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  • I just ordered a multi-bottle bundle of 70% isopropyl alcohol from Amazon. I am waiting on black ink from Blick. I intend to try waterproof ink with denatured alcohol and non-waterproof with isopropyl. The waterproof ink is on the way, the non-waterproof is backordered.
  • Jay, Alex and Art,
    Ditto for locating isopropyl alcohol out here in Tucson for the past few months as well. Nada!!! Think I might still have a partial bottle of 99% in my stash so I have been keeping my eyes open on visits to the local grocery store pharmacy and local stores like Target and Wally World. Nada!! so far.
    Later, Dave S.
  • So, I mentioned this lack of Alcohol to my wife... her response was..

    "What are you talking about, you have another full bottle... Right here..."

    Evidently she had organized some of my diorama stuff in the utility room :smile:..
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    its not cheap, but there aren't many sources these days, it's all being gobble up to make hand sanitizer. covid 19 strikes again.
    speaking of covid.... well over 5,000 cases in the county i live in. i ain't goin' anywhere....
  • The prices are ridiculous...and the wait time is too.....even the industrial stuff is high priced.....I am rationing for now...and recycling it when I can (blackening pre-wash)….
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    I bought the Woodland Scenics "Moonshine mini scene" and have adapted it so that I am now distilling my own on my work bench.

    (So far I have only gotten to 87% so if you're lookin for 91% don't bother askin for the 'how to'...)
  • I actually have a copper device 1:1 scale......and can distill.....I may need to...
  • Karl, I bet the production from your Moonshine Mini Scene is as mini as the scene!
  • Karl,

    I did the calculations in my head. If you run a 24/7 operations, you will be able to fill a quart bottle in about 3.42 years. Not bad!! Phil
  • I want to do the truck repair/tractor repair combo as well. Alan Hubbard's Tombstone Junction is very cool. But, then there's also Brian Nolan's Mill Engine and Boiler house... So many options and combinations there of.

    I look forward to see how you incorporate these kits.
  • There was talk of a boiler repair kit in the future....and I thought it would be a good fit with there other repair stuff. I'm trying to fit this into my engine / shops / roundhouse area.....I'm at a slow down right now...trying to do some home related work mixed in with the modeling.....down in the shop now working with some details......
  • Back in the shop....
  • Welcome back !!!
    Looking forward to your progress...
  • Give it a few days and I will post a few progress photo's...
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    Was in the shop on and off over the past week.....progress has been made...just that my camera won't work no photos yet.....I was hoping to go back to work on the O scale Mortons....but while I wait I may work on a roundhouse kit (Kitwood Hills) I have as this will be on the end of this module.
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    Looking forward to it Art!
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