Two Cylinder Mill Engine

I'm weathered and ready to glue everything together. Is the one sheet of typed out directions all there is to go by? I also have the two templates, but not finding it easy to figure out for some reason. Is there but the one official color photo? Any help would be appreciated. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!


  • Just emailed pics to Eric he should find helpful...
  • Thanks, bud! Note all my wood is weathered? Note all casting are weathered? I wonder what that might mean?
  • Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!! Can't wait!!! I'm assuming that you will have more to show us of your Neal's O-Scale build soon. Oil spreader looks great by the way.

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • Teaser photo Eric...come on man!
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    I really REALLY need help on assembling this engine. Not sure which shaft goes where. Do not understand all the terms because I did not spend my life working on these mill engines. Diagram does not show the inside connecting rods! Help! This is my third day. This kit has led to excessive drinking and drug use. It is however FREAKING beautiful if I could simply glue it together.

  • And I lost one tiny wheel that I spend three hours looking for. Somehow it was happily lying unweathered at the bottom of the mill machine box! It's the acid etched guy lower left in photo. It ain't getting no fancy three stage paint job!
  • Are there any prototype photos of these machines? PLEASE! I do not like modeling other peoples' models. I like seeing the source and making my own decisions.
  • For better reference. I believe the green one is Karl A's maybe prototype for the model? Has some differences. Do I have all the bits I need?

  • Put up wrong photos and can't remove them, so here:parts
  • Eric, relax.... give me a call and I will be glad to help. Your kit is complete going by the pictures.
  • Thanks, Brett. I am relaxed. I was attempting humor. They still have that in Texas?IMG_1214
  • It's looking great Eric.

    People sometimes are surprised by your way of expressing / humoresque putting things... I understand what you're trying to say.... :wink: :smile:
  • Yes the green one is one of mine, it is the same model as yours.
    I may be able to find some assembly pics later after work if you still need them.

  • Yes, still need help, but am beginning to understand why things are the way they are. The kit evolved, the instructions remained the same. When one piston is all the way in, where is the other?

  • Rogue kit? Tell me how this goes together. Brett, I AM CALM!

  • cut the tube to fit so the cylinder heads are not bowed outward
  • Which tube?
  • How do I slide the other guy on a tube it will not fit?
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    The tube between the two cylinder heads is too long and needs to be cut down to a length where the cylinders are parallel.
    The main steam inlet (which also holds the governor) needs to be on that tube before it is secured to the two elboes which connect it to the cylinders.
    Look at my pic above that you posted to see this assembly.

    I'll try find some progress pics shortly and post for you. I've put this kit together three or four times now (over a six or seven year period) and everything has been consistently right every time.

    Def not a rogue kit, all the parts look perfect, as to be expected from Brett.

  • If anyone has built one of these PLEASE post a photo or two of your model. PLEASE!
  • Karl A. I hear you. The only tube that will go through the hole in the steam inlet is the long tube. If I cut that, what do I use for my lower tune? The tube above has a much larger ID and OD. That is my point.; I've glued nothing.
  • hopefully you and others will find these pictures of my ME900 Double Cylinder Mill Engine helpful.

    Use the shorter tube for the Steam Supply Pipe on either side of the Governor Valve. You can cut it into two pieces if you prefer. Use the longer tube on the bottom for the Exhaust Pipe. If you need more brass tube just let me know... Holes need to be reamed for proper fit.
  • Huge thank you! Anyone else have photos?
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    About a third of the way over from one side....shouldn’t there be a vertical pipe with a ‘relief” valve and pully?
  • Which part is glued?
    You seem to have the pipe laying across the cylinders, yet you haven't cut it to length yet and fitted it.
    Also looks like you have the governor valve and assembly on one end of the tube and not in the middle.
    I know it's a progress pic, but, it's kinda confusing as to what is going on.
    Hopefully the next pic will clarify things as you progress.

  • I guess you guys think I'm a moron.
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