Stump Creek Dueling Shacks

A job relocation to the Windy City has kept me from posting in quite awhile but that hasn't prevented me from enjoying the great modeling and incredible modelers of the Sierra West Forum. I wanted to ease my way back in and I thought that there would be no better way than with the Dueling Shacks Kit. I realize I have a couple of other discussions open and I will be getting those updated as well in the coming weeks.

I'm going to start with the Wood Shack first.
The wire brushes I use to weather the wood are the usual tools recommended by Brett and used numerous times in the forum.


The technique I like best for graining wood is the file card. I grab several boards with my right hand and press them down with my left finger while dragging them across the top of the file card.


I wanted the color of the boards to be similar to the boards on my unfinished Stump Creek Lumber RR Office. I used Rembrandt pastels: 331.5 Madder Lake Deep and 234.5 Raw Sienna to create the coloration for the lighter boards



And 331.5 with 408.5 Raw Umber for the darker boards. I like using a 1/2" chisel brush to apply the alcohol and pastels



  • I added knots and saw band marks to the wood strips then glued them to the walls. With the boards glued to the walls, I washed all the boards with a light wash of alcohol and Raw Umber powder to better blend the various shades.

  • Off to a good start.
  • Love the coloring!

  • Great to see you back Steve. Off to a wonderful start!
  • Very nice. I also like the coloring.
  • Thanks so much for the encouragement. It's great to be modeling again with the Sierra West forum. I had a short night tonight but was able to get the fourth wall covered and added the man door. I also added the windows to the side walls. I still have detailing on the doors and windows with door knobs, hinges, window shades, etc.

  • Great looking walls.
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