More Variations ... O Scale Logging & Tractor Repair Shed

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Standing still is going backwards, so here is the next O scale build I started. Some time ago, I was able to get my hands on this very nice craftsman kit. The Logging and Tractor Repair Shed. This was the good news, but when I received it , got it on ebay, it missed some major parts: the laser cut walls. Bummer.....

To expensive to send it back to the US , payed already shipping , taxes and customs, so the only thing to do was curse the guy that was so 'honest' to sell me a perfect, complete kit, and then start building these lasercut walls myself. Only they wouldn't be laser cut, but hand-cut...
Cut them out of walnut. Hmmm, some real classy wood here !!

Anyways, it took me a while to do so but I had the templates. Just had to follow the lines.
Here are the first impressions of the build. One wall is done for now. Further patination, rust marks , nail holes ,etc. when everything is assembled.

The missing window will be added later since it will be opened towards the inside. It would be damaged doing it now because of more manipulation.

The inside was 'painted' with a lime paint and then patinated with a brown mineral spirit based wash





Soon more



  • Nicely done, Robert....I can appreciate the disappointment of being 'hoodwinked' by the seller but forging ahead anyway...keep us all posted on the progress

  • Looking forward to following along. Always inspiring.
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    I am building the ho version of this kit and it did not include Lazer cut walls. This kit is 19 years old and I don't think that Brett was doing that for the model builders back then.
  • The O Scale version was the first kit I made with Laser Cut wall frames. The older HO Scale version did not have the laser cut wall frames.

    Great start Robert!!
  • Real nice.

  • Splendid looking wall Robert and a great O Scale kit for sure. Anxious to see the wonderful work you'll be displaying here. So glad you started this thread, will be following closely...Ken
  • I hope you got all the castings, because they really make the diorama. Anyway, you are off to a great start. The walls were not difficult to build. It is all in the finish.
  • Robert,

    Is the lime paint a "home" brew or something commercially available? Is this a material that you use in your furniture restoration? I think the effect is very neat and rather unique.

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • Hey Dave, the lime paint is the same thing people used to paint their garden walls, and stable insides with. Long ago. It had a disinfecting function. And yes I use it sometimes to paint cabinet insides. It's composition is nothing more then....chalk ! :smile:
  • Looks great Robert. I really like your coloring techniques. Very distinct and super convincing. You definitely have a unique style.

  • Robert,

    Thanks for the reply. I remember years ago seeing people paint the bottom few feet of tree trunks with a lime solution. They always said it was to keep ants from boring into the trees.
    Your treatment of scale lumber is always unique and refreshing. I eagerly anticipate your builds and posts. I also recently acquired the Logging and Tractor Repair Shed kit so I will certainly be following your build and posts as you proceed.

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • Robert, To no ones surprise, you have overcome the constant ebay dishonesty. Great modeling as always. ELP quality. We look forward to seeing more.
  • Robert, beautiful framing.... you may have been 'duped' by your ebay supplier and initially disappointed at first,

    however you overcame that and your framing is some of the cleanest, tightest and best I've seen... true craftsmanship on display for us to admire.

    Your colouration is unique and exquisite as always,
    This is definitely one build to follow along with.

    Thanks so much for once again posting and sharing your 'work' with us here.

  • Thanks for the encouragements guys. Ed, no way The Tarkus was going to overrun me !!

    This is another fine craftsman kit, and I was determined to build it. Frames or no frames !
    Karl.A said:

    Robert, beautiful framing.... you may have been 'duped' by your ebay supplier and initially disappointed at first,

    however you overcame that and your framing is some of the cleanest, tightest and best I've seen... true craftsmanship on display for us to admire.

    Well Karl, I think this is the point where 40 years of restoration and patination of antiques and works of art comes in. :wink:

    Soon more

  • Hey Robert,

    Nice start! I'll definitely be following along...

  • I'll be following along as well...even tho I'm an HO modeler there is much to be learned, absorbed and tried from other modelers, regardless of their scale of choice

  • Nice start. This was a very fun kit. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.
  • Looks like a great start after what could have been a major setback.....
  • It looks like us SW modelers are into walls for the moment... :smile:
    So here are some more. Not finished yet. More patination and further detailing to come.







    Soon more.
    Ed, Don't Fear the Reaper... :wink:
  • Dream Theater going on Facebook for their next album.
    My dictionary does not have the words to describe the talent us possess. So usually than I curse, but I will avoid that. Stunning.
  • Walls are terrific Robert, love the look of that last interior wall, old and dry looking...great work.
  • Superb! Can't wait to see more.
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    Really looking great Robert, I'm on the list of "cant wait for more"

    Apart from the overall excellent finishes, I really like the combination of aged bare wood exterior combined with the peeled white paint interior. I don't recall seeing that before. Very nice.
    Well, not on a model, when I build a shed I usually spray the interior white before putting anything in there, it makes it brighter and lighter in there, never thought of doing it on a model though.

    I'm sure it will also improve your light and interior visibility of all those wonderfully finished castings I know you are going to have in there. Great stuff!

    I also like how the peeled paint is weathered differently than if it were an exterior wall, and rightly so of course. More randomly weathered from use and abuse than specific areas from the elements.

  • Thanks everyone. It's very motivating. I am the first on my list of " can't wait for more " :wink:

    Yes Karl, I had the same thoughts when 'painting' the interior lime white. The castings will benefit from this. In function of where and what I put in , specific patination will be done. That's for later on.

    In real the wall isn't so 'white'. I took the photo's outside and there was lots of sunlight. The same for the walls. Everything is a little warmer. More like the very first picture. But I think I like it...

    Now I have to figure out the 'geography' of the 'ensemble'. The manual suggests putting it a little higher than the tracks and I'll go with that idea.

    For now, I am building all the SW structures for a future layout that isn't determined yet , so a little guessing from my part...

    Anyway, building each and every SW kit gives me so much 'quality time '. :blush:

    Soon more.

  • The walls have been put together now. Next will be placing the sleepers and the rail so I can apply some patination around them on the inside of the shed. Also started on the priming and painting of the castings.











    Soon more :wink:

  • Wow that was quick. Love the old wood walls.
  • Wonderful work Robert! The walls look so natural and old.
  • Amazing Robert, such a nice and unique look you have achieved. You have a wonderful style of coloring and weathering...such a welcome addition to the forum. I seem to go with the dark grungy side and you at the opposite end and it works so well! Illustrates how versatile Brett's kits are in the hands of imaginative modelers such as yourself, well done...Ken
  • Been working for a while on these two giants. Man, they are actually two extra kits in the main kit !! ( for those who may wonder, it is white sand, not snow...)

    They are presented without anything else, no extra details . Just the vehicles. On the diorama, they will be drenched in extra stuff. I did try to keep a little colour on them. Well, if grey is a colour...

    Not completely rusted nether , they are still in ' service '.

    I admit, I almost fell for the the Caterpillar yellow , THAT would have brought some colour, but these two are , as the manual explains , older. So grey it is.














  • Those are great full size tractors to use as examples, now where are the "O" scale?
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