jax pewter black

the price of this stuff has gone crazy. not only don't you get the usual amount (now it's 2 oz,), but the price breaks out to around $8 an ounce. i almost choked.....
Jax Pewter Black


  • Get a quart from Rio Grande for $23
  • too late. i just popped for $18 for two lousy ounces.
  • rio grande next time.
  • Another item to be careful on is Isopropyl Alcohol. Amazon will rob you blind if you let them. I look every so often for good sales on 70% version. Best I have found is $14 for 6 quarts. (.07/ounce) Be ready to jump when you find it. Sells out very fast.
  • i just bought 6 bottles of 99% isopropyl on amazon for a little less than $20.
  • Kevin, I just went to Jax website to check it out. I was able to order a pint of pewter black for $14.95.Shipping however brought it to $30.86. Also checked out Rio Grande they have a quart listed for $22.95 but they are out of stock.
  • i think i bought my jax via amazon. i won't do that again.
  • Good reminder that I should get some on order. Don't want to run out.
  • About a year and a half ago I did an experiment using Jax and Rio Grande on some of Brett's CHB castings and posted the results. These blackening agents can yield slightly different results as shown. I use both as a result of my findings. RIP Radio Shack Archer Etchant.

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • Thanks Dave for reminding me of your comparison. Did you get some pics of the buffed Midas pieces?
  • Bryan,

    I set that casting aside and started working on something else. I will have to scout it out and give it a buff. I get "sidetracked" far to easily. Comes with age I guess. Thanks for your reminder,

    Later, Dave S, Tucson, AZ
  • I’ve bought this stuff from ETSY. I checked yesterday and it’s still advertised but seems in short supply. Yikes!
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