logging and tractor repair shed

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i've got a side project going on and it's "dead in the water" (pun intended) while i wait for a tamiya color that must be on back order everywhere on the planet. it's the necessary third color to blend the sea water on my uss long beach model. as it is right now it's pretty gaudy:

long beach in half painted base

but i've already decided that i'm going to use this base:

long beach in unpainted new base

anyway, the paint will be here on april 15 so i thought in the meantime i'd start on this great kit. this one has some incredible castings and i'm looking forward to digging into to it. so far all i've done is mix up a big 20 oz batch of stain and start soaking the strip wood.

initial wood staining 3 bags

i put em in the bags at 7 pm sunday. tomorrow morning at 7 i'll take about a third of them out of the stain and lay em out on the paper towel. i'll take another third out at 1 pm and the rest out at 7. who knows where i'll end up going from there.


  • Damn I saw the title and got excited, lol,
    The LTRS is my prob next on my list so wanted to see your progress on it.

    Such a tease Kev...
  • Bring it on.
  • here's the board coloring after 12 hours.
    after 12 hours

    i'll remove more at 18 hours and 24 hours.
  • Taking it old school! Looking forward to your build.
  • admin said:

    Taking it old school! Looking forward to your build.

    i'm following the construction manual.....

  • Sail on Sailor
  • aye aye
  • here's the boards after 18 hours.

    i put the 12 hour boards back in their respective bags.After 18 hours
    jeez my workbench is a mess. i'm gonna have to clean it up before i dive into this kit.
  • Nice start Kevin, the wood is so important. Will be around for this one. Nice ship model as well.
  • Kev, I've never done Brett's soaking method so I'm eager to see how it turns out, I was just a kid when these techniques were used and hadn't started modeling at that time.

    as always, the SWSM techniques, even back then were the best and extensively used and rewarded with many incredible results and award winning models.

    Looks like you are getting a great variation in colour and tones, everything should be looking naturally blended with subtle differences when assembly starts.

    My attention is waiting for updates...

  • not much of an update but here's the rest of the boards after 24 hours in the soup

    in the morning i'll scoop 'em up and return them to their original bags.
  • I'm admiring your assortment of paint racks here.
  • brownbr said:

    I'm admiring your assortment of paint racks here.

    i had to do something. it was getting nuts. i found em on amazon.
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    not a big update. i started siding the rear wall last night and stopped halfway due to the bleary eyes.
    rear wall half sided
    according to the manual i will be coloring the walls after they're sided too.
    the manual says to set the powders with mineral spirits. i think i'll stick to the alcohol though unless there's real good reason to use the mineral spirits.
  • Looking great so far, nice color tone on the wood.
  • Eyes blurrin'. You sayin' we ain't gittn no younger?
  • thanks ken.

    Eyes blurrin'. You sayin' we ain't gittn no younger?

    any thoughts on the mineral spirits vs alcohol question?

  • I'd stick with alcohol. Dries quicker, less odor.
  • that was my feeling as well, but the construction manual says to use mineral spirits, hence my question.
  • Great start, can't wait to see more.

    This is the first kit that the chalk method of wood coloring was used in this manner. It was initially designed to be used with mineral spirits (as per Brian Nolan) then Karl switched to alcohol and I followed suit! Much better experience with the same results.
  • thanks for clearing that up boss. i was hoping to hear that.
  • after talking with brett yesterday morning ( i sent him a text asking if i could call him with a question, and the next thing i know my phone rings. brett.) , i decided to unside the rear wall and redo it including some 1x10s, so here's the rear wall resided. i can't wait to color this thing. i am gonna hit those knotholes with a little sandpaper.
    rear wall resided
  • Great prep work on the wood. That should look fantastic after staining.....Rick
  • I agree on flushing down the knotholes...Rick's right, will look terrific stained up.
  • true story: yesterday morning i contacted a lender to refinance our house. after i sent him the pertinent information he got back to me that we're approved at 2.99%. that's a good rate on a 30 yr fixed, but the closing costs were a tad high for my taste so i went on line to check a few others. honest, i completed the questions on one broker's website and literally within 10 seconds my phone started ringing, and didn't stop until last night. one ass called and said "is this elizabeth?". my response (because by now i'm losing patience) "do i sound like elizabeth?" and hung up.
    moral of the story: don't contact a lender on line unless you want to be bombarded with offers. holy smokes. i did that for 15 years (mortgage broker) and it was never like this.
  • This one is on my "To-Do" list as well. Looking forward to seeing your progress!
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    Alan_H said:

    This one is on my "To-Do" list as well. Looking forward to seeing your progress!

    You and me both Alan, actually it's next on my list so I'm watching and admiring intently.

  • i got all the walls sided, excess sticks trimmed off, windows hacked out and now it's time to start to color them.
    we got our second pfizer shots yesterday and my wife is sick, so i don't know if i'll be down at the bench tonight.
    hope so.... :)
    all walls sided uncolored
  • Walls look great Kevin. Glad to hear folks are getting their shots...
  • Looking good Kevin. Your wife will probably be fine tomorrow......Rick
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