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Hey Guys...I have been here for several years..but have just started my first kit. The closet is full and I have to start building. I started on O’Neill’s. I’m pretty much done with kit A and done with the resin castings in B. What a learning experience. Although I have been scratchbuilding for more than 30 years...I am learning good info every day. Never thought I’d pick up a brush with just 10 hairs on it. Wow.Here are a couple of pics on progress so far. I’ll add a few more later on.


  • Sorry...I forgot to put my real name... Paul Cesak pcesak@sbcglobal.netIMG_5710 (002)
    IMG_5789 (002)
    IMG_5846 (002)
    IMG_5850 (002)
    IMG_5851 (002)
  • Outstanding work. Love to see the progress moving forward. Brett's instructions are like none other.......Rick
  • Looks great Paul. Excellent job so far.
  • Great modeling, Paul....welcome aboard
  • Paul,

    Thanks for sharing some great photos of your O'Neills kit build. Easy to see that you know what you are doing and these SWSM kits are in good hands. Looking forward to seeing more of your work here on the forum.

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • Very nice Paul i like the walls very natural.
  • Looks awesome Paul and welcome. Really glad you are here. Looking forward to more progress.
  • Welcome Paul. Your last name is either Czech or Polish. My last name is Pesek. Great modeling. Phil
  • Great work! The texture, color and weathering on the walls is very well done. Nice peeling paint effect as well.
  • Very nice!

  • KCSTrains said:

    Welcome Paul. Your last name is either Czech or Polish. My last name is Pesek. Great modeling. Phil

    Thanks. Good call. Grandma Polish. Grandpa Czech. I just found that out last weekend. I thought they were both Czech.
  • Thanks for all the nice comments. Not sure where that green pen is going to go. I have enjoyed all the great advice and tutorials on this forum. Really great camaraderie.
  • glad to have you....
  • Thanks for posting. I really like the color and texture of the ribbed roof
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    Ah shucks....thanks. I owe most of the work to Radio Shack Etchant. Works like a charm as long as you have a fan behind you. Nasty fumes. I still have about half a bottle left. Not sure if it is still available since Radio Shack is permanently closed here in Houston.
  • Welcome Paul. Pictures look wonderful!
  • Welcome Paul....looks great!
  • Welcome aboard.
  • Glad to see you posting here Paul. Love your work and you've done a terrific job on this build.
  • Welcome Paul, this is a great build. It shows that you are not a rookie... :smiley:
  • Great work so far Paul and welcome to the forum. Love the peeling paint and metal roofing.
  • Hey Guys. Thanks for all the great comments. I'm 99% finished with the O'Neill"s. Had a few issues with making my roof removable. Hard to hide all that great detail in the shop. And I wanted to add a lighting bar across the top when the roof was on. So to make things even worse...I wanted to be able to remove the lighting bar when the roof was off. I am pleased with the results.

    Here are a few pictures.
  • Really nice. I will want to light the shop as well and have the removable roof when I build mine. I figured it will be a challenge. Rick
  • Give that man a cigar !! :wink: We are very pleased aswel !!! GREAT diorama. Well done Paul.
  • Looks great where you placed it.
  • Thanks guys. I started my layout in a bedroom of my house and everything in that room is scratch built. I have collected all the SW models along the way and needed a place for them so I broke a hole through the closets into the adjoining room. All the track and mountains are in place. This room will be all Sierra West kits except for a single mine from Malcom Furlow which also will be scratchbuilt.
  • The Saratoga Mine that he wrote up in HO scale in the Gazette in the 1980’s.
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