Introduction to the O Scale Water Tank and Handcar Maintenance Shed


I am so excited to introduce you to the next SW O Scale kit. The Water Tank and Handcar Maintenance Shed will be available to order this week. Pricing and availability to follow. I finished up the pilot model today and wanted to share a few pics with the forum faithful. This is the first kit designed in the 3D Printing era and the detail level is just amazing. I am so pleased with all the great scene's and stories! More pics to follow over the next couple of days. I appreciate everyone's support and cannot wait to see what you do with this kit, there's just so much potential here!

The first “detail” pic I want to share is of the handcar! This is a 3D Printed version of the CHB handcar and is in the process of being re-decked and overhauled. Handcars played such an important role in the early railroads transporting crews, tools, lunches, and small supplies. They were cheap to operate and maintain and were very popular. A complete version of the CHB handcar will be made available separately for those who wish to add a second handcar in the open shed.



  • Beautiful!!! Some amazing detail going on in this one.

  • Very cool kit. The scene you created here is very interesting with so much going on. You hit another home run.
  • WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Outstanding in every way! Such a crisp and highly detailed main structure which oozes backwoods charm. The handcar is just an amazing addition that any modeler, in their right mind, can't wait to get ahold of, I mean take some stock here...handcar, air compressor, stove, hand cart dolly, water cooler and that's just a few of the individual details let alone all the support details. Brett, your modeling here is some of the best I have seen from your are on it with this kit! The stone coloring and detail is incredible, the tower is spot on, and in fact, the whole thing is just done right! Well done my friend.
  • This is beautiful!!
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    Simply outstanding, the level of detail in just these two pics is incredible, can't wait to see more views of this one.
    So much to see and at the highest level of modeling though-out the structure and diorama.
    Beautifully finished.
    The chains, weights and spout are perfectly done...
  • holy sh*t!
  • Very nice
  • You O scale guys get everything us HO guys want that is so well done.
  • You O scale guys get everything us HO guys want that is so well done.

    oh stop whinin'......
    you ho guys get everything.
  • Everything ???
  • Excellent model there Brett. Junk for days.
  • Everything ???

    Well almost everything!!

  • Brett, this is freakin' awesome. I remember writing you about this several years ago and you had told me you had the castings done but weren't sure when you could get the rest done. Well you did it. My order is on the way. Just gorgeous. I loooove it!!! Thanks.
  • Thanks to everyone for the very kind comments. I appreciate the support so much!


    Today I want to post a couple pics of the oil bottle filling scene. I love the contrasting colors and textures. The different shapes and sizes of the “glass” oil bottles are the perfect compliment to the gritty stone walls and scenery


    Small oil bottles are an excellent example of the type of supply a handcar would be tasked with delivering. In this scene you will see the oil drum on its stand along with various oil bottles scattered throughout. There are several oil drums waiting in reserve as well.
  • Outstanding! Love all the details. The view inside the open doors showing the interior is really great! The handcar creates a nice mini-scene within the whole diorama.
  • Now this is the reason Sierra West is the BEST on the market !!! ( as if anybody should doubt that :) )
  • Brett.
    I will try and copy this when I do the HO scale one great pictures so with that being said Be Proud. ...........C/L.......
  • Gets better with each post. This may be one of your best if there's such a thing!!

  • I went down in the shop today because of the heat....cleared off the work bench so I could get my ass in gear.....I forsee the unfinished stuff may stay that way to allow me to put this kit on the work
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    .....I forsee the unfinished stuff may stay that way to allow me to put this kit on the work

    I hear you on that thought Art, this beauty is definitely going to displace a few things on my 'to-do' / (in progress) lists ...

  • My wife has always been a big supporter of my kit building. When she saw this one she said when am I getting it. Never been one to shy away from doing what my wife says, when she tells me to order a kit I always follow her direction. Just waiting for Brett to get the kit on the O scale order page
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    So a disgruntled and banned former SW forum member has chosen to take the "low road" and accuse me of not giving credit to George Sellios for the inspiration on this kit. Makes me laugh how uniformed he is!

    I have given credit to George over and over and over in the 28 years I have been producing craftsman kits including on my website, in manuals, interviews, and most publicly in the Narrow Gauge and Shoreline Gazette article from several years ago about the history of SW written by Charlie Getz. If one were to take the time to research before making defamatory comments it would be obvious I NEVER take credit for work that is not mine! Where is this persons modeling posted online or does he just criticize others? Yeah, well you already know the answer to that!

    One last obvious comment here... this is titled an "Introduction". Before you make unfounded accusations you should have waited until I post the official website page on to see whom I give credit to... Just a thought in order to be honest and fair - but when you have an agenda "honest and fair" are foreign concepts.
  • IMG_2261

    Today we turn our attention to the interior of the maintenance shed and handcar bay. The super detailing continues inside! These scenes are just begging to be lit up and I cannot wait to see what you do with them!

  • That hanging jacket! I was hoping for hats and jackets. The type of details that will really set something apart.
  • This Kit looks awesome !! I will have to get one for sure.
  • Like I said better with each and every post! You are the man when it comes to making kits and details.

    We all know that!

  • Great looking kit Brett! Looking forward to the Riverfront in HO. It will be hard to equal this.
  • Brett, it looks like you have another winner. I will have to see if Rich the O scaler I built the truck repair for would like this on layout. Keep up the production of great kits. Randy
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