxes.... :smile:
  • Nice work on that gas station. It makes a nice small station.
  • Yes Karl I will share progress on the sawmill once I start it.
  • Nice hearing from you Kevin and share your excitement at the thought of such a nice SWSM kit arriving at my door step!
  • I have finally received my sawmill kit from Brett. Long delay in getting it due to USPS not sending parcels to Australia they say due to covid, anyway they are now sending. Will show my progress in this forum and any helpfully comments will be appreciated, hopefully I can get near to the standard of over modellers in this group. Must make sure I don't rush and take my time.
  • excellent! how about a couple pics of the contents of the boxes?
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    Great news to read that your package has arrived, opening those boxes is a joy in itself.
    Reading the manual is an education in modeling due to Brett's outstanding wordsmanship and un-waivering commitment to us, the modellers, and giving us the guidance we need through simple, step be step instructions.

    Cant wait to see pictures of the boxes as you open them as per Kevins request, and also to watch, follow and enjoy seeing your progress on this great kit as you bring it to life.

  • I am really glad we were able to make this work! The Universal Postal Union controls the movement of mail around the globe and they are part of the UN. Enough said about that government mess. But - you got the sawmill kit, even the UN couldn't prevent that from happening, although they certainly tried!

    Cannot wait to see your progress on this Kevin.
  • Kevin Welcome to the forum. Your station looks good. I can vouch for Brett's excellent kits. I just finished my firs one and have received two more to work on, even though I model in S scale. Looking forward to seeing your sawmill build. Randy
  • At the request of those above here is picture of my open boxes and the little progress to date. I have sorted the resin castings into groups oil drums crates etc. Also have started to grain some strip wood and have stained one length just to get an idea on how much chalk to apply.

    SawMill Project
  • cool, thanks. what's in the other box?
  • When the sawmill was mailed to me years ago I got 3 boxes green box called the sawmill project and one white box that was the sawmill machinery both came in one box....the long stripwood was mailed in a longer box that came the next day.
  • Yes the kit came in 3 boxes if you look at Brett's O gauge sawmill project it tells you what is in each of the 3 boxes.
  • Was wondering if any one has used Bondic glue and if so what do you think .
  • Started the build of the Saw Mill slow going, not always easy to get the time I would like at the same time not to rush it. Constructive comments welcome
    Sierra West Sawmill 5
  • Outstanding Kevin! Agreed, never rush it. I am always saying "it's not a race"!

    I love seeing the sawmill project come to life. Karl and I had such a great time creating this kit, brings back a lot of good memories.

    Wonderful start, cannot wait to see more, can't have too many pics!
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