Dueling Shacks Corrugated

The second build of the duo. The corrugated. (sorry for the fingerprint on the lens ) I was wondering, should there be some kind of nails, screws that attached the panels, visible ? As with the wooden one, more patination once put on the layout / diorama.











  • Nice color to the shed. Moss add a nice touch.
    As far as nails or bolts, I think they would be appropriate but could easily take away from what you have done here so far. I might try some experiments on a left-over panel. Probably would try some very small (N scale) NBW to start.
  • The first details. The wooden barrels

  • Some of the best barrels I've seen.
  • Beautiful barrels. Beautiful barrels. Sung to Bah Bah Black sheep. Seriously, brownbr is correct.
    Robert, please describe the process. Thank you.
  • Actually, quiet simple Ed. Start with some top notch castings, then I primed them with the airbrush and a grayish brown cellulose paint. With an airbrush, you can put on very thin layers so no detail is lost. Then I played with the chalks and the alcohol , drew the iron loops with a fine black felt pen, some pigment on the two sides of them to get some depth and as a cherry on the cake, I went over them with a soft graphite pencil to accentuate the iron.
  • Fantastic work Robert. Thanks for explaining all this so well.
  • See Joel, quite simple. Similar to Pele with a soccer ball. Nothing to it.
    Robert thank you. It is a great pleasure watching you work.
  • Robert. What number pencil did you use. Thank's .............Carl
  • Robert, I think Carl is pulling your pencil.
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    Carl is asking for the softness value of the lead, which makes a difference.
    Its a valuable and viable question, for those of us that model.


    Also, if everything was so simple, Pele wouldn't have cheated and used his hand, but, that's a discussion for the "off topic" forum and not here.
  • Carl, I used a number zero pencil. Soft enough to leave graphite without scratching away the chalk,and hard enough to get detail. ( I hope the numbers are the same in the US as in Europe.)
  • Thank You Robert..................Carl
  • Some of the rusted iron barrels...


  • Beautiful work Robert...sorry, the name "Dr. Grunge" is already taken! Love the lip of the one barrel pried up...great stuff.
  • Excellent work, Robert. You have an incredible command of color and texture!
  • Those are awesome. Like Ken, I particularly like the one that pried open.

    Here is something to try that I think you could pull offon the next batch. How about having the faded remnants of a label burried underneath the rust and grime?
  • I'd say amazing but at this point I'm not really amazed at all, just more top notch weathering. A true artist.
  • Fantastic work, nothing else to say, just fantastic.

  • Ditto. I wish I had this kind of command of texture and color. Phil
  • OK Robert. What is the price for the barrel's I take a bunch in HO if you like. ..........Carl
  • Thank you people, I am having so much fun and satisfaction with this kit. And it's only the beginning. Sorry Carl, the pleasure of doing this is priceless.......
  • I have a Master Card.
  • Carl, Maybe a Newf or two. Careful we are getting off topic. Robert, great imagination. Indeed, you are an artist.
  • best barrels i've ever seen, wood and steel. a "clinic" would be most appreciated.....
  • Thanks kebmo. Some more paintwork.




  • Stunning work. I also echo the call for a small tutorial.
  • Robert, all I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Robert, your weathering is phenomenal.
    Some recommended books.
    Realistic Wood Effects AK learning series Third improved edition
    The Weathering Magazine-Washes, Filters and Oils
    Weathering by Tom Mann
    Building Dioramas-Chris Mtosko Fine Scale Modeler books
    Extreme Weathered Vehicles/reality Series 2. AK book
    F.A.Q. Dioramas by Ruben Gonzalez AK book
    Note-skill and patience are still required.
  • First of all, Happy New Year everybody. And as a little present for Brett, my first finished Sierra West Kit. It is the smallest one but nevertheless , it is done and I think it looks fine.

    The Corrugated Shack.

    A few reflections I do have. For the rather organized guy ,I like to think of myself , I find it extremely difficult to make on purpose a mess, junk, litter, clutter, chaos, disorder , well you get the picture. It is against my nature so to speak. So I hope the junk and clutter on the diorama aren't to much of a painters composition.....

    Then, as I wanted to do something different than other Corrugated Shack dioramas, I placed the improvised workbench and the cabinet inside, together with some other boxes, barrel etc.
    It doesn't look logic that ,unless it is totally abandoned and derelict, these two pieces should stand under the leeks of the roof.. My shack is still in use.

    Also, I wanted to install some lightning inside. Just for the effect it gives at night. Quiet romantic, I admit, but hey, so what...

    I also placed the shack on a concrete base. It would lift it up a bit. And protect it from water coming in through ,where the boards touch the ground.

    Sorry for the red and black wire on the last pics...















    Hope you like it.

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    Superb Robert! Your clutter detail continues to be top shelf. Love the idea of putting it on a concrete slab and how your scenic work integrates so well and there is plenty of color without distraction. That red barrel just inside the door draws you in but is not too loud. The views from the back, despite having less clutter to enjoy, are my favorite well done. That one large truck tire has some "sprinkles" stuck to the "rubber" that doesn't quite look right? Second pic from the top. If done purposely maybe bird poo? However no place for birds to perch above the tire? lol...Wonderfully done.
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