My Second Diorama - Wood Cutters Shack


I've decided to start my second diorama.. i'm also including a few photos of the shelf these will go on. it's 13" x56".
I'm planning on having the wood cutters shack as well as the Mill Engine and Boiler house on this diorama. I may very well have a mini as well scene fill up the space. I'll be winging it; but, not as much as I was on my first diorama I hope :). like with my loco shop, I will most inevitably end up buying all of Brett's O-scale casting kits for this one as well..



  • Alex....seems like you’re discovering that Brett’s kits are addictive....
  • I found out that a while ago.... :wink: Looks like a nice collection you've got there already. The Woodcutters' is a great kit. It was my second build after the Dueling Shacks.

    The Dolbeer is one super detailed logging engine , and I see three of them !!!!!!

    I like the idea of placing several kits into one diorama Alex.

    Create your own micro cosmos of SW kits. Looking forward the follow the builds.
  • Hi Alex,

    I will be along for the ride while you build these amazing kits and artfully work them into a diorama. Looking forward to each installment of your progress.

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • I've made some progress over the weekend. Overall, this kit is going much faster so far. I'm happy with the end result thus far.
  • Here is the photo from this weekend. For some reason my phone keeps exporting jpeg's...

    Here's the photo from this weekends progress.

  • looks great. it's a fun kit. just wait til you get to the details...
  • Alex,

    I like the look of your weathered siding. It should really start to come alive once the structure is completed with the windows, door and roof.

    Later, Dave S.
  • Here is my progress thus far. I'm really enjoying this kit. Pretty soon I will have the shack together, and the oil tank stand built, then on to the castings. I have more weathering to do on the shed; that was just a quick brushing to get a start.


  • Love the tarpaper Alex, super interesting. Looks just like the weather-beaten roofing I see on neglected barns. Well done!
  • Alex, Your way is a interesting way and a very good way. I look forward to more chance taking. Leave boring behind. Thank you for sharing.
  • Great job Alex! I particularly like all the defects in the wood siding. And yes the tar paper roof is very well done!
  • You are doing a great job on this one Alex. This Woodcutters Shack had it's best time and it shows....and how we like it.... :smiley:
  • great job on the shed roof. that looks not too different from a local barn annex.
  • Great progress Alex. Really like the dark weathered siding you obtained. Love the "grungy" old and well used look your going for. The tar paper coloring and weathering is excellent, I would have gone a bit more subtile on the tar paper edge tear...still overall looks great.
  • Alex. You want to keep Ken happy. Go with the "Grunge". Also you will make yourself happy by listening to his words of wisdom. Nice modeling.
  • edited September 2019
    Thanks for the kind words everyone.

    Ken, i just kinda started and... And well, kept going.... :-)

    Maybe i'll put a low hanging tree brushing up against the roof.
  • Alex,
    You do it. You learn. And you keep repeating the process, and you get better every time.
    Bottom line is, you liked it when you did it, so it was the best you could do at the time. Probably somewhere there is a roof that looks exactly like that.
    I know some of my modeling will never be seen anywhere on planet Earth.
  • Come on Ed, we all want to see your modeling
  • Steve, I meant some things I do will never be seen in real life. Be careful what you ask for. On our tenth honeymoon, as we did every year we stayed with Barb's sister in Cape May, N. J which I love. We were able to get a reservation at a famous restaurant in Atlantic City. (You must be in their computer). But Barb's sister know someone who was. We thought we would stay at one of Trumps casino's. We were very much looking forward to the experience. Restaurant was amazing. Trump's place was a dump.
    I do need to take some good pictures and learn how to post them. Don't hold your breath.
  • I've decided that I think I will detail the inside. So, I have also decided to start on some of the castings.. These castings are from the O Scale #3 kit and the #4 kit. I kind of went through and picked some out that I thought would work. These obviously still have some work. But, I thought i'd share.

  • i can't wait to see what you do with the interior.
  • Castings, another fun thing to do. These kits allready are jam packed with details and you add even more. WOW........thanks for sharing. Nice to follow.
  • Great start to the castings. Looking forward to seeing more.
  • I've been working on the oil tank last night and tonight. I "think" i'm happy with it right now..

    Thought I'd ask for feedback on this one.. In some ways I kind of want to re-do it. But, that would mean washing everything off. Also, if I re-did it; would it come out any better the second time?


  • I think it looks wonderful, not sure why you would re-do it! Texture/gunk is great, wood looks old and nasty. Well done. Be sure the chain is weathered fully, might just be the pic but I see hints of brass.
  • I think some of the tarnish got worn off. I just put some more oxidizer on it.

    Thanks, i'll leave it alone.
  • I agree with Brett, it looks good to me aswel. I'd leave it as it is.
  • Alex,

    Looks great to me as well. Glad you decided to leave it alone and just touch-up the brass chain as Brett suggested.

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • Color and texture on the tank are really great! Love the oily/rusty look on the platform deck.
  • Here is another progress photo.. I spoke with Brett today and I understand the image quality on previous photos were subpart to be polite. I'm hopeful that these are of better quality. I downloaded a new app on my phone and also did less compression for the photos in this post.

    I will wind up dusting the interior castings at some point to dirty them up a little bit. Right now they are freshly painted with no weathering.

    I think all of these castings are from casting kit #3.


    Here are some updated photos of the oil tank. the photos last night were HDR and much higher compressed than I initially thought.

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