Dueling Shacks Corrugated

The second build of the duo. The corrugated. (sorry for the fingerprint on the lens ) I was wondering, should there be some kind of nails, screws that attached the panels, visible ? As with the wooden one, more patination once put on the layout / diorama.











  • Nice color to the shed. Moss add a nice touch.
    As far as nails or bolts, I think they would be appropriate but could easily take away from what you have done here so far. I might try some experiments on a left-over panel. Probably would try some very small (N scale) NBW to start.
  • The first details. The wooden barrels

  • Some of the best barrels I've seen.
  • Beautiful barrels. Beautiful barrels. Sung to Bah Bah Black sheep. Seriously, brownbr is correct.
    Robert, please describe the process. Thank you.
  • Actually, quiet simple Ed. Start with some top notch castings, then I primed them with the airbrush and a grayish brown cellulose paint. With an airbrush, you can put on very thin layers so no detail is lost. Then I played with the chalks and the alcohol , drew the iron loops with a fine black felt pen, some pigment on the two sides of them to get some depth and as a cherry on the cake, I went over them with a soft graphite pencil to accentuate the iron.
  • Fantastic work Robert. Thanks for explaining all this so well.
  • See Joel, quite simple. Similar to Pele with a soccer ball. Nothing to it.
    Robert thank you. It is a great pleasure watching you work.
  • Robert. What number pencil did you use. Thank's .............Carl
  • Robert, I think Carl is pulling your pencil.
  • edited October 25
    Carl is asking for the softness value of the lead, which makes a difference.
    Its a valuable and viable question, for those of us that model.


    Also, if everything was so simple, Pele wouldn't have cheated and used his hand, but, that's a discussion for the "off topic" forum and not here.
  • Carl, I used a number zero pencil. Soft enough to leave graphite without scratching away the chalk,and hard enough to get detail. ( I hope the numbers are the same in the US as in Europe.)
  • Thank You Robert..................Carl
  • Some of the rusted iron barrels...


  • Beautiful work Robert...sorry, the name "Dr. Grunge" is already taken! Love the lip of the one barrel pried up...great stuff.
  • Excellent work, Robert. You have an incredible command of color and texture!
  • Those are awesome. Like Ken, I particularly like the one that pried open.

    Here is something to try that I think you could pull offon the next batch. How about having the faded remnants of a label burried underneath the rust and grime?
  • I'd say amazing but at this point I'm not really amazed at all, just more top notch weathering. A true artist.
  • Fantastic work, nothing else to say, just fantastic.

  • Ditto. I wish I had this kind of command of texture and color. Phil
  • OK Robert. What is the price for the barrel's I take a bunch in HO if you like. ..........Carl
  • Thank you people, I am having so much fun and satisfaction with this kit. And it's only the beginning. Sorry Carl, the pleasure of doing this is priceless.......
  • I have a Master Card.
  • Carl, Maybe a Newf or two. Careful we are getting off topic. Robert, great imagination. Indeed, you are an artist.
  • best barrels i've ever seen, wood and steel. a "clinic" would be most appreciated.....
  • Thanks kebmo. Some more paintwork.




  • Stunning work. I also echo the call for a small tutorial.
  • Robert, all I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Robert, your weathering is phenomenal.
    Some recommended books.
    Realistic Wood Effects AK learning series Third improved edition
    The Weathering Magazine-Washes, Filters and Oils
    Weathering by Tom Mann
    Building Dioramas-Chris Mtosko Fine Scale Modeler books
    Extreme Weathered Vehicles/reality Series 2. AK book
    F.A.Q. Dioramas by Ruben Gonzalez AK book
    Note-skill and patience are still required.
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