Official O Scale Truck Repair Build Thread



  • Joel exceptional modeling. But you need to finish this up!
    You have a big project coming up can't wait until you get started!!

  • no pressure.... :)
  • I'm really excited about starting on the new project and hopefully my slow steady pace will match the release of each of the various parts. As for this build I'm pretty much done. I placed both trucks but neither is fastened to the scenery as I want to see how the whole diorama works when I place the other two larger buildings. For now though here it is:rsz_img_5279
  • fantastic!
  • Absolutely stellar modeling Joel. Only fault I can see is it's not in front of me to admire. You certainly kicked this one in high gear my friend.
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    Joel. I do not think that it can get much better than that outstanding job my friend..Carl.......
  • Excellent modeling Joel!!

  • Very nice, outstanding actually
  • Beautiful modeling.

  • An incredible effort. Many have enjoyed your amazing modeling. Thank you.
  • Thanks for taking all of the time to show us your amazing model you built. I have enjoyed following along and have learned some new things too.

    Mike S.
  • Joel,

    Masterfully done! Great accomplishment. A tutorial build to be proud of for sure. You have even "WOW-ed" Brett and I suspect that isn't easy to do. You created a really nice looking diorama to look at and investigate while zooming in on the detail (and there are plenty of details to investigate).
    Glad to see that you were able to incorporate both trucks into the diorama at this point.

    If and when time allows perhaps you could add some close up truck photos (isolated from this build scene and each other) on Eric's "Exact 1/48th Scale Trucks and Other Vehicles" page.

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • Joel, this is one amazing build you just finished. Beautifully detailed and the two trucks were a super idea. Brett made a perfect choice by asking you to collaborate with the Oscale foundry.
    Thanks for sharing your skills.
  • After ten more views, .....the corrugated roof is super realistic. So well done. ( not only the corrugated, everything is top notch.)
  • That is sweeeeet!
  • Great job Joel! Love the use and placement of all the details. They look very natural and logical.
  • Joel, your build is just unbelievable! Just such a joy to look at the photos and read the complete text of the build. Thank you so much for sharing your talents! I also think the backdrop you used in these last photos works so nicely with the build. I will send you a pm that I hope you can answer when time allows. Wonderful, wonderful build.

  • I love the roof. I love the rest. I have never seen a better roof. Every day I look for roofs to take a picture off. No need to now.
  • Well Gentlemen thank you for the lovely comments. I really like sharing all these different approaches and hopefully some of you will try them and others may even build on the techniques and post the result on the forum so we can all improve.looking forward to diving into the Morton's kit. Hopefully it will arrive in the next few months. Brett has so many irons in the fire I have no issues with waiting a bit longer as I'd rather he takes the time and does it up to the nines. Never been disappointed yet.
  • If he smoked fewer cigars he would be much further along.
  • Did Brett announce that he is doing Morton's in O scale? If so, I missed that.
  • Dude, you did miss it. Check out O scale kits. Don't wait.
  • hey everyone. like i did with ken's wood tutorial, i have condensed this thread into JUST joel's posts. it's a three part pdf if any one would like them, send me a pm. i did this because once i finally close out railroad camp, this one is next.
  • Really great work Joel! Fantastic!
  • Everybody has said it all Joel
    But I will. say it again,Just fantastic. WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!

  • Nice work Joel!!

  • This is a six-months-down-the-road post, but having just finished my Truck Repair, I want to say thanks to Joel for the great thread and inspiration.
    I have, on occasion, aged, knotted, and chalked weathered a rather well done wall only to discover that it would be covered forever by a casting or sign - !@#$%^. My magnificent wife says, ‘well, you’ll know it’s there.’ True, and I appreciate that. But unless Joel removes the roof, no one will know about the cord and outlet for the grinder. Thing is, now I know. I forget things, but I cannot un-know them, and whenever anyone praises my TR (not too likely), I shall always tell them, ‘ you cannot imagine what a real master can do.’
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