Prog Rules

Yes, we are speaking of all those fabulous golden 70' ties prog bands and especially The Mighty Mellotron. Man I love this tank of an instrument.
When you have had all the crescendos , the bombast at its peek, then the Mellotron comes in and gives you shivers down your spine.
Don't forget Kansas.!!! And of course all of the newer prog bands
For the prog lovers, check this website.. . But once you've started, be heeded, addiction may occur.


  • Got our own thread Robert. Very cool. Too busy to expound at the moment. Will do so later. Kansas, ah. Hum! Okay. Happy the Man, Utopia, Yezda Urfa, Cathedral, Journey (first album). Does Zappa work for you? Ambrosia not for me. Todd Rundgen is one of my favorites writers for pop and prog. Robert, I got to stop. You got me started.
  • Warned you Ed !! No, I just wanted to put this subject in it's right discussion. And that's not The Foundry...

    I love Overnite Sensation and Apostrophy by Zappa. Grew up with those two. Check out The Enid. An English band ( started in the mid 70' ies) that makes very symphonic loaded, classically inspired music. First albums are the best. Got to stop, you got me started, gotta go to work again. ( and listen to the new Spocks Beard )
  • i'm just wondering if nektar and chilliwack are prog? anybody?
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    Geez...I had to do a Google search to know what a Prog band is ;-))...I guess ABBA doesn't qualify ;-((
  • No, but that doen't mean Abba didn't make some good catchy songs. And yes, Nectar, the German band is, was 70 ties psychedelic/space rock prog. Like so many, Floyd inspired.... Canadians Chilliwack ( name of their hometown in British Columbia ) more or less as they changed style over the years. Check Progarchives for the complete story.
  • Mike Pinder the Moody Blues!!!

  • Jerry said:

    Mike Pinder the Moody Blues!!!


    The first unit produced was the Mellotron Mark-I, an elegant piece of cabinetry, with red mahogany veneer and a highly polished finish. Approximately 55 were produced from 1962-63. Even the selector buttons had a mother-of-pearl appearance. Design improvements yielded the Mark-II, which was produced from 1964-67. About 250 were made: almost all Mark-I’s were upgraded to Mark-II specs. It was during this era that Mike Pinder entered the Mellotron picture, and worked at the factory for 18 months. Les Bradley had been Mike’s employer, and Mike himself had some innovative ideas.
  • We've got an expert in da house ! Thanks Jerry
  • Oh boy, here we go. Kevin's (kebmo) son Jackson has his own band called Alabaster. He is the drummer and part of a very good rhythm section. Check them out on You Tube. I think they are quite good. Little Reggae influence. Kevin is a blues guitarist, who is well respected. I have attended close to or over three thousand concerts. A few bands and artist's I have seen over thirty times. Pink Floyd, Springsteen, The Band, and a few local Florida artists.
    Jerry, wonderful contributions. I knew Jerry was a most diverse dude.
    I have to limit myself on this topic.
    Been listening to Depeche Mode today. Tomorrow Talking Heads and Elvis Costello.
    I may choose to dispute ABBA. Of course I prefer voices like Tom Waits, Dylan, Leonard Cohen, John Hiatt, not the pretty ones. That being said Johnny Mathis could sing the phone book and sound great. My first concert at 12 years old was Dionne Warwick at Albright College. Okay, okay, I knew this would happen.
    Please check out Joe Bonamassa and John Hiatt at the Beacon Theatre doing Down Around My Place. If this does not give you goose bumps, call the undertaker.
    I was in attendance that night.
    Great concerts at the Foundry in Lakeland, Florida.
    I am outa here.
    Rock on.
  • Check out Mr. Kevin Gibbons (kebmo) old band Reflex on You Tube. Some tasty blues.
    A younger man at that time. As handsome as he is now.
  • Indeed some tasty blues rock. And Bonamassa is on the ipod as is John Hiatt...
  • Look at what you started. Avett Brothers coming to The Keys in November for two shows.
    Dream Theater featuring John Petrucci on guitar. Images and Words is a favorite of mine.
    Obsessive progressive. Ya.
  • Images and Words in my top ten of all times... I've seen them 5 times. Petrucci is a true guitar wizard. As is Tony Macalpine. Another guitar favorite of mine.
  • close to the edge is one of my all time favorite records. i used to be a huge yes fan.
  • Round by the was I . Absolute favorite Yes track : Awaken, from the Going for the one album !! with the church organ..Chills. After that, just downwards..
  • Oh, and please don't forget RUSH !
  • In my humble opinion Yngwie Malmsteen is not equal or close to Tony Macalpine. Very good but not equal. And I do not Rush to judgement.
  • Tony is a great player but he got great practicing Yngwie licks. So did most of the great players from that era. Yngwie invented the style those guys all ended up perfecting and he took guitar playing to a whole new level. Every modern guitarist who has a clean fast alternate picking technique or sweep picked arpeggios learned it in some capacity from Yngwie.
  • No disrespect meant Steve, but that is not an opinion held by the majority of talented guitarists. Of course everyone grow from Robert Johnson. Blues to rock and roll. And everything in between. It's all being reheated.
    Always cool to extrapolate. Come on Robert we need your thoughts.
    Is James better than Jordan, or Abdul-Jabbar really the best? Johnny U or Rodgers?
    Clarke or Jaco? Maybe you prefer Bootsy. Robbie and Sly or? for rhythn section.
    This is as much fun as an Avett Brothers concert.
  • And on his turn, Yngwie listened very well to Bach and Paganini. So.... As did all those guitarists from that period. Marty Friedmann , Jason Becker, Vinnie Moore, Gregg Howe, and so on... I just try to enjoy the music, wherever its origins come from. How many prog bands did not listen to Gabriel era Genesis, even to this day, countless. That doesn't mean some super music is composed. But agree, first is first. Must go now, the new Spocks Beard is waiting... Once again, check

