Two Cylinder Mill Engine



  • Chuck Doan passed me his secret. Let me check with Chuck if sharing is okay with him. I'm sure it is. Worked well of course. Lee Turner is my go to guy for most questions. He seems to know everything, even how to wire the antenna on a 1/48th DC-3 that I just finished. I built it for the memory of my father. My father was a plane guy winning the Canadian Nationals three times. He created a working radio controlled airplane in 1946. Still have is original equipment, all handmade of course.

    Happy New Year! To great models!

    Mill engine
  • Great looking modeling !!!
  • Eric,

    An amazing story accompanied by some amazing modelling.

    Looking forward to more great projects, photos and posts in the New Year.

    Later, Dave S Tucson, AZ
  • The human stories are always most interesting. Thank you Eric.
  • Like the picnic tables
  • Check's secret. Black paint with fine grit depending on scale. THEN use gloss medium over the top.

  • thank you!
  • Really nice looking layout Eric...your tall grass is very well done, just the right shade of dull green to light brown.
  • Wow, I can't believe how uninformed everyone here is. You absatively posolutely can not have that small belt cross over like that or you will blow the framistat to pieces and can poke somebody's eye out.

    On another note, Eric, you have done a fantastic job of weathering it, especially the oil and grease parts. Great job.
  • Has anyone tried Ammo by Mig for creating oily greasy results? I've got them but haven't used them yet but the applications look excellent.
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    David...there's a thread "Another O Scale sawmill" (Page 15of35) in which Bill uses the MIG products for grease and oil stains...a great tutorial
  • Terry,

    Is this Bill's explanation you referenced? Forum Intro Page, find the left column Category Listings, then find O Scale Builds (81), now click and open "Another O-Scale Sawmill Build", go to Page One... scroll down the page until you see this.

    "Using the log haul, here's a basic step-by-step of how I got my results. The "Oil & Fuel weathering set" from Ammo by Mig Jimenez has 3 different types of oil and grease stains and works great. You can get this set on amazon or a hobby shop.":

    SierraWest Oil Mig Paints r.1

    Step One:
    SierraWest Oil On Machinery How To by Bill Another O Scale Saw Mill p.1

    "I began by applying small splotches of "Engine Grime" (a grayish satin-sheen oil residue) to the areas around the pillow blocks."

    ......etc., etc., etc.?

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ

  • David_C said:

    Wow, I can't believe how uninformed everyone here is. You absatively posolutely can not have that small belt cross over like that...…….

    Apparently you can..... although I'm sure it's not the 'norm' and it really doesn't look good. But obviously, sometimes it happens.


    Pic from previous page.

  • Dave...yes, that’s what I was referring to
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    There is also a crossed belt in the video from Sebastopol, CA.
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