    Soon a new build !!! :smiley:
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    Early Genesis recordings (vinyl) were awful. They tortured my audio system. Made me regret going so high end. Audio Research tube tri-amped, electronic crossover, B& W speakers, Fons turntable with self mounted arm. What a sweet system.
    I have a Shinola turntable in one system now. I sell their cola. Shinola Cola. You don't know shit from Shinola.
  • "Shit from Shinola" The Lynyrd Skynyrd ..... I know my lyrics !! :wink: ( great band btw way )
  • Never doubted that. Saw interesting music at The Crowbar in Ybor City last Friday.The Coathangers, Woolly Bushman and Glove. Coming up is John Fogerty and ZZ TOP on the same bill.
  • all this bantering of music's whos-who aged me, I grew up, followed and tried to copy many of their lics, I must confess tho, I played to have something to sing to, i was the nut in the front, a vocalist for Prog, blues and alternative rock yep one of those cover bands in the bars for most of my life, oh how
    i miss the free drinks the ladies sent my way night after night, one of the pitfalls to getting old, can't belt out songs in the bars .. at least I can still play with my trains. none of us did it like Rod Stewart now that cat had a great plan, music and trains at the same time.
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    And Neil Young. Tom Morello and his mates put on a great show in Sweden.
    James Roger McGuinn this Sat. at the Capital Theater in St. Pete..
    Rock on dudes.
  • "you're such a stupid fish, floppin' on the sands of time,
    looking for the wave you missed,
    i could see it in your eyes.
  • Great new albums by John Coltrane, and Lucinda Williams.
  • and this is how it felt this morning after playing an afternoon gig in blazing heat....
    we are the band
  • I wish to offer no comment, as I want my great relationship with Kevin to continue.
  • I am at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, Florida, to see five of the greatest guitar's on the planet. Now dig this, it's called Generation Axe.
    Nuno Bettencourt
    Zakk Wylde
    Yngwie Malmsteen
    Steve Vai
    Tosin Abasi
    They will play solo, in various groups and all together at the end.
    Also I will be part of a half hour meet and great.
    Time to meet.
    Great venue with an amazing night ahead of me. Might take all day tomorrow to recover.
